who lives on the moon

Yet this brings up another problem: can plants grow on the Moon? NASA planners foresee a manned lunar base in the early 21st century. But not if we're willing to be bold and to engage the challenge.

Astrophysicist and software engineer Jessy Kate Schingler said "there's real reason to think that we could see people starting to live and work on the Moon in the next decade". Instead, they would have to make much of what they would need to survive out of the extra-terrestrial resources to hand. In a TED Talk published this week, she added that as many as hundreds of thousands of us could end up on there. NASA is already planning Moon bases. In April 2019, China National Space Administration head Zhang Kejian announced the country is planning to land crew on the Moon's south pole "within the next 10 years". The Moon will be an active mining base to begin with.
Surprisingly, this is fairly easy, as the lunar soil is 42% oxygen.

Naturally, we can't tell because so much of it depends not on technological ability but on unpredictable economic and political factors.

Already, dozens of human beings were housed there and in his lifetime it might well rise to hundreds. When Apollo 17 returned from the Moon in 1972, few people would have imagined that we would still be waiting for another human to set foot on our cosmic companion nearly 50 years later.

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Because of the Moon's feebler gravity, it would be a particularly useful site for the building and launching of space vessels. Surprisingly, this means hydrogen is a better option than steel or lead. Unlike man's initial forays to the lunar surface, future trips to the Moon will be greatly aided by a space station positioned in low Earth orbit, by orbital transfer vehicles and by expendable lunar landers.
Super-Sahara or not, the Moon would be useful, even vital, to us in many ways. It is expected to whizz by on Thursday, October 22 – and could be anywhere between 43m to 100m wide, UK Weather: 'Early winter' coming with snowy -10C freezes as La Nina rages, Britain faces an 'early winter' with a cold October and snowy -10C (14F) November freezes, with experts saying the mercury to drop to -10C as a 1,000 mile-wide 'Norwegian Barrage' caused by 'La Nina' heads towards Ireland, Asteroid could crash into Earth night before election warns astrophysicist, Celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson warned that a space rock hurtling through at a staggering 25,000 mph could "buzz-cut" Earth on the eve of the US election in November, Homeless man has lived under noisy dual carriageway 'like a hermit' for 11 years, The 53-year-old man said he wanted to be "different" and insisted he chooses to to be homeless, sleeping under a railway arch on a bed made of scaffolding and beer cans, Smugglers caught after police find soup cans stuffed with 3,500 ecstasy tablets, Ricardo Guerreiro, along with Neil Francis, 45, both of Ile Court, Ilminster, have pleaded guilty to drugs charges after they were arrested for smuggling £35,000 worth of ecstasy tablets into the UK, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Archie 'won't return to UK for Christmas at Sandringham', Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will stay in California instead of joining the Royal Family at Sandringham for Christmas - but the Queen is likely to be disappointed, it is claimed, 'Black widow' murder plotter tried to frame two notorious gangs for her crimes, Constance Howarth was jailed for life after taking part in a murder plot that saw both of the would-be assassins shot dead – now she's making a bid for freedom, Hotel guest's room was like a 'horror film' with 'hay and blood stained bed', Rebecca Hill, 42, said her experience at the Adelphi hotel left her physically "shaking" and claims to have "never faced" anything like the 'horror film' scene she came across, Man who shot dead wife’s lover after luring him to farm jailed for life, Michael O’Leary, 55, was killed on a farm in Carmarthenshire, south Wales, in January this year. Former astronaut Dr. Sally K. Ride, America's first woman in space, recently produced a report outlining this nation's space goals. Wheeled lunar rovers powered by the Sun would provide close-in transportation and cargo handling. "Moonmovers," adapted from Earthmovers, would excavate building and mining sites. But if we want to get to the heart of the Moon’s mysteries and if we want to reach out into the rest of the Solar System and wider Universe, we need a Moon base. The Moon, as an independent world, will represent a complete new turning in human history. To build observatories, laboratories, factories and settlements in space, it would make sense to use lunar materials, especially since Earthly resources are badly needed by our planet's population. A day will come in the future after which there will never be a time when human beings will not be living on the Moon. Moon fact: Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt hold the record for the longest time on the Moon – 75 hours. Farther along the gently rolling floor, in the direction of the opposite side of the crater, was sunlight, too. It is the best shape to hold air pressure. In 2024, Artemis III will be humanity’s return to the surface of the Moon. There are many reasons to build a permanent base on the Moon.


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