the burmese harp review
As Japanese soldiers in Burma learn that their country has surrendered, they acquiesce to the British by entering a prison camp. – Remembering Geoffrey Platts: Desert Advocate, – Predictions on a Trump Presidency (11/10/2016), – My New Years Wish: a bill of basic human rights, – Cosmopolitan Greetings (Allen Ginsberg), – Frost at Midnight (Samuel Taylor Coleridge), – Ode to the West Wind (Percy Bysshe Shelley), – The Fool’s Song (William Carlos Williams), – The United Fruit Company (Pablo Neruda), – A Supermarket in California (Allen Ginsberg), – Sonnet on Approaching Italy (Oscar Wilde), – The Heavy Bear Who Goes With Me (Delmore Schwartz), – when you have forgotten Sunday: the love story (Gwendolyn Brooks), – As I Walked Out One Evening (W.H. – La Strada (Federico Fellini) – The Caterpillar (Robert Graves) Key works like Odd Obsession, Conflagration and The Makioka Sisters are nowhere (officially) to be found with English subtitles. – Sonnet on Approaching Italy (Oscar Wilde) DVD Review: The Burmese Harp. – from The People, Yes (Carl Sandbrg) The story is ambitious – trying to make sense of the aftermath of war. Share; Tweet; A tender almost-musical about the horrors of war and the obliteration of identity, Kon Ichikawa’s collaboration with his screenwriter wife Natto Wada portrays spiritual disquiet without ever actually leaving a comfort zone. ( Log Out /  (Upton Sinclair) – May Fools (Louis Malle) – The Fool’s Song (William Carlos Williams) One group of men occupying a mountainous area refuse to accept defeat, leading the harp-playing Mizushima to try and get them to surrender on his own. – Babel (Patti Smith) Some links on this site are affiliated. – Writ on the Steps of Puerto Rican Harlem (Gregory Corso) It is what puts the medium of film on par with all of the other classical arts. – The Yiddish Policemen’s Union (Michael Chabon) People (British, Japanese, Burmese) are shown to be basically good and their intentions basically honorable. – The Dharma Bums (Jack Kerouac) Pic of the Week, Youtube Recommendations – Film/Cinema/Movies – Freedom and Wilderness, Wilderness and Freedom (Edward Abbey), Commentary Auden), – Pasternak’s Grave (Yevgeny Yevtushenko), – Writ on the Steps of Puerto Rican Harlem (Gregory Corso), – Maggie And Milly And Molly And May (e.e.cummings), – The Peace of Wild Things (Wendell Berry), – The House was Quiet and the World was Calm (Wallace Stevens), – I saw a tramp last night (Charles Bukowski), – Let America Be America Again (Langston Hughes), – Stuck at Home (Museums and informational), – Favorite Information/Movies/Music/ Photography Sites, – Favorite 3 Reasons from the Criterion Collection. – Nebraska (Alexander Payne) To oversimplify, the lead characters in Ichikawa films frequently tend to be headcases but he treats them with an objective detachment that masks his concern (which is nonetheless there). – Down by Law (Jim Jarmusch) It offers guidance in the midst of a reality. – Why I Like Classic Samurai Films – I Am Waiting (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) – Butterfly (D.H. Lawrence) – An Angel At my Table (Jane Campion) – Shadows in Paradise (Aki Kurismaki) Fires on the Plain is a resolutely darker, funnier film that spits in the face of war. – The Criterion Collection: What Would We Do Without It? – Hiroshima (John Hersey) Songwriters:  Hiatt, Newman & Prine The acting is superb, with every scene carefully choreographed and composed. – American as Apple Pie (in your face). (a poem) (I believe there have been five of his films put on DVD in R1, one of which is now out of print, and three or four in the UK, including an overlap; this edition of The Burmese Harp is Ichikawa's Blu-ray debut.) Create a free website or blog at – Favorite 3 Reasons from the Criterion Collection. – Song of the Open Road (Walt Whitman) Auden) There's an effort to overcome defeat with compassion here. Company No 0652630. ( Log Out /  Presenting at 112th Annual Meeting of Pacific Coast Branch, Background of Biochemical Warfare Development, Imperial Japan's Chemical Warfare Development Program, The Japanese Invasion & Conquest of the Philippines, Formation of Underground Philippines Resistance, United States Army Forces in the Philippines of Northern Luzon (USAFIP-NL), Chinese and Filipino-Chinese Nationalist Guerrilla Units, The Female Faces of the Philippine Guerrillas, Japanese Occupation of the Philippine Islands: Pinays Answering the Call to Arms, The Fierce Heneralas and Kumanders of the Hukbalahap Guerrillas, Filipina American Veterans: Recovering the Extraordinary Feats of the Ordinary Pinays, Social Changes and Challenges in Singapore, Phibun’s Domestic and International Policies, Seeking Justice: A Humanities Lesson Plan. The thesis is … What emerges from watching his films is, perhaps foremost, an appreciation for his versatility. – Directors I Like – I saw a tramp last night (Charles Bukowski) Published. – Wisdom and War (Langston Hughes) – To A Young Nun (Leonard Cohen) – Why I Like Saxondale – Above Pate Valley (Gary Snyder) – Let America Be America Again (Langston Hughes) As I’ve covered in a previous blog entry, the political and cultural climate of wartime Japan was particularly censorious and controlling. The exploration may not have been exhaustive or deep beneath the surface but it often seems to at least inform their characterizations. – Afton Water (Robert Burns) – Surprised by Joy (William Wordsworth) The Burmese Harp is somewhat idealized, avoiding the atrocities of war but not the grim casualties. – Duel at Ganryu Island (Hiroshi Inagaki) – The Mower (Philip Larkin) The thesis is highly idealistic – that we are capable of rising above our base desires and through art – such as music – find common ground. – Pied Beauty (Gerard Manley Hopkins) , the political and cultural climate of wartime Japan was particularly censorious and controlling. The story is ambitious – trying to make sense of the aftermath of war. – There Is (Louis Simpson) – Musashi Miyamoto (Hiroshi Inagaki) – Dalhousie Farm (William Meredith) – Grand Illusion (Jean Renoir) – The House was Quiet and the World was Calm (Wallace Stevens) – The Great Beauty (Paolo Sorrentino) – Biutiful (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu) The worst characteristic we witness is that of blind allegiance, exemplified by a hold-out Japanese infantry whom would rather die than surrender.


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