staying faithful to god in hard times

“Watch and pray, so that you will not fall into temptation. I started to give up on faith and my kids, didn’t know what to except the pain im going threw or the fact that I’m giving up.

From what you wrote is sounds like maybe as a result of hurtful circumstances or the choices people have made in your son’s life, he feels God is to blame (as in that perhaps God has “cursed” him)? I’m sorry to hear that your son has been through this. I have never read your blog until now and this was right on time! I see what he has been going through. You are oooozing inspiration!!!! Your family is in my prayers even now Victoria. I need wisdom from God so badly but I can’t seem to hear Him and what He requires of me. He knows what’s ahead when we trust in Him, even when we can’t see or understand.

Misty — Thanks so much for your encouragement. My friends, if we are faithful, God is walking right along with us especially during our times of suffering, even when we feel isolated from Him. I have no one to rely on for a thing and I realize that I am thinking or doing things that is against God.

First and foremost, we are praying for you both, that the Lord will direct your paths according to His perfect will and bless you both with merciful and forgiving hearts, filled with His wisdom and love. I’ve been looking up scriptures and some healing words, but still frustrated.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” (matt 6:33).

Yes, it could always be worse, but knowing that doesn’t cause a person to love God more. So even if it seems like that promise will never happen, remember “God is not man, that He should lie, nor the son of man, that He should change His mind. It just seems like I’m in it alone and there’s no one out there with the same problem I have. I have been praying for such a long time for a very special petition

As I sat there savoring the last glimmers of sunlight, I asked myself: What have I been stopping to savor in place of moments like these?


Highly educated individual but can’t seem to obtain a viable offer. I feel like God just started speaking to me again.

My husband and I went four years ago. I desire to have children and have inner peace in me, relieved from heaviness of many years.

Practically speaking, what does that look like? God bless you Ngaba.

The struggle strengthens us. Tom I just prayed for you and your wife Judy . Trust God sister, turn to Him with your needs. They all believed even when it didn’t look like God’s word was going to come true. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.

you’ve given me some great steps to live by and to have faith and keep having it and to just trust in god and know that something good is going to happen and that He has a plan for each and every one of us whether we choose to take the smooth, clear road or the rough, bumpy dark road because I have been having a lot of struggle and difficulties in my schooling years and it has all just become a lot and too hard for me to handle so I am printing this out and putting this on my wall so every morning when I wake up I would read it and have faith throughout my day. What are you choosing to savor today, and how is that affecting your ability to trust God through this trial?


After a long stint of peace and tranquility, yesterday proved challenging with flaring emotions, less-than-graceful communication and the temptation to — yet again — go over details.


These tiny treasures aren’t loud and obnoxious, and maybe that’s why we so easily miss them. 1. Remember when Thomas didn’t believe that Jesus really appeared to the other apostles while he was gone? this really helped me. And even Abraham struggled to stay faithful, but in his faith, God’s promise to make him a father of many nations happened. I will not say that God has giving up on us, I belive is a had time dt I will surely testify 2 the goodness nd glory of God. . God bless you! I feel God should do everything in his power to assist this despair and hatred I am feeling towards him…… not vice versa. I don’t know if that’s something you or your wife would ever consider, but there are other programs like this out there, even your church… are you able to counsel with a pastor or elder in ministry of marriage?

My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth” (Psalm 121:1-2). Looking forward to reading more from you too… it’s amazing how the spirit works through us all to share the message. And, day-by-day, this love Bible study is designed to teach you how to grow closer to God. I pray for increased faith often, not just in hard times, but in all times.

That’s why today I highly encourage you to get the “I am Loved” Bible Study Course. They were being persecuted for their faith in Jesus. God bless you.

It’s easy to see why we believe and encourage others to “keep the faith” when they’re feeling down. ! Tom Keats I said a prayer or you. You have to take action.

Absolutely you and your wife are in my prayers, and I ask that all who read this continue to lift you up in prayer.

I been going threw something unbelivable for so many years.praying for a way out but im still going threw right to this day.I prayed and prayed and I notice as I prayed GOD has been giving me a inner peace I cant explain even though im going threw. Not to mention it’s that time in my life where my hormones are outta whack. I am striving every day to focus on being a blessing to others.

Those who have been faithful over a little; God will set you over much.

Some people are on the brink of divorce and they go and come back renewed. Blessings to you for sharing your encouragement today! We all have trials, some the same and some different. I don’t know what to do. May God bless you and keep you. You are the reason God led me to write this; you and every person who takes something away from this. Thank you for doing these writings. Remember that you have exactly what it takes to acquire the life you desire. Especially the times when I can answer yes to all three of those questions.

3 Secrets to Trusting God During Difficult Times. It’s right that we have so many friends and family who are praying for us daily.


I will save you.

Let me tell you–if we allow our thoughts to habitually linger on the “what ifs,” we will cripple our ability to trust God during hard times. As we look more and more to God, he shows us more and more how to look to Him above all others. I just wish I didn’t still get down and do you have any advise for when those days happen?? Same day I lost my job, my lady friend indicated she no longer wanted to be with me. Also, my husband and I attended Weekend to Remember recently and it was unbelievable. For me that was a huge comfort and support as I began following Christ with my life. But I also pray for faith. A lot of times it seems that God does not even hear me.

What a great site you have! Have you ever felt like you were led by God to do something, and as soon as you begin the journey to follow God’s will, all of the signs try to lead you to change your course?

Our text shows how Paul reassured them.

I so needed this. He has provided and will continue to provide for us (and for you as you trust God in your difficult time).

Whenever I’m tempted to let my thoughts wander into the dark places, I confess my fears again to God and meditate on these truths: What can you choose to “fix your thoughts” on during a trial so that you can maintain a spirit of joy?


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