wyoming seminary course catalog
This course consists of a supervised practicum experience in a clinical setting that provides a range of counseling opportunities. An introduction to the classification of psychoactive drugs, the neurobiology of addiction, principles of drug actions, use of drugs and side effects, the addiction cycle, and theories of addiction and recovery provide a background for understanding the treatment of addiction. The warning passages and the theology of the epistle are a special focus, along with the matters of authorship, date, recipients, style and vocabulary. 3 credits. Additionally, the recovery process surrounding loss and bereavement is addressed. This class will equip theology students to engage these theological discussions by introducing them to those philosophers and philosophical issues most important for understanding historical and contemporary theology. 2 credits. *This course contains a California required workshop on Child Abuse and Reporting.

*Application for Associate status with the BBS requires no less than 280 hrs. Emphasis is placed on the major approaches to identification, evaluation, treatment, case management, and prevention of substance abuse and addiction. This course is designed to give students an understanding of wisdom literature, and Proverbs in particular, with the goal of encouraging students to preach the book. Admissions.

It includes planning, doing, assessing, and reporting of ministry effectiveness. Pre-requisites: CN501, CN502, CN504, CN505, CN506, CN530. 0 credit. 4980.36 (c) A, 4980 (d) A. 3 credits. CAMFT membership and professional liability insurance are required 4999.33 (3) A-K., 4999.33 (d) 1-10. 2 credits. Prerequisite: NT501. Courses in the area of Hebrew Scripture (the “Old” Testament) are designed to lead you into the discovery of the riches of the larger part of the Bible by a variety of means. The student will examine the history and literature of Second Temple Judaism to discover how they illuminate the study of the Bible. This course studies intensively the major models of sanctification and evaluates them against such key passages as Romans 6 and Galatians 5 with the goal of helping you integrate a theology of sanctification which is biblically based and readily applicable to your life and ministry. The student will be credentialed in the use of SYMBIS materials. The student confers regularly with an on-site supervisor, and receives regular peer and faculty feedback/evaluation in this practicum class. 3 credits. Prerequisite: CO530.

3 credits. 3 credits. Additional Details for California Students: Therapeutic factors in group work, group leadership styles and approaches, pertinent research and literature, group counseling methods, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of group work is included. 3 credits. 3 credits. 4980.36 (c) (C), 4980.36 (E), 4999.33F. This course provides students with a basic foundation for understanding and practicing coaching. 1 credit. 1 credit. The biblical concept of worship and the appropriate utilization of music in its public forms. Enrollment is limited to Professional Clinic Counseling Concentration students who are prepared for internship by having taken prerequisite courses, having passed the basic counseling skills proficiency evaluation in Clinical Foundations, having completed a minimum of 10 hours of personal therapy, and after clearance from the Professional Assessment of Candidates Committee.
By exegesis of the Greek text, you will trace the argument of the author and do an intensive study of the great themes of salvation, righteousness and justification, sin and the fall, identification in Christ, the Holy Spirit and sanctification, Israel’s future, spiritual gifts, responsibility to the state, the judgment seat of Christ, the relationship of Jews and Gentiles, and other matters including the significance of the law for the believer. The divine design for marriage and family roles and responsibilities is explored in order that the Christian leader may reflect and model godliness in these important relationships.

Middle-school students take concomitant courses in art, computer skills, health, music and physical education. Additionally, students meet consumers and family members of consumers of mental health services to enhance their understanding of the experience of mental illness, treatment, and recovery. Affordable tuition & scholarships offered. You will focus on building your own method of textual criticism. To accommodate the tremendous growth in children attending grades 1-4, each grade level has a team of teachers who work together to nurture individual needs. In this course, students will develop a working knowledge of the 12 core competencies of an addiction counselor. The Coaching Final Assessment Prep class is designed to help the coaching student feel confident and ready to pass their final recorded session for their Certificate for Transformational Coaching (CTC). Occasional special courses chosen to fit the interests and needs of students and faculty. The structure and argumentation of this all important epistle will be considered. As a mentorship community, students will gauge their progress and develop the spiritual discipline of lifelong learning, establishing priorities based upon roles, values, and relationships. Prerequisite: CO500. Required for M.A. This course will provide and professional feedback and evaluation of the student's counseling practicum experience. 3 credits.


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