uk number ones 1967

[3] The sample size of Record Retailer in the early 1960s was around 30 stores whereas NME and Melody Maker were sampling over 100 stores. margin of error increases to 3 days).

Went to #1 in the UK on April 2, 1977 for 5 weeks. Went to #1 in the UK on April 15, 1989 for 4 weeks. Although official music recording sales certifications were not introduced until the British Phonographic Industry was formed in 1973, Disc introduced an initiative in 1959 to present a gold record to singles that sold over one million units.

Went to #1 in the UK on March 27, 1976 for 6 weeks. You really can picture her as a marionette, or as a Judy doll behind a makeshift stage.

San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair), by Scott McKenzie (his 1st and only #1), 4 weeks, from 9th August – 6th September 1967, If you’re going, To San Francisco, Be sure to wear, Some flowers in your hair… The music is acoustic: folky and wistful… Very 1965 – already sounding a little old-fashioned in mid-’67. ‘Massachusetts (The Lights Went Out In)’, by The Bee Gees, 237.

Here’s ‘She Loves You’, there’s ‘Help!’, watch you don’t trip over ‘Eleanor Rigby’, or ‘Ticket to Ride’ over there in the corner… You’d like a song for a lame TV show?

Three songs.

It’s the la-lalalalala-lalas, I think, that shimmer in an oh so sixties way. run from Sunday to Saturday, so reference books or web sites which list Official

Since July 2014 it has also incorporated streaming data, and from 10 July 2015 has been based on a Friday to Thursday week.

This single opens with the French national anthem…, All You Need Is Love, by The Beatles (their 12th of seventeen #1s), 3 weeks, from 19th July – 9th August 1967, Because, why not? And hopefully the British soul hits keep on coming! But, to be honest, it’s appeal has faded as the years have gone on, and as I’ve gotten older and more cynical. Cliff Richard achieved seven number ones; two solo and five with the Shadows. The Fab Four were killed off a year or so ago. A song that’s clever without being alienating, and weird without being off-putting. But let’s not think about that just yet.

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1990. If it were a person you might cross the street to avoid them. Or a glimpse into the marriage of Paul McCartney and Linda… Actually no, that theory is dead in the water – they didn’t marry until 1969. Find all the UK number one hits by artist or date. It’s the forced falsetto voices, and the cheesy doo-wop backing vocals. In fact, it explains a lot. Number Ones Copyright ©2020. ), The singer, Scott McKenzie, also sounds as if he’s from another time, a little old-fashioned. He just allows it to slide away with some more lalalas. Join me as I listen to every single #1 single!

‘San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair)’, by Scott McKenzie, 235. I wonder should I go, Or should I stay, The band had only one more song to play… We’re in a dancehall, and it’s time for the final song of the night. Went to #1 in the UK on April 19, 1969 for 1 week. // -->