why can't i log into facebook on my phone 2019
Please try again later. option on their sign in screen. The Favorites Widget Is Gone! Can’t log into FB Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp? Create Your Own iOS 14 Favorites Widget, How to Customize the Photos Widget in iOS 14, How to Share Apple Watch Faces With watchOS 7, What to do if Netflix is not compatible with your iPad, Solved: MacBook connects to Wi-Fi but has no Internet connection, Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. ; Leave out any extra zeros, plus signs (+) or other special characters. Error code: 1 (FBAPIErrorDomain), Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, Try using Cellular (Mobile) Data instead of WiFi or vice-versa, Verify your credentials (user ID and password) using a browser instead of the app, especially if you recently changed anything, Disable any firewalls or anti-virus/malware software temporarily, Make sure you set your iDevice’s Date & Time to Set Automatically, Reset your device’s Location & Privacy data, Tap Settings and toggle off and back on WiFi, Log into your Facebook on your computer and click on the gears icon (Settings), Click the ‘Edit’ button and ‘Remove’ the Facebook for iDevice, Select the Facebook product you’re having a problem with, Describe your problem in the text box, including the steps you took to encounter the issue, Check that your wifi isn’t blocking Facebook. Click below the cover photo. If you signed up for Facebook with your email, contact your email service provider to regain access to the email on your Facebook account. If you can't log in, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the Messenger app. Very silly of Apple not to allow users to download the last compatible of…, Change services order in network settings (by clicking the wheel, select “services order”) to be the wifi interface first. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Invent all the features you desire, BUT GIVE…. ; Choose Something Else, then click Next. Please try again later. Fix it today, Instagram Notifications related issues? ; Click Recover this account and follow the steps. gl, Dear Apple, Please stop force-feeding us stupid stuff we do not want!!!!!!! ... go to your phone or tablet's app store (example: Apple App Store, Google Play Store) and download any updates. Finally, reboot your router. Then try launching Facebook (or Instagram and WhatsApp) again, What worked for me was turning Wi-Fi completely off via the Settings App and then logging in to Facebook and Instagram using my cellular data connection only (LTE), Turning off WiFi, connecting to mobile data and launching the Facebook App, AND THEN re-connecting to WiFi worked for me. Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Make sure to enter your entire mobile phone number, including the country code. Error code: 2, Login Failed. If you don't have Trusted Contacts set up and you're having problems logging into your Facebook account, learn about other ways to get back into your … Recently Changed or Updated Your Facebook ID or Password? If you can't get into your Facebook account and you already have Trusted Contacts set up, you can request help from them to get back into your account. Learn what to do Having trouble signing into Facebook? Can You Hide or Disable the App Library in iOS 14? Getting error messages like account unavailable or sorry, something went wrong? From a computer, go to the profile of the account you'd like to recover. Then go to Safari Settings and delete all your cookies, website data, and history. If you can't log into Messenger or your general Facebook account, get help with account login and password issues. It’s may not be just you: Check Facebook’s Server Status, First Line of Defense with Facebook: Error Signing In, For iOS 11 and higher, Apple no longer supports Facebook with single sign-on, system-level integration, Second Steps to Fix Facebook: Error Signing In, Credentials OK but still getting Facebook: Error Signing In, How to report something that isn’t working to Facebook with your iDevive, iOS 13 or iPadOS problems and how to fix them -…, iMessage Not Working iOS 12? I just switched to another WiFi network (at my job) and everything worked again, All I did was go to Setting > General > Date & Time > and switched the button to ON for Set Automatically, Try everything like deleting Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp apps and then reinstalling those same apps with their latest app updates. ; Select Find support or report profile. Go to facebook.com/login/identify and follow the instructions. Reboot all your devices including Macs (if applicable) and also reset your network settings in Settings > General > Reset. Check these tips out, Error Occurred Installing iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad,…, Thanks so much for the help! Fix Message App Problems, How To Fix Messages and iMessage Problems in iOS 11, iMessage not working iOS 13 or iPadOS? For example, many email service providers have a Trouble signing in?


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