true parrot lifespan

It's better to know what's involved before you've committed to being an owner. Many parrot owners opt to put a provision in their wills for the care of their birds. Haha, very good point! In the wild, African grey parrots have a complex series of vocalizations. These countries include Ghana, Gabon, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Cameroon, Congo and the Ivory Coast. If you have any more questions about African grey parrot lifespan or if you want to share your own experiences with this amazingly intelligent species, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! The true parrot superfamily, Psittacoidea, includes a range of species from Australia and New Guinea to South Asia and Africa. They measure 12 – 16 inches with their average height being 13 inches.

As is to be expected, though, a large percentage of them doesn’t even make it to adulthood. There are some subtle but noticeable differences between the two African grey species and they don’t occur in the exact same areas in the wild. What is the habitat of the African grey parrot?

29. I'm also partial to coffee and write about it. Let’s go into African grey parrot lifespan and what you can do to make sure yours lives a very long and happy life. It takes around 30 days for African grey parrots to hatch, and the female will hide in her tree hole and sit on them the entire time. Parrots are the longest-lived order of birds: cockatoos and Amazonian parrots can reach the age of 75 or older. I think an air filter for the house, or at least the room the bird is in, is definitely a good idea. They might even be able to recognize the specific calls of their mates and children. Do African grey parrots have any special significance in African culture? All about budgie lifespan. They don't have any specific enemies here, but they can be pounced on by all kinds of foxes, jackals, snakes and cats. Any potential owners should also know that greys give off a great deal of feather dust, even if they are healthy…Don’t buy one unless you are prepared for the equivalent of a feathered toddler! Generally speaking, larger parrots tend to live longer than smaller ones. It isn't always a behavioral issue; it can be a sign of affection.

This is quite different from other bird species where mom does everything and dad might not even stick around for the hatching. Required fields are marked *.

This number drops dramatically in the wild; they only live around 20 – 25 years in their natural habitats.

Stay vigilant about their overall health. This number drops dramatically in the wild; they only live around 20 – 25 years in their natural habitats. So what should you be feeding your African grey parrot in captivity to keep it healthy?

The lifespan of an African grey parrot is around 40 – 60 years in captivity. * By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Some parrots have a longer lifespan than others, mostly due to their genetics. African grey parrots are highly social animals that hunt in flocks, and they have an entire system for finding food in groups. During their annual Gelede festival, the grey face and blood-red tail feathers are painted on all kinds of costumes and masks. Why is the African grey parrot considered a “true” parrot? Although bad husbandry still leads to huge numbers of African greys to pass away prematurely, their average lifespan in captivity is still noted to be around 45 years (“Psittacus erithacus, Linnaeeus, 1758”, PDF file). The African grey parrot can be found in a few zoos, including the Knoxville Zoo and the San Diego Zoo. This is especially true of the hyper-intelligent African grey parrot. This medium-sized parrot, which is around 5 inches long, most likely has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. However, their potential lifespans seem pretty much the same. African grey parrots are usually about a foot tall. They have a lot of similarities in diet, region, appearance and reproductive habits, so it's easy to understand why birdwatchers see double. For example, they use their beaks and claws to move around tree canopies rather than flying from branch to branch. Still, make sure your bird always has cuttlebone and a calcium block available.

Parrots usually live longer in captivity than in the wild because they are less likely to encounter predators and disease while living in a … They're generally considered the smartest parrots on the planet.

If you notice any suspicious symptoms in your parrot, don't hesitate to contact your vet and get them checked out. 11. Average Lifespan of Parrots . For parrot species that have only recently gained popularity as pets, such as the Pacific parrotlet, the average lifespan remains unknown. The life expectancy of parrots is something to consider when acquiring a bird, and requires careful planning.

These include alarm calls, contact calls, distress calls and hunting calls in addition to everyday chatting and preening when large flocks are together. 28. It is also known as Timneh grey parrot or Timneh African grey parrot. It's sometimes called a plain “grey parrot,” but since this term can also be applied to Timneh grey parrots, it's good to clarify which breed that you're talking about. Amazon parrots, which include yellow-headed and blue-fronted Amazons, have an average lifespan between 25 and 50 years. For example, African grey parrots are easily bored.

There are a few other splashes of color as well. I love to cover food and destinations around the world. The Difference Between Timneh & Congo Parrots→, What Is the Average Weight for a Quaker Parrot?→. 37. Genetics can also play a role in longevity, so choose a bird from a reputable breeder who can provide health information about the bird's parents and personal health history. This is due to environmental factures. She won't move from her post; the male will do all of the foraging, and he'll come back to feed and guard her while she protects the all-important eggs. 21 Kenyan Food and Drinks to Try (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts in Kenya), 24 Haitian Food and Drinks to Try: Guide to Cuisine in Haiti, 33 Peruvian Foods: Traditional Food in Peru (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts), 28 Banana Facts: Weird & Tasty Guide to Fruit, Plant, Nutrition, and History, 22 Nicaraguan Foods to Try: Dishes, Drinks, Desserts in Nicaragua, 12 Rwandan Foods to Try: Traditional Rwanda Dishes, Desserts, Drinks, 5 Types of Banana Spiders (From Harmless to Venomous), What Do Kangaroos Eat? Green cheek conure lifespan | How long do... All about the life span of a cockatiel... Lifespan of a lovebird: How long do lovebirds... How long does a budgie live? Its tail feathers are a vibrant red. With good care it’s entirely possible for African grey parrots to reach an age like this. Their primary diet consists of fruits, nuts, seeds and flowers, but they'll also munch on snails and small insects when given the opportunity. Apart from a proper diet there are a bunch of other factors that affect African grey parrot health and therefore their potential to grow old.

The life expectancy of parrots depends on many factors, and corresponds to the size of the bird. That said, you have nothing to fear from a happy, healthy African grey parrot. 27. Which parrot is the most intelligent? It depends on your definition of “good.” African grey parrots are intelligent creatures that can make fun, active and playful pets. They might seem identical from a distance, but when you actually pull out your binoculars and take a closer look, you'll notice some key differences between African grey (Congo grey) parrots and Timneh grey parrots: It's said that they have the cognitive abilities of a 3 – 6 year-old human! Imagine if your dog looked back at you one day and asked, “But why should I fetch?”.

Nowadays, the subspecies has been elevated to the status of an actual species: Psittacus timneh, also known as the Timneh African grey parrot. How much does a African grey parrot weigh? Plus lots of photos, videos and resources. 44. African grey parrots are herbivores and occasionally omnivores. One report suggests that 20% of the global African grey parrot population is lost to the bird market every year. Some studies say that their intelligence is equivalent to a kindergartner!


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