two weeks korean drama

Even in the beginning of the show when Tae San is portrayed as a complete douchebag, Lee Jun Ki’s nuanced delivery helps us to get a sense of the good heart that he’s got buried on the inside. The interactions between Tae San and In Hye were painted in realistic colors, given their context. Romance, intrigue, action, and even superpowers; Afterglow’s got it all, and somehow Lady G makes it all work! Nicely played. Summary : A man (Lee Joon-Gi) lives his life meaninglessly. .

Usually I’m all about the romance in dramas but in this one I didn’t mind the lack of romance at all. Your email address will not be published. One of the most beautiful things about the father-daughter relationship between Tae San and Soo Jin, is that the love between them is completely unconditional and not dependent on history or context.

She moves into her dead grandmother’s little place in Yanaka. Thanks in advance.

With Tae San captured by Boss Moon as early as episode 7, we get added richness and possibility to the narrative. Well, make that 14 really bad days. Seung Woo’s rash act of storming into Moon’s office to confront him.

As we spend time with Tae San in the shambles that his life has become, his self-loathing becomes increasingly clear even though he doesn’t explicitly get to say it.

Have you seen Vampire Prosecutor?? One day, a fortune-teller told her that she needed to look for a man with good fate to change her marriage fate.

Now, Hee-Tae works as a fishery researcher and spends his days in a typical marriage.

He is falsely accused of murder. Is that really enough for the boss to relent, given her bad track record? Watch korean drama Two Weeks Online Free with Eng subs. Some suspension of disbelief is required, but hey, we kdrama watchers are good at that aren’t we? What I did appreciate about the drama’s treatment of Tae San’s and In Hye’s relationship was the very believable journey of understanding and forgiveness that this couple charted. Tae San promises to come see her in 3 days, and Soo Jin whoops in wonder again, “Wow!

So, so sweet and so moving too. Serious props to the writers, and to Lee Jun Ki, for making it all so believable.

More than any romantic relationship, this was the relationship that had me completely invested. On a narrative level, I like how this device helps to sustain the connection between father and daughter even though he’s not physically able to be with her. That seems like the kind of language crass foulmouths like me use, not sweetie pies like you! Heh. That she plans to tell Soo Jin the truth about her dad is such a big step, considering how she’d originally wanted Tae San to disappear from their lives after the surgery.


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