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Morag's life is believed to be loosely based upon Laurence's personal experiences. It is a regularly featured book on the American Library Association's Freedom to Read campaign. Morag remembers when she faced a similar dilemma of identity when she was her daughter's age. Is seen divining for water, and helping Morag by catching and providing them with Pickerel caught from the river.

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Christie is proud of his work, stating that one could learn a lot from what people throw out. Morag make a pilgrimage to Scotland one year, but she returns home convinced that her true ancestry is Canadian, at least in spirit. Morag realizes that her life encounters are the story she has been meaning to write all along, and she begins working on it. Stovel notes that Morag reflects Laurence herself, and that she gives the reader a glimpse into her creative process through her focal character.

Her marriage with Skelton ends, and she moves to Vancouver to focus on writing. Eva Winkler – One of the few individuals from Manawaka that Morag likes speaking with, Winkler also takes care of Prin during her later days coping with obesity. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Diviners by Margaret Laurence. Through her character arc Laurence depicts Pique's character as free spirited and fiercely independent, similar to Morag and Jules. This allows the novel to question itself as a 'formed/formal language.'

The Diviners is a play by Jim Leonard, Jr. Morag was orphaned young and brought up in the small Manitoba town of Manawaka by Christie Logan, the despised town scavenger, and his increasingly obese and inactive wife, Prin.

Morag is forced to move in with her foster parents, Christie and Prin Logan, who are not as well off as her real parents. After turning eighteen, Pique becomes a free spirit like her mother and leaves home to discover herself. Finally Morag as the closure she needs to finish her long-awaited novel.

The Diviners follows the story of fictional Canadian novelist, Morag Gunn. [12] Morag is a white-Canadian, while her lover, and Pique's father, is Métis.
[15], More recent discussion of the novel liken its relevance in the 2000s to aging rather than being considered a dated work of literature.

Yet, it is also praised for its acknowledgement of important social issue, including the after effects of colonialism, single motherhood, interracial relations, and the relationship between parent and child. The Diviners is the culmination and completion of Margaret Laurence's Manawaka cycle. Mrs. Maggie Tefler – short-tempered landlady in Kitsilano, Vancouver. She and Morag settle their ongoing disputes and restore peace. [7] Hence the metafictional elements of the novel can also be read as self-reflexive, as they reflect Laurence writing her novel in her cabin on the Otonabee River.[7].

Flashbacks explore Morag's adolescence when she embarked on a similar journey many years ago. Gunn's story, although told chronologically is often interspersed with Gunn's past, told in the characteristic "Memorybank Movies" that showcase her experience growing up in the prairies.

[13] When Morag and Jules unite and Morag gives birth to Pique, the result "is a child who carries in her veins the blood of both settlers and indigenes. She begins looking for old photos from her childhood.

After you claim a section you’ll have 24 hours to send in a draft. Neil ten Kortenaar claims that The Diviners is a post-colonial novel, two possible reasons being that "it is a rejection of England and English literature in favour of a native tradition based on orality; and it is a celebration of creolization, the blending of different cultures in an indigenous mix." Hector Jonas – owner of Jacopina Chapel, funeral home in Manawaka during Christie's funeral. Later in the novel forms a band with Billy Joe. They move back to Canada, in an isolated little log cabin. A story that keeps repeating is that of Piper Gunn and Colin “Gunner” Gunn, the latter who saved Christie during World War I. Morag further takes inspiration from and also questions femininity in female Canadian authors such as Catharine Parr Traill, often having conversations within her head. She continues to focus on writing, but must also care for Pique. Christie is the town "scavenger," or trash collector and a brilliant storyteller. The Diviners is a 1974 kunstlerroman, or novel about the writing of a novel, by Canadian author Margaret Laurence. this section. When Brooke reacts scornfully to her friend, Morag goes with Jules and spends the night making... Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this The Diviners study guide and get instant access to the following: You'll also get access to more than 30,000 additional guides and 300,000 Homework Help questions answered by our experts. The play later received its first professional production with the Circle Repertory Company in 1980. When she was very young, Morag was fostered by Christie and Prin Logan after her own parents died of polio.

Their marriage is not a happy one, since Brooke discourages Morag from pursuing her passions. However, Jules tries to spend time with his daughter, Pique Gunn Tonnerre, when he can.

Most important, she embeds Morag's fictions in the narrative to illustrate her literary development". Determined to leave Manawaka and to write, Morag goes to the provincial university, where she falls in love with, and marries, Brooke Skelton, a handsome professor fifteen years her senior; he takes her to Toronto, where he has a new position and where she sinks unwillingly into the life of a professor’s wife.

Critics have argued that The Diviners is a künstlerroman (a novel that follows the growth and development of an artist, like James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man). Lazarus Tonnerre – Jules's abusive father, former war veteran. Morag begins to have more flashbacks.

She visits her aged foster father, Christie, and thanks him for being such a good father to her and for his wonderful stories. [17], CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Governor General's Award for English-language fiction, Archived CBC coverage regarding the banning of the book, "The Diviners | The Canadian Encyclopedia", "The Diviners, 20 years on: aged, but not dated", We'll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 September 2020, at 21:55. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. The protagonist of the novel is Morag Gunn, a fiercely independent writer who grew up in Manawaka, Manitoba. In the premise, it says Manitoba is a fictional province. Her mother passes on to her the stories of both sides of the racial divide. [6] According to Nora Stovel, Laurence uses three methods to dramatize Morag's creative development: "first, she employs a tripartite educational model of reading, critiquing, and writing. Unfortunately the marriage is not what she hoped because he is a jealous, controlling man who discourages her writing career and doesn't want children. For three weeks she has sex with him without protection in order to get pregnant. Daughter of a British Remittance man, forced to come and settle down in Canada. She succeeds, and Brooke immediately files for divorce. An editor Morag is further interested in stories of old Scottish clans, stemming from her guardian Christie's love of the past. As a novelist, Morag also struggles with her writing, and frequently questions her understanding of the world. Married to Princess "Prin" Logan. The Diviners Summary These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. The book has been repeatedly banned by school boards and high schools, usually after complaints from fundamentalist Christian groups labelling the book blasphemous and obscene. This is evident in the way Laurence frames the novel with “images of Morag, the writer, seated at her kitchen table in front of the window, overlooking the river, trying to write, in the Now of the novel”.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Morag writes that the smell of the Nuisance Grounds does not leave him – he is an inexplicable part of it. Do you fact check submissions?

Piper Gunn, the Scottsman, is his favorite, based upon the historical figure Archie MacDonad. [15], The book is noted in a 1994 Globe and Mail article as "[c]ritically acclaimed but sexually explicit" alongside complaints from parents seeking to have the book banned from high schools in the Peterborough County Board of Education. Her relationship with Jules is an off-and-on thing, with both lovers barely having time for each other.

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They do not have much to give, but Prin is kind and Christie does give Morag a rich store of tales of a (probably imaginary) Scottish hero, Piper Gunn.

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. By probing words' meanings, and by devices such as the use of 'memory bank movies' and photographs, Laurence includes an interrogation of language and of writing itself. Has siblings Val, Paul, Jacques and Pique, whom Piquette Gunn is later named after.
Sonja Smits starred as Morag, and Tom Jackson starred as Jules Tonnerre. (Laurence's parents also died when she was still a child.)

Gunn was born in Manawaka, a fictional town in Saskatchewan where Laurence lived and worked, and eventually moves to McConnell's Landing near the Wachakwa River. "[11] For example, Christie's misuse of language aims to expose "social inauthenticity and counterfeit language" and Morag is both "attracted to and at the same time would like to reject his particular diction. “The Diviners must stand, or all shall fall.” The Diviners is a historical, paranormal fantasy set in 1920s New York City! Moreover, she includes mentors – Christie Logan, Miss Melrose, and Brooke Skelton – who teach Morag to read and write. Like Morag, is also interested in his heritage, often composing songs about Louis Riel and the character of Rider Tonnerre. Morag wakes up one morning and finds a note from her daughter, Pique, explaining that she has left home to learn about her Metis heritage. [9] For instance, the opening section of The Diviners, titled River of Now and Then,suggests "two levels of narrative" and conveys the simultaneity of past and present.

Manufactures Morag's clothes in her childhood when she goes to school. Brooke reveals that he grew up in India, and came to Canada. Morag is so offended by her husband's vile temper that she leaves with Brooke and has an affair with him. The semi-autobiographical narrative follows the life and memories of Morag Gunn, a writer and single mother who grew up in Manawaka, Manitoba, and her struggle to understand and accept her identity.

Being Metis, he feels compelled to step into his ancestors' shoes, but he doesn't quite understand what that means to him. Sick of living in podunk Canada, Morag moves to Winnipeg for college as soon as she's able. Eventually he leaves for good to pursue his destiny.


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