the first train robbery
[1] The gold shipment of £12,000 (equal to £1,129,671 today) in gold coin and ingots from the London-to-Folkestone passenger train was stolen by Pierce and his accomplices, a clerk in the railway offices named Tester, and a skilled screwsman named Agar. The train was heavily loaded with passengers, quite a number of them being ladies. The first train robbery in the United States, by some reckonings. He found very little suspense in the first half of the movie "because we know that Connery's gang must get the keys or we won't be able to see the big robbery of the film's title. The Reno brothers carry out the first train robbery in U.S. history, The railroad owners, however, were not about to sit back and let Cassidy or any other bandit freely pillage their trains. The two locomotives which featured were both J-15 0-6-0s, No 184 of 1880, and No 186 of 1879.[12][13]. Agar is also present, disguised as a police van driver. The 1903 film has just 18 shots, but the film borrows the scene in which Pierce (Note: The 1903 characters are unnamed.) They were among the first Germans to settle in the American colonies. After a daytime diversionary tactic with a child pickpocket fails because Agar cannot wax them in the time available, Pierce decides to "crack the crib" at night. He also begins courting Trent's spinster daughter, Elizabeth (Gabrielle Lloyd), and learns from her the location of her father's key. The film also draws loose parallels to the 1903 film of the same name. [5], Crichton deliberately varied the film from his book. With Willy's help, the criminals succeed in making wax impressions of the keys without detection. Over the next few decades, lawmen scrambled to capture a succession of notorious robbers, such as the notorious Jesse James, even as the gunmen's daring deeds were capturing the public imagination. The First Great Train Robbery, released in the United States as The Great Train Robbery, is a 1978 British heist neo-noir crime film directed by Michael Crichton, who also wrote the screenplay based on his 1975 novel The Great Train Robbery. [8], Heuston Station in Dublin stood in for 'London Bridge Station' in the film. Sign up now to learn about This Day in History straight from your inbox. "[1], Sean Connery originally turned down the film after reading the script, judging it "too heavy." To their dismay, would-be train robbers increasingly found that the cash and precious metals on trains were well protected in massive safes watched over by heavily armed guards. In 1995 Scott Pelley showed us nightscope footage of thieves at work in the deserts of the Southwest. In his screenplay Crichton based his character "Clean Willy" Williams on another real-life character from Chesney's book, a housebreaker named Williams (or Whitehead) who, sentenced to death in Newgate Prison, escaped from prison by climbing the 15-metre (50-ft.) tall sheer granite walls, squeezing through the revolving iron spikes at the top, and climbing over the inward projecting sharp spikes above them before making his escape over the roofs. Film rights to the novel were bought in 1975 by Dino de Laurentiis. The robbery was a year in the planning and involved making sets of duplicate keys from wax impressions for the locks on the safes, and bribing the train's guard, a man called Burgess. On October 6, 1866, the brothers John and Simeon Reno stage the first train robbery in American history, making off with $13,000 from an Ohio and … The whole operation is a matter of timing, because the officer guarding the railway office at night leaves his post only once, for seventy-five seconds (to go to the toilet). Subsequent developments have revealed the plan pursued by the guerrillas in capturing the train, and show that considerable skill was manifested in its design. The executives of the bank who arrange the gold transport, the manager Mr. Henry Fowler (Malcolm Terris) and the president Mr. Edgar Trent (Alan Webb), each possess a key; the other two are locked in a cabinet at the offices of the South Eastern Railway at the London Bridge train station.


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