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The premise of Gerald’s Game is simple: Jessie is handcuffed to a bed after a sexual tryst gone wrong, her partner dead on the floor. That’s no surprise, given his uncanny ability to produce at superhuman rates — all without sacrificing the immersive settings, intriguing characters, and relentless terror. State of Fear Part of the fun is that, for the first 400 pages or so, Crichton wants you to think of him as a right-wing nut. | $147.99. But nothing is just a walk in the woods whenever King is involved, because something powerful is stalking her.

Jack seeks to cure his mother’s terminal cancer by locating a magical talisman, leading him through several dark and dangerous adventures that add up to one of King’s most satisfying stories, though the blatant homophobia throughout does dull its sheen, three decades on. A musical short film with a story by King, Stan Winston, Mick Garris and Michael Jackson, based on an original concept by King and Michael Jackson 1997 The Shining $9.26 The Torrances…, Isolation is a major factor in Stephen King’s The Shining.

You might read “spiritual vampires” and think otherwise. Holding Sheldon hostage after he’s involved in a car wreck, her goal is to get him to write another novel in which his protagonist is brought back to life. Under the Dome was a long time coming: initially started in 1976, King didn’t pick the draft back up until the 1980s.

But King’s set the standard so high with past books such as Under the Dome and The Stand that this one might pale in comparison.

The expansive vistas outside the Overlook’s massive windows are beautiful, but they are a constant reminder of how alone the Torrances are at the hotel.

It just is. In other words, not only has Stephen King written some genius novels (and short stories, novellas, essays, and works of criticism), but he’s written a lot of them—51 novels to date, in fact, with number 52 coming up shortly.

An old mansion in the town of Jerusalem’s Lot (hence the book's title) is steeped in local lore. The novel’s protagonist, five-year-old Danny Torrance, has psychic abilities, and the Overlook Hotel—where Danny’s father, Jack, is the winter caretaker—is full of unexplained occurrences and spirits of the past, keeping the Torrances in a constant state of fear. There’s a reason this book inspired one of the best King film adaptations of all time. It’s the sort of body horror that can be—and frequently is— effectively creepy, but the verisimilitude actually goes too far, until you feel like you’re reading King’s private pain journal. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Patrick Cavanaugh When a cat belonging to his daughter was killed on the busy truck route in front of his house, King wondered: what would happen if he buried the cat, and three days later it came back, somewhat altered? It all begins when a mistake at a government lab releases a super-flu upon the continent. Throw in the supernatural, religion, and an apocalyptic battle between good and evil and you’ve got the makings of a masterpiece.

This dystopian horror novels follows the journey of 100 teenage boys as they partake on a ritual known as “the walk,” where contestants must maintain a walking speed of 4 mph, without any pauses, until only one remains. $9.99. And it crosses my mind every time I do a public event.

There’s a potent anger present in most of the Bachman books, and The Longest Walk mines that most potently.

One, Insomnia is inextricably linked to The Dark Tower series, and could even be regarded as an essential part of it, in a sense—it features the first mention of the Crimson King, in fact.

| $9.99. Originally intended as a Bachman book, Misery finds Stephen King unpacking toxic fandom decades before Twitter would allows Annie Wilkeses the world over to vent their frustrations around the clock. Use a high concept (a 1953 Buick Roadmaster abandoned at a gas station is not, in fact, a 1953 Buick Roadmaster, but some kind of doorway to another dimension that occasionally disgorges bizarre alien items or creatures) to tell a series of stories about it in a campfire/ghost story structure, and the result should be something great. The page for Stephen King's Interview: Faces of Fear Faces of Fear published in 1990 by Pan Books, The Berkeley Publishing Group Praised upon release as “Peyton Place meets Dracula,” a reference that only half-makes sense to most modern readers, ‘Salem’s Lot brought the vampire myth into the backyards of semi-rural Americans, and found King at his most ruthless; characters you come to love will meet grisly ends.
Of course, when it comes to King, the big question is: where do I start?

In Finders Keepers, the only thing in the way of Morris getting his hands on Pete, those notebooks, and his long-awaited vengeance is — you guessed it — police detective Bill Hodges. Another of King’s ambitious experiments was the simultaneous publication of Desperation (under his own name) and The Regulators (under the Bachman pseudonym), with the books telling stories set in parallel universes that share characters and other elements. It’s on one of these trips that they encounter a strange and incoherent man ranting about lights in the sky, and a fight for survival against a being from another world begins. The first part of this story (billed a bit presumptuously as “the last Castle Rock story“) is just King gleefully turning the crank, bringing the tension to an almost unbearable level before unleashing hell. Put down your bucket of pig’s blood, and pick up this book (stat!)

A deftly-crafted novel, in true Crichton style, State of Fear is an exciting, stunning tale that not only entertains and educates, but will make you think. Co-written with his son Owen, this 2017 novel supports a high-concept premise (women begin falling into a supernatural-like sleep, becoming cocooned in a gauzy material, and react violently to attempts to wake them) with a rock-solidly realistic world to support it.

Tied to the Kennedy Assassination (still one of the most seismic events in U.S. history), the story morphs into a tragedy so subtly the reader barely understands why they find the ending so powerful. The Overlook Hotel is situated deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, miles from the nearest town.

Raised on old-school vampire stories, his take on the story incorporates all the classic tropes, from the slightly insane vampire’s assistant to all the old rules involving sunlight, permission to enter, and seduction—and gives them all a modern twist that still feels fresh and frightening, even four decades after its publication. You think about somebody like Mark David Chapman, and you think maybe somebody’s got a knife out for you.

| $18.00. Co-written with Peter Straub, this story of parallel universes, which can be traversed if your twin in the other universe has died, centers on 12 year-old Jack. When it’s casually parodied on Rick and Morty, you know you’ve written an all-time classic. In Jake’s case, he complies, and finds himself surrounded by sock hops, big cars, Elvis tunes, and cigarette smoke in Jodie, Texas.


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