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A pet license is yet another way to make sure your pet is protected if they become lost. A current copy of your dog’s rabies certificate; and. Dogs must be licensed by law, even if they never leave your property. Spayed/Neutered           Non-Spayed/Neutered, Dogs/Cats                   $25                         $75, (for seniors 65 or older)   $10         $65, Individuals receiving means-tested public assistance or with incomes of $40,000 (see below)              $10         $65, Dogs/Cats (microchip required)         $240       Not Applicable, Proof of Income Eligibility for Special Pet License Fees, A pet owner may also bring his or her most recent income tax return showing income of less than $40,000 per household (family of four or more). What should I do if my dog gets lost? He added that "dead-end" microchips, which lack current contact information for owners, are common. If so, simply submit a copy of your declaration page as proof of coverage. Failure to register could result in jail time or a $200 fine. A few pet enthusiasts said there might be value in licensing pets. When must New Residents license their pets? All dogs are required by state law to be licensed by the age of four (4) months. If your dog gets lost, call the Hamilton County Dog Warden at (513) 541-7387. Most of the time your dog will be impounded immediately if not wearing a licensed. New Resident – Thirty (30) days from a move-in date without penalty If you lost your certificate, or your pet loses their tag, bring proof of your pet’s current rabies immunization to our 1520 Market Street location, downtown St. Louis, and a new one will be issued at a cost of $1.00. *** The license should be renewed every year along with rabies vaccination. Helps prevent rabies. License Fees If you are a Chicago dog owner who does not have a license for your dog, you will soon face fines starting at $50 and ranging up to $200. Smaller dogs bounded toward a fence at Alimagnet Dog Park in Burnsville on Friday to check out a passing Doberman pinscher on the other side. A 50 percent discount on altered license fees is available for senior citizens (over 60 years) and disabled persons who have a Gold Card for Healthy Aging or FLASH card. I cannot stress the importance of a pet registration and license. Proof of spay/neuter if not included in the vaccination form provided Who Can Vaccinate. Some important questions and answers regarding the licensing of your dog: Take your dog to a veterinarian.Protect your pet from deadly contagious diseases by simple inoculations and regular checkups. If you answered yes to both questions, your license is the prorated amount. A motorcyclist who crashed north of the Twin Cities on Oct. 9 has died, authorities said. Yes; call the Auditor's Office at (513) 946-4123 for information. Kurt Martinson of Burnsville has a license for his mini Labradoodle, Wilma. An annual license is $8.50 and a lifetime license is $51.50. I read the first dog license was issued in Massachusetts during the 1840s. By State Statute, this information must be provided Every time you renew your dog license. Have you been a City of Madison resident for more than 30 days? If a dog reaches 6 months of age after April 1st, the owner must apply for a license within 30 days. Ensure your pet is current on its rabies vaccination; if your pet isn’t current on its rabies vaccination make sure to get an appointment with their veterinarian as soon as possible to get it updated as a license cannot legally be obtained without it. Dogs wearing a license tag have a better chance of returning home. Please check your certificate for correct address and pet information. In the majority of states, it’s actually required that dog owners license their pets. You’ll get a tag that serves as the dog’s license, so it should be on their collar at all times. LICENSES. West Virginia law requires the Assessor to collect license tax, for the county and cities, on all dogs that are or will be 6 months of age or older by June 30. The following papers are required when purchasing a dog license: A copy of the current rabies certificate (your veterinarian should provide you with two copies if you want to license your dog by mail), Proof that your dog has been spayed or neutered in order to receive the discount. Replacement License (Lost Tag) $5.00 $5.00 Then there can be microchip tags, shot tags, and of course cute personalized tags. Dog owners must have their dog microchipped or tattooed to qualify for a lifetime license. The time period you may have a pet to be considered an owner? Dog licensing is the best way to ensure your pet is identifiable, if found, and is also a visible means of ensuring that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies. No more than three dogs are allowed at any residence. Be sure to look into laws when applying for a license in your area. Ohio law also requires that dogs remain under reasonable control at all times. Only a licensed veterinarian can administer rabies vaccinations. The licensing year is May 1 through April 30 and the license fee is $8 per dog. Senior citizens who live in the city limits will be charged half price for every dog they own. It is an incentive to spay and neuter your pet. Your paperwork will not be returned to you, so please retain a copy of your documents for your records. Required documentation (under License Fees above) if requesting a discounted license. This is the only identification for the dog and it is there for a very good practical reason. However, microchips are inserted under a pet’s skin. You must renew the license each year. A dog’s license is connected to their rabies vaccination. If you find a lost dog that is not wearing a current license tag, call the dog warden at (513) 541-7387. The license is a link back to you and your community. The cost of a replacement tag is $10. A man shot late last week and found dead in a south Minneapolis neighborhood has been identified, authorities said. Both the licensing tag and the rabies tag should be worn by your animal at all times. An animal management officer who contacts you and your pet (for any number of reasons) and finds that the animal is not licensed will issue a summons for the violation. Also, different cities have different immunizations requirements. Unfortunately, with local budget cuts, there are fewer enforcement agents to uphold the law. […] Up For Your Pooch Or Face A TicketHuffington -Western Queens Gazette -All Pet News (blog)all 11 news […], Dog Owners Will Now Face Fines if no Dog License, How to Know If Someone Is An Animal Hoarder, » Blog Archive » NYC Animal Shelter Under Fire, as Facebook Page Vows to Save ‘Bruised Not … – Fox News. All dogs are required by state law to be licensed by the age of four (4) months. For animals that are sterilized, registration is $15 per animal with free annual renewals. Violators will be fined a minimum of $500, Licensing Fees    1 year  2 year      3 year, Non-neutered Dog * $32      $61       $90, Neutered Dog            $17       $31        $45, by Senior (65 or over)**       $5         $10  $15. No, Omaha does not offer a Senior Citizen discount. A valid rabies certificate is required at the time of registration. All Dogs (Spayed/Neutered – must present a certificate of spay/neuter): $16.00. An annual license is $8.50 and a lifetime license is $51.50. Dog licenses may be purchased for one, two, or three years at a time. This shows the animal is up to date on all shots. For more information on licensing, please call 714-935-6848. A license costs $5.00 per year. A valid Rabies Vaccination Certificate must be presented at the time of licensing. If you would like to read the sections of the Ohio Revised Code that To schedule your appointment call 385-468-6052. Columbia requires registration of both dogs and cats. Here at PetHub, we don’t think there is such a thing as too much protection. "What I've seen is some cities finding it is more of a headache … than it is a benefit," said Graham Brayshaw, head veterinarian for the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. The first step in purchasing a dog license is to make sure he is up to date on the rabies vaccine. There’s really no excuse not to license your pet. The more forms of identification you can arm your pet with, and the more ways you can be contacted, the greater the chance that your pet will make it home quickly if lost. Michigan State Law requires that all dogs over four (4) months old be licensed. As it holds all the contact information of the dog owner. The cost is $7 per animal if the pet is spayed/neutered, or $25 if the pet is not spayed/neutered. If your animal has a current city license, you will not have to pay a $25 penalty if the pet is ever taken to the pound (you will still be responsible for the $35 impound fee and boarding fees).


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