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On November 15th 2018, due to the production company which produces the Warp Zone, Defy Media, shutting down (which in turn, also affected other channels such as Smosh), the Warp Zone had to stop releasing new content because of funding reasons. http://instagr.am/WarpZoneGrams Who told him 'Bout magic stuff

http://twitter.com/WarpZoneTweetsFollow us on Instagram! The Warp Zone's Original Songs and Music Video Parody Playlist! However, on the 29th of March, 2019, the Warp Zone officially announced they would be back, and have been producing videos ever since.

He Turned Back Time And Went Bucking Wild Passed most of His O.W.L. He's A Douche Canoe, Just Wanted To Mention It They'd All Be Dead Or Worse Fail

With A Hot Tip From A Cold Freind And When The Dementors Went On Face-Sucking Benders How'd This Badass Witch, Get Hitched To This Bitch? The Whole Thing Was Her Idea J.K Even Knows She Fawkesed Up And What Does This Hardwork Bring Her? ONE MORE FIGHT (Maroon 5 "One More Night" Parody) - YouTube ► http://bit.ly/1imECxPOne More Fight - a parody of Maroon 5's One More NightThank you to Red 5 Studios and the Continuum for making this video possible.STARRING:Davis and Odom from TWZHusky - http://www.youtube.com/huskystarcraftRosanna Pansino - http://www.youtube.com/rosannapansinoDodger Leigh - http://www.youtube.com/presshearttocontinueBritanni Johnson - http://www.twitter.com/britannijohnsonProduced by Cindi Rice, Mark Kern, \u0026 Brian FisherDirected \u0026 Edited by Michael SchroederCinematography by Sharif Matarhttp://www.youtube.com/christophermatarMusic Produced by Taylor LipariAdditional Vocals \u0026 Vocal Recording by TJ SmithMakeup by Kylie KydravyKey Grip - Trent Turner- The Warp Zone -Video Every Wednesday!

The Warp Zone also makes acapellas of theme songs from popular shows, raps that recap the story of movies/TV shows and comedy sketches.

Starting the channel in 2010, it gained attention and popularity overtime with songs and raps like The Batman Rap and Glad You Came. A parody of Maroon 5's \"One More Night\" about the never ending conflict between gaming and datingMore Warp Zone Music Videos!

Poor little young Harry Potter Though Harry Was Named Head Of Dumbledore's Army She Set Plans In Motion, Saved Elves, And Brewed Potions

I Mean Like Come On which in turn, also affected other channels such as Smosh, Warp Zone officially announced they would be back.

It was released independently on March 11, 2000.

At Hogwarts, He learned wizardry The Warp Zone is a YouTube channel made by five friends (Davis, Schroeder, Ryan, Brian, and Odom) who make amusing parodies and songs about pop culture and gaming. Without Her Wits, Bravery, And Transfiguration Then 1 day appeared a man with a beard Excelled at sports, Fought Voldemort, And yearly He cheated death     A lot like way too Much Yes, Harry Is The "Boy Who Lived" As Evidenced By His Head Although Hermione Here Is Why That Nincompoop Isn't Dead, If The “Harry Potter” Song Had Lyrics Lyrics. She Is The True Hero Of The Tale http://youtube.com/TheWarpZoneLike us on Facebook!

Tests Never Once Gave Into Fear

A Little Spineless Scrub First He took on bathroom Trolls, and 3 headed doggies, Murdered a grown-ass Man with His hands

In October 2006, Galy Records released a re-issue containing four bonus tracks. Childhood sure was rough The Warp Zone is a YouTube channel made by five friends (Davis, Schroeder, Ryan, Brian, and Odom) who make amusing parodies and songs about pop culture and gaming. She Socked Malfoy, Not A Big Deal http://facebook.com/TheWarpZoneFollow us on Twitter! ► http://bit.ly/1aO6mFwSUBSCRIBE! If The "Harry Potter" Song Had Lyrics Lyrics: Poor Little Young Harry Potter / Childhood Sure Was Rough / Then 1 day appeared a man with a beard / … The Warp Zone 06 Game of Thrones Medley (feat. Warp Zone is Martyr's 2nd full-length album.


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