why does barry want to kill fuches
“Oh, Fuches would go and broker peace between Cristobal and NoHo Hank, and then we should put in earlier that NoHo Hank tells Barry to come here because the Chechens like you and Barry can’t do it so Fuches does it, and then Hank would text Barry and say, ‘Hey, man, don’t worry, Fuches is here and figured it out.’ And Barry wants to kill Fuches so he goes to the monastery, and that’s why the big gunfight happens, but there’s a reason for it, he’s basically trying to kill his dad. Just seems random. It really just gravitated from the ending of episode 7. And then I had to go to the FYC event for season 1 that John Mulaney hosted and I got stuck in traffic, and while I was in traffic the whole ending of episode 8 just came into my head. It's not like he's a good guy by any means and hey, he set Barry up too but it's kinda nice to see characters with different layers like this show has. r/Barry: Subreddit for the HBO show, Barry. Fuches and his feelings toward Barry. When I watch that, it’s this weird acceptance of who he is. Please enable cookies on your web browser in order to continue. They are not afraid to make insane, game changing choices. User account menu. You also agree to our Terms of Service. He can justify that what he's doing is right because he thinks Barry needs him. Okay, he’s got this gun to his head, why doesn’t he kill him? And that was a big discussion in the writers’ room. Her meanness and directness is just her being honest. And this was literally just after he told Gene’s son that people can change. My $.02, although I could see how they might just kill him off and move away from the acting class completely but I hope not because henry winkler is so damn good. But it feeds into his character and why he needs someone like Barry: He’s not the guy who kills people, and that’s a flaw in him, from a criminal aspect. By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. That’s why I loved when Gene was so excited about Barry having the “We’re swim instructors” line and being like, “You say the title, they can’t cut that!”That is from my life. He wanted to hurt Gene as well. According to the IMDB credits for Episode 8, an actor is slated to play a Teenage version of Barry. That extreme jealousy was about more than wanting to hurt Barry in that moment. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. When Gene is going on about what a father he is to Barry, how proud he is of him and how no one was in his corner before he met him, the look on Fuches face is one of pure rage. It was outlined as “Barry gets angry, he’s mad at Sally because she slapped him, he’s seeing red, he might kill her, but then he has all this pent up anger towards Fuches, and then he lets it out by going to the monastery and arbitrarily killing people.” And it was not a good idea. So, in the finale, a devastated and newly determined Barry took the steps to end his hit-man career. I’m like, “Wow, we’re really lucky to be after that show.” It’s been crazy. So it was more because of Fuches than wanting Gene to know. It was terrifying. Initially, Barry went in and just started killing people for like no reason. What was it that you enjoyed about exploring who Sally is outside the class?When we started writing this season, there was so much for that character that I really feel for, and it was interesting how many people were like, “She’s a bitch, I can’t stand her. It wasn’t an argument, but it really was tense in the writers’ room on that day. I’m like the guy going, “You should forget about Sarah Marshall!” I loved it. Maybe the gun jambs or something and Fucques settles for telling Gene that Barry is the one that killed Janice. Why not bring up, say, Tony and Chris' relationship in The Sopranos? Great breakdown, man! At the beginning of the season, I wanted the season to be bookended by Barry coming out of darkness and then retreating into darkness. I said this before but I think Fuches is terrifying when he's pissed lol I moreso think he's hurt though. Why Savitar Needs To Kill Iris West. Barry is basically describing to him, “This is how I’m going to kill you.”, Barry doesn’t realize it in the moment when he kills him, but you have the moment after Fuches is gone when it hits him as he’s standing over the kid. As revenge, he travels backwards a handful of years to kill Barry's fiancée - creating a Barry desperate and broken enough to create the Time Remnant that would one day become Savitar. 30 essential albums from the last 30 years, Barry season 2 was flawed and occasionally outstanding: EW review. I think a lot of shows would like that to happen a lot later. I wanted to create some discussion surrounding Fuches and his relationship with Barry and how that led to his jealousy towards Gene which led him to do what he did last episode. Fuches is also extremely possessive of Barry. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. You see it a lot where the title is just right there. Subreddit for the HBO show, Barry. And amid all this, we had a monastery slaughter and an acting showcase. I feel like Sally always works when she’s just being honest. [Laughs] They’re talking about the Game of Thrones finale on ESPN this morning. It was a massive move for the show to be happening at the end of season 2. I remember in Year One, I’m the guy who tells Jack Black to go on his quest, so I was like, “Yes, I’m going to be in the trailer!” [Laughs] “It’s Year One, Jack.” I’m always the guy telling the title, and that line from Henry was something I told Alec, and he laughed so we put it in the script.


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