turtle ship

The dragon head served as a form of psychological warfare, with the aim of striking fear into the hearts of Japanese sailors. Like the standard Panokseon, the turtle ship featured a U-shaped hull which gave it the advantage of a more stable cannon-firing platform, and the ability to turn within its own radius.

After a year of research and construction, Yi and his sailors completed the first modern turtle ship. There are records by a foreign missionary in the late 1880s of having seen remains of a turtle ship, but these are not entirely credible.

It is impossible to think of Yi Sun-shin without also thinking of the "turtle ship." The Turtle Ship is a ship in Windward.. Summary [edit | edit source]. This kind of attack was used during the Dangpo Battle and Battle of Sacheon (1592).

A Geobukseon , also known as turtle ship in western descriptions, was a type of large Korean warship that was used intermittently by the Royal Korean Navy during the Joseon dynasty from the early 15th century up until the 19th century.

The "turtle ship" is widely believed to have been invented by Yi, but this is actually not the case—the "turtle ship" had already been in existence long beforehand. the Japanese government ordered the military to use iron plate in building ships, possibly in response to the Korean attacks.

When we shot cannons, arrows and threw stones like hail upon our enemy, their fighting spirit was easily broken and they dropped dead in the water like flies.

Yi's diary, along with the book entitled Hangnok written by his nephew Yi Beon, described numerous important details about the structures, construction progress, and the use of turtle ships in battle, as well as the testing of weaponry used in the ships. [16][17][18] While it is clear from the available sources that the roof of the ship was covered with iron spikes to prevent boarding,[2][19] some historians believe there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that it was iron plated. Yi adapted the existing "turtle boat" format by placing an iron plate over it and supplementing several other functions so that the ship could be equipped with cannons.

[4] Confronted with a Japanese enemy who relied on small arms fire and boarding tactics,[4] and faced by the logistical and financial difficulties involved in acquiring such a large amount of iron,[31] any iron cladding of the Korean vessels has been deemed by Hawley inherently superfluous: Until further information comes to light to the contrary, the likeliest conclusion is that Yi Sun-sin's turtle ship was armored only insofar as it was constructed of heavy timbers and covered with a thick plank roof studded with iron spikes - which against the light guns of the Japanese was armor enough. [14], There are sources that state that the turtle ship was covered with metal plates,[4][17][18][19] making it a form of ironclad warship, and the first known ship of this kind in history. [13] Nonetheless, in both earlier and later versions, the Turtle Ship was designed to be surprisingly fast, as it was both oar and sail-powered. Extra strength (36 vs. 20) That provided an advantage to the Korean fleet over the Japanese ships relying solely on the wind to move. The iron plating also made destroying a turtle ship more difficult for Japanese ships, since cannons, arquebuse bullets, and arrows fired from above failed to damage the Turtle ship.

The mounted weapons, Korean cannons with ranges from about 300 to 500 metres, were tested on March 12, 1592. [12] Early illustrations also show initial versions of the ship consisting of overlapping planks on the deck structure, while later depictions show the deck of the vessel covered with flush, hexagonal plates made of wood or iron.

"Turtle ships" in battle (right).>. After ramming, the turtle ship would unleash a broadside cannonball attack.


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