tired of being the other woman songs
", This classic song is about a man who's creeping around with a chick who already has a man. Even the classic rock tune builds up for the desperation he’s feeling inside, enhancing the intensity of that emotion.Â, Oh, and the award for the best liar goes to you (goes to you). If you have been in this situation and know the helplessness it leads to, take a deep breath and relax; you’re not alone. This is, quite possibly, one of my favorite scorned woman songs. We started as friends, which evolved into a FWB. How do you think you are going to handle other relationships in general, even if this one doesn't work out? How is your future going to look with this guy? This song is the quintessential example of Kelly's flair for lyrical drama.​, Key lyrics: "Secret lovers is what you wanna be, While making love to him, girl you're silently calling on me/What is a man to do in a situation like this?, I feel there is something that I don't wanna miss. The woman in this song has been pushed down and held back by the man in her life until she finally decides to leave to follow her dreams. Even the tune of the song is as upbeat as the resolution she finds after being hurt. In this song, a woman is being mistreated in her relationship. When you are the other woman, you aren't ever going to be number one girls, you aren't ever going to be the perfect person to him -- so why not find yourself someone single? female Just because you are the other woman doesn’t mean you have to invest all of your time in the guy you are seeing. Songs about falling in love and experiencing intense betrayal deal in many of the same emotions, caused by a specific cocktail of endorphins and adrenaline. After growing confident and putting her ex in the past, the woman in this song realized her ex is now the weak one, wishing for another chance she won’t let him have. "​Oh snap. This song takes it a step further, talking about how the woman in the song has pressed charges over her man’s abuse but has learned he’d getting out of prison and plans to come home. This one is all about being strong and taking charge of your life. She’s tired of being told she isn’t good enough and gets her revenge by taking off to try to prove to herself that she is. This song is all about refusing to let someone walk all over you and make you feel like less than you are. Just remember, there are ways to deal with being the other woman. Keep that in mind if you are the other woman and how you would feel. There might be something in you that you need to get help with that has put you in this situation. It’s about refusing to shed tears over someone who has never shed tears over you. There are ways to deal with being the other woman and here, we’ll explore some of them. 1. So you can have a little whine and a moan, And it's only because you're feeling alone. When you’re in a situation where you are being the other woman, it can be really difficult to see the truth. ", Another song of heartbreak, this one features a woman who regrets not going out and getting hers while he was out getting his.​, Key lyrics: "I might as well have cheated on you, As much as you accused me of cheating/I might as well have lied to you, As much as you accused me of lying. You turn the tables on him. This song isn’t about getting revenge, unless, of course, we’re talking about getting revenge through song. Keep your support system close, talk about ending it and definitely know that you deserve better. She’s gutsy, honest, strong and confident but isn’t afraid to show her vulnerable side – not that you see it in this song. Then they get back together... but for how long?​, Key lyrics: "I'm in the tub, you on the seat, Lick your lips as I soak my feet/Then you notice little carpet burn, My stomach drops and my guts churn/You shrug and it's the worst, Who truly stuck the knife in first? 5 Honest Truths Of Why People Decide To Cheat. It’s full of bitterness and rage but in the end, it’s ultimately it tells a story of success. Just pay attention to your favorite love songs, and you’ll see that an awful lot of them talk about betrayal and heartbreak, with the sole intention of making you feel what they felt or would have felt in that situation. “I’m So into You” by SWV. You've got to consider that whenever you are in this type of situation. The brutal honesty of the lyrics and Alanis’ aggressive delivery connected with women everywhere who have been in that position and suddenly, a song written from a very dark place brought Alanis success many never imagined she’d have. We now see them as a different person, because the version of them we used to know isn’t there anymore. Being the other woman definitely isn’t a piece of cake or a walk in a park, it’s hard. This amazingly well-written song takes the perspective of a woman who's suspicious of her boyfriend because he won't call her by her name during a phone conversation. Tired of being the other woman. You've got to understand his partner's position, you've got to see things from their side too. This song is about finding your strength and using that strength to turn the tables. He describes perfectly the level of desperation one can feel after finding out the awful truth, hopelessly wondering if their partner is not even sorry for what they did. Nonetheless, as pain takes over our hearts, so does the will to let that person go. You may love him, it might be difficult the first couple months, but once you realize that you are better than a secret relationship and deserve more, you’ll dwell more on ending it. Develop some interests that are all your own! Flo Milli Is Not Just A Viral Star — The Gen Z Rapper Is Here To ... Justin Bieber Reflects On Being A Lonely Child Star In Vulnerable... Did The Billboard Music Awards Censor Demi Lovato’s Perform... Did Mariah Carey Just Announce A Christmas Collab With Ariana Gra... Renata Flores & Her Music Are An Act of Indigenous Resistance, ROE Wants To Make You Feel Good With “I Like”. You’ve just made it infinitely easier for him. In this song, Kanye West describes that element of surprise and anger we get when someone betrays the trusting bond we created with them. I am trying very hard to not contact him and have completed day 1, but am feeling low and it seems hard to cope. Express your feelings about cheating or being cheated on with these dozen song suggestions—featuring drama-soaked tracks by R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Keyshia Cole. reader, anonymous, writes (21 January 2016): A


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