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1175 Fanshawe Park Rd. Managers and boss were very fun and easy to talk to. I loved my time at sunripe, which was my first job, and took me through my 5 years in high school.

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I believe Sunripe is a great first job for students in high school they give you around 15 hours a week.

Minimum $25 order. You will be sent an email for confirmation of pick up date. I worked two more shifts smiling and laughing with customers, completing my work and helping my customers in anyway that I could. Sunripe Freshmarket | Produce, Meat, Bakery, Deli | Ontario, Canada. The staff at Sunripe is very outgoing and caring towards the costumers. I worked my butt off for this company for 3 months with little to NO FORMAL TRAINING!! 1141 Lakeshore Rd.

744 Adelaide St. N. London, ON N5Y 2L6 P: (519) 433-4141 SUNRIPE Hyde Park. I worked there for a few months and quickly saw how toxic the work environment is there. Always had cake in the break room, didn’t mind if we had a few grapes and other fruit here and there, I got to try all kinds of new stuff I’d never tried before, they let us take bread home at night if it was day old, staff meetings were usually hilarious, My wage was always more than my friends working elsewhere at the time, Like way more, Was a good environment to work at made new friends learned a lot of new stuff and new ways on how to bake different things they made. Someone would always offer to give me a ride home if it was raining, or we just got out late. I enjoyed the staff and clients within this establishment.

The management was very good in every department.

Management is excellent. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. Amazing people to work with, generally fun, easy going atmosphere.

(519) 473-4400.

Careless, cruel, and horrible in situations when you need support. Job duties include heavy lifting, cold temperatures and extra jobs as well as your own are expected. London, ON N6G 0R9.

Co-workers are great, makes the day that much better. They are looking for employees who share the same values they do and that makes a winning combination.

staff is extremely friendly and supportive. The store also closes early every night the lastest is 8 pm. . I now have no job, and am currently couch surfing and lost the opportunity to find a home and become stronger, despite doing everything in my power to put on a smile and treat the customers as if I were happy to be there despite everything.

Do these reviews help you learn more about. for instance my shifts are from noon till 8 30 pm. The staff at Sunripe is very outgoing and caring towards the costumers.

Which means you can still focus on school and after school activites. Order cut off is noon, Tuesday prior to pick up. In a time of need, the management ignored my efforts and fired a student that they knew of their situation. W. London, ON N6G 0R9. Pick Up Time: Wednesday Noon-2:00pm. Typical day is to make the guest experience remarkable and want to come back.

SUNRIPE Sarnia. I felt like I got to know so many regular customers, which was also a great part of the job. Which means you can still focus on school and after school activites.

i really enjoyed my time working in this job position and would go back if applicable. .

Gossiping/back talking, fake people/"friends" and harassment problems between the workers. They would put on really nice Christmas dinners for us, and I never had any issues with getting time off when needed. Help us be the best! Learned how to to prep and cook a lot of different snacks and meals.

In fact I still keep in contact with a few employees from when I did work here all those years ago.

We want to help you find great companies. It was very gratifying working in a fast paced and high demand environment. SUNRIPE Adelaide.

Family run business -- team based work culture. Amazing product though! Bakery position is fast paced production machine -- always next B1G1 sale on the horizon.

See restaurant menus, reviews, hours, photos, maps and directions.

and always working weekends.. day cares dont work past these hours , the boss wont allow people to take xmas vacations , even tho it gets slow right after xmas . Prepping their many products consists of repackaging known brand names under ludicrous names designed to pad the owner’s egos. Overall, working here is disheartening and transitory. its fun place to work , most of the time , the customers are wonderful and most staff is good, , my only issue is they are not accomidating to people who have young kids.

Management had no sympathy towards my home life, recently loosing my home, the company patronized me for crying at work before my shift had started.

this was my first job experience.

A tasty learning experience indeed.

Boring and repetitive work will leave you feeling unfulfilled. The owners are great and generous.

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at SUNRIPE?

1141 Lakeshore Rd. The atmosphere in their stores is similar to a museum; cold, dark and lifeless. the coworkers are very nice, and the owners are great! I never called in sick, missed a day of work, and only had booked days off for necessary appointments like Therapy and Doctors. Profit Sharing is a plus!

The store also closes early every night the lastest is 8 pm. SUNRIPE Sarnia. Also was able to expand my bakery experience. I learned all of my basic skills while working at sunripe.

This place taught me how to work hard and to really care about the quality of the work I do...displays were always made sky high and looked so pretty.

The store also closes early every night the lastest is 8 pm.

Sunripe is the place to work if you are fast paced, enjoy social activity, helping customers and have a positive attitude.

I enjoyed this job so much, the people who trained me and the managers I worked with at the time taught me so many skills that I have still used at every job since.

The staff at Sunripe is very outgoing and caring towards the costumers.

Good service, good hours, good food, good location. P: (519) 473-4400 I've learned a lot from my managers and different tasks I've completed in the past years. Loved it. I wish we had vision for benefits pay more get less. Which means you can still focus on school and after school activites. On super busy holiday weekends, I enjoyed the mayhem and challenge of getting everything done, and the crazy fast pace required to survive. What would you suggest SUNRIPE management do to prevent others from leaving?

1175 Fanshawe Park Rd. I like working for Sunripe.

SATURDAY. View the menu for Sunripe and restaurants in Sarnia, ON. There needs to be more communication among management. Worked extremely hard for comany and wasn't good enough to make full time!!! Long shifts and long hours, a lot of tasks for any position, keeps you busy.

STORE. I would totally work here again, part time as a side gig, since I have my own business now. This was a great job with flexibility for appointments. At first I was told I was being trained to be a closing shift supervisor, then after all my hard work for 3 months, got tossed away like garbage!! The employees and the customers make this a great place to work. I love getting to work and everyone saying to me goodmorning, hey how's it going, etc. They gave me a chance to clean up but threatened my position in the process.

W. London, ON N6G 0R9. 9:00am- 6:00pm*.

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HOURS. It has taught me so much. The owners felt like family to me as did a lot of fellow employees.
Though I’m a petite female, I grew some pretty impressive muscles (which I still sport today, nearly 15 years later). I had only ever been early for my job, always sought out other things to do well before my shift had started in order to help my colleagues and lighten their work as I enjoyed helping in anyway I could. What should you wear to an interview at Sunripe Marketplace? MON-FRI. 9:00am-7:00pm. I’d have a sense of accomplishment when a whole section was finished, and it would just look so beautiful.

I believe Sunripe is a great first job for students in high school they give you around 15 hours a week.

The manager doesn't care about the workers, only cares about the store business, holds grudges and is very cold. Orders are not able to be added to or changed once form is submitted.

and got fired after being used for 3 months in this toxic work environment where you would literally get ridiculed for asking questions it was unreal!

I was proud to work here, and I treasure many memories.

Seeing the entire family involved with the company makes you want to be a team player and hearing how the owners truly feel about their business, staff and customers makes you proud to work for them. SUNRIPE Adelaide. Sunripe Fresh Market - Sarnia - phone number, website, address & opening hours - ON - Gift Baskets. We are known to have the best fresh vegitables and fruits in Sarnia.

744 Adelaide St. N. London, ON N5Y 2L6 P: (519) 433-4141 SUNRIPE Hyde Park. P: (519) 473-4400 Owners spend too much time psychoanalyzing their staff and trying to mold their thought processes and not enough time listening to them. How did you get your first interview at SUNRIPE?

I tried talking with them but problems still remained, undealt with.

Best job I ever had until I started my own business. I believe Sunripe is a great first job for students in high school they give you around 15 hours a week.

The manager also cut hours to accommodate other workers who've been there longer. Sarnia, ON N7V 2V5 P: (519) 542-1241 . Ask a question about working or interviewing at SUNRIPE. *Hyde Park open one hour later on weekends.

How should you prepare for an interview at SUNRIPE?

Sarnia, ON N7V 2V5 P: (519) 542-1241 .


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