who kills enzo in vampire diaries
He was first mentioned by Dr. Wes Maxfield, being dubbed as the "Augustine Vampire". In Gods and Monsters, he goes to the mental health center Bonnie had went to. Enzo calls him a coward for giving up on Damon and stabs him in the neck. Wes and the Travelers then allow Enzo to leave but Enzo refuses to abandon Damon until Damon urges him to leave him behind. It is unknown what bloodline Enzo is from, but it can be assumed he is part of, If you calculate the 70 years Enzo spent in captivity with the Augustine Society X the average working hours of 8 hours a day by 365 days a year X 70 years he spent 23.3 years on the operating table and 46.66 years in his cell, In 1903, Enzo was turned into a vampire by. He tries to worm his way to her and imploring to set him free, and they can go anywhere they want. Aaron reminds Damon he killed his whole family and Damon says they deserved it. The two continued fighting until Damon returned to inform Enzo that Liv had done a locator spell and tracked Wes to Richmond. Family Members Enzo is thrown into the hallway and throws the stone so "Oscar" can get it, and while his back is turned, Enzo stakes him, killing "Oscar" in the process, and picks up the stone. In Christmas Through Your Eyes, Enzo shows up to meet up with Matt as he says he has information about the real Sarah Salvatore, who Monique was impersonating before her death. He goes with Sarah to her apartment and is surprised to be confronted by Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie. As he listens to Bonnie and Caroline talk on the phone, he asks about the tuning fork and thinks it's stashed where she is currently staying at. (Exclusive), Dylan O'Brien Says a 'Teen Wolf' Reunion Will Happen at Some Point. He is also one of the few vampires to express knowledge and skill in swordsmanship, having confronted Julian, a vampire more than three times his age, in a sword fight and proved quite capable of fending for himself. Former Enemies, Former Frenemies, Former Allies; Stefan thought that Enzo was a bad influence on Damon, Enzo killed Stefan’s former girlfriend, Enzo felt that Stefan deserved to suffer for giving up on his brother, Stefan has tried to kill Enzo several times, Enzo was jealous of Stefan for having everything he wanted in life, Stefan helped save him from Sybil, Stefan killed Enzo two times (the first killing was indirect being Enzo initiated it and the second killing was executed when Stefan’s humanity was off). When the fire starts getting near Bonnie and the twins, he encourages her to push through and get them to safety, but this causes her to lose her connection to Enzo in the process, but he tells her that he believes they'll be together again. In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, he visits Caroline so he can get his phone back and then tells her that her plan was both clever and unsettling. This led the two to engage in a brutal fight, which ended when Stefan attempted to scare Enzo by reaching into his chest and grabbing his heart; knowing that his death would only worsen Stefan's relationship with his brother, Enzo pushed himself away from Stefan and essentially killed himself with Stefan's hand. When Stefan showed up to the house, he ripped Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) heart out right in front of Bonnie, after an episode full of sweet #Bonenzo moments. Enzo also hid Bonnie from the Armory because they needed her to open a mysterious vault. After hearing Cindy's answer, Enzo compels Buck for his answer and deciding he's the worse, Enzo feeds on Cindy until she dies and tells Damon he'll deal with her body while Damon takes care of Buck. Dr. GablerMegan KingDianne FreemanFarmer John (as a human)Tripp Cooke (as a human)HazelTom AveryIvy (as a human)JayShirleyMoniqueUnknown Spirit possessing Oscar (2nd time)Rayna Cruz (3rd time)Phoenix Stone vampiresCindy While Bonnie is reluctant to forgive Stefan, Enzo convinces Bonnie that she cannot hate him forever; it will eat her up inside. He eventually incapacitates Enzo and hands him over to the vampire hunter Tripp Cooke, believing Tripp will kill him. Before awakening in transition, the Gemini Coven caught up with Lily and her traveling companions, the Heretics. It is unknown what Enzo's original views on humans were but after years of torture, Enzo seems to have little respect for human life. At an art show, Enzo listens in annoyance as he hears Damon talking to an artist. He tells Stefan he doesn't have enough free will to run and when the clock strikes 3pm, he and Damon begin fighting. He then introduces Bonnie and Damon to Rayna as they are confused to who she is. Enzo grabs Matt's throat and declares it a Christmas miracle, since Kai sucked up all the Traveler's magic that covered the border. He knocks the gun out of her hands and grabs her. Caroline is floored and Enzo compliments Ivy's clavicle. Enzo thinks they can stay friends and wants them to have a fresh start. Enzo then confronts Jeremy and hears he's leaving town, and says it's probably a good thing since he tried to kill him.


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