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Reverend Timothy Lovejoy Jr. His sermons vary between dreary recitations of more opaque parts of the Old Testament,[5] to the occasional "fire and brimstone" about Hell. First appearance He has also driven a "Book-burning-mobile", further revealing an extremist nature. When Homer refused to come to church anymore, Lovejoy gave a meaningful bible verse to persuade him to come back and led the town in prayer when Homer "made God angry" and was flooding Springfield. [17] In "Whacking Day", he made up a passage in the Bible to attempt to convince Lisa that "even God himself endorses Whacking Day".

[4] Homer retorts with a random passage of his own, which Lovejoy cites immediately as having no relevance to the discussion.

Número de Integrantes 4 La familia Lovejoy (Alegría en Hispanoamérica) esta compuesta por el Reverendo Timothy Lovejoy, su esposa Helen Lovejoy y su hija Jessica Lovejoy. Reverend Lovejoy's daughter Jessica is normally ignored by her father who refuses to believe she is worse than Bart even after she stole the church's donations. Lovejoy's father is briefly shown in the episode "Bart After Dark" as an older version of Lovejoy (including clerical collar) who visits the Maison Derrière.

[3] He wrote a book called Hell: It's Not Just for Christians Anymore and a pamphlet called Satan's Boners. Carlin, Peter Ames. Technically we're not allowed to go to the bathroom.". When Lisa Simpson converted to Buddhism, he referred to her as "Marge Simpson's devil-daughter". In the season two episode "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment", Lovejoy helps Lisa with her family's illegal cable hookup. However, some of the sermons, such as the sin of Gambling, occur on weeks that are highly ironic, such as the fact that Reverend Lovejoy's anti-gambling sermon occurring on a week where Bingo is going to be played on Tuesdays, an implied Gambling convention called Monte Carlo night on Wednesday, and having a retreat at Reno, Las Vegas on Saturday.

[1] He attended Texas Christian University. Lovejoy is not always enthusiastic about The Bible and is often disparaging about its content and purpose, ("Have you ever really read this thing? In the final of "Treehouse of Horror VIII", he speaks to the mob about having done the Lord's work after Marge is pushed off the cliff but is interpreted when Marge flies upon a broomstick revealing herself as a witch.

Esta página se editó por última vez el 2 sep 2020 a las 22:20. Initially kind-hearted and ambitious, Lovejoy has become somewhat apathetic towards others because of Ned Flanders's constant asinine scrupulosity.

Reverend Lovejoy's first name, Timothy, means "Honored by God".

[13] He tells Marge that he might as well do a Voodoo dance for Abe Simpson when asked to give him the last rites. Lovejoy's wife Helen was originally portrayed as a moralistic, judgmental gossip, but in voice actress Maggie Roswell's long absence, her character was seen but not heard. However, his collection is usually ruined such as when one of his trains was derailed off its tracks whilst talking to Ned on the phone and when Homer plowed through his set, leading him to believe that God hated Lovejoy's trains. (By Jessica Lovejoy occasionally) When he is in Church or officiating weddings, he wears his reverend robe over his usual wear. Many couples turned to divorce (Kirk and Luann Van Houten[4]) or consistently argue, bear many kids, and have trouble with money (Cletus and Brandine Spuckler); however, Helen is somewhat patient of Timothy. His own disinterest in his religion has caused his Sunday sermons to become a bleak monotone. [5] Lovejoy is also implied to be a closet drinker. Helen is Tim's judgmental and gossipy wife.

The Lovejoys' manipulative daughter Jessica was the focus of the episode "Bart's Girlfriend" where she was voiced by guest star Meryl Streep, but is otherwise rarely seen.
Hair It is revealed that he may be friends with Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky because they do a radio show together about religion called Gabbin' about God.His biggest competitors are the NFL, warm beds on a Sunday morning, and cable. Reverend Timothy Lovejoy, Jr. is a recurring character in the animated television series The Simpsons. Regarding his ministry, he once explained to Marge, "I just stopped caring.

Lovejoy is a fan of the Steven Spielberg movie, Due to the fact that, as listed above, he seems overly-enthusiastic in regards to burning (such as the mass burning of Krusty merchandise as well as even owning a van of which its sole purpose other than driving is burning books), as well as having burned down his church a few times, it's possible that he has pyromaniacal tendencies (which may also explain why of Rev. Matt Groening has indicated that Lovejoy is named after Lovejoy Street (which in turn is named for Portland co-founder Asa Lovejoy)[19] in Portland, Oregon, the city where Groening grew up. He was trained to be a priest at Pepperdine, a catholic priest university. He is also annoyed by Helen’s ranting and gossiping and scolded Helen for mocking Marge in "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer " (although he has been shown to gossip in "The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star" when the waitress criticizes their lack of tips). Familia Lovejoy Información Integrantes Timothy Lovejoy, Helen Lovejoy, Jessica Lovejoy, Abuelo Lovejoy. At one point he claimed that all of the major religions are "pretty much the same", however, this was only because he wanted to get rid of Ned Flanders. En sus tiempos libres, Lovejoy se dedica a sus trenes miniatura. However, he can exactly quote even obscure passages from memory. Fortunately, by that time it was the eighties, and no one noticed." Despite being a clergyman, Lovejoy does not always follow the word of the Bible and has been shown to do things that would be considered sinful. At one point, Lovejoy "just stopped caring",[3] but rediscovered the joy of helping others, though Ned still irritates him. [18] Despite the 1950s aura, it is she, not her husband, who is the driver of the van that takes the Lovejoys out of town when Homer Simpson is deeded the church by the court after suing them for falling in a hole outside the church building and ends up bringing the wrath of God upon Springfield, which is allayed only by the Lovejoys' return. Reverendo Timothy "Tim" Lovejoy (Reverendo Timoteo "Tim" Alegría en Hispanoamérica[3]​), es un personaje de la serie animada Los Simpson.

In "Secrets of a Successful Marriage," an episode that dealt with marriage counseling, Lovejoy and his gossipy wife, Helen, both recommend that Marge should divorce Homer.

", specifically when Hans Moleman was unable to eat his last meal. Lovejoy also has little tolerance for gays, opposite religion, or the descending opinion of evolution, shown by the way he refused to marry gay couples when same-sex marriage was legalized in Springfield and leading a slander attack on Darwin's theory of evolution with Ned Flanders.

By force of habit, Helen accidentally spread a rumor about herself and Timothy Lovejoy, and they were forced to marry. Tras el éxito de Fútbol AM, Lovejoy se convirtió en una radio DJ, uniéndose a XFM antes de pasar al radio de la Virgen, en la que presentó brevemente un programa de tarde de domingo. TIM LOVEJOY - a host on Sunday Brunch - has opened up on the death of his brother James Lovejoy, who died following a battle with pancreatic cancer 16 years ago. Al parecer sus sermones son un tanto prolongados y aburridos, faltos de entusiasmo, ya que tanto Homer como Lisa y Bart se duermen o aburren durante el servicio religioso, Marge es la única que realmente tiene entusiasmo por este servicio en la iglesia. Esto puede ser explicado por la falta de atención recibida por parte de sus padres durante su infancia. Lovejoy usually tells everyone that Homer is horrible and even wrote "Jesus Died For This!" Status When Marge objects, Lovejoy tells her the Bible forbids same-sex relationships, but when Marge asks which book in Bible forbids it, he merely claims "The Bible" and then continuously rings the church bell after Marge continues to press him on the matter.
Lovejoy is the local Baptist Minister in Springfield. this most likely means that he believes it is impossible or very hard to be completely free of sin. This lack of dedication was also witnessed by the way he threw his reverend collar when it seemed the Movementarians religious cult beliefs were actually true and only picked it up when pointed out by Ned and pretending it was an accident. He and the person who lived there with her parents, Helen Schwartzbaum, soon had a great bond.

[23] By season eight, the show had begun to explore secondary characters with Lovejoy being the central character in the episode "In Marge We Trust" because, aside from being noted as "the priest who didn't care", he had not had much character development.

Lovejoy is sometimes seen with a Episcopal Priest's cassock.

However, once when her daughter, Jessica Lovejoy was running down the field to shoot a soccer goal. "The Telltale Head" [7] Moreover, he appears bitter about the tall Episcopal church across the street, wanting to build a larger steeple and, when mentioning the other church, placing the emphasis on "pis".

There is also a running gag where his trains are always getting destroyed. [10] He also does not care that Jessica is a bully and smokes cigarettes. Lovejoy also has a bad relationship with his mother in law and mentioned that after Helen's father passed away, she never stopped visiting. He also read to Lisa an excerpt from the Bible to justify Whacking Day (during which many snakes are killed) but refused to show her the supposed text supporting his argument. He once repeated his entire sermon when near to the end upon noticing a "few people" were not paying attention, commanded his dog to defecate on Ned's front yard and even had the church choir sing Homer's song, Everybody Hates Ned Flanders, an entire song dedicated to slandering Ned. His words of comfort to death-row inmates are "Well, if that's the worst thing to happen to you today, consider yourself lucky. El reverendo decide enviarla a un internado, en un intento de terminar con estas conductas conflictivas; sin embargo, es expulsada sin haber podido mostrar progreso alguno. Also, when Lovejoy sees the spaceship emerge from the "forbidden barn" he throws his religious collar on the ground.

Lovejoy's faith in Christianity itself is rather dubious. Con respecto a las donaciones que se realizan los domingos, en un episodio menciona que Los diezmos deben ser sobre el bruto del sueldo y no sobre el neto, por lo que se entiende que es bastante pretencioso, incluso parece que esta competencia también la lleva Ned Flanders, esto se vio en el episodio en que Homer aparece como muy caritativo entonces cuando paso el canasto de las donaciones obtuvo mucho más que el canasto de Ned, y eso molestó mucho a Flanders.


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