stanley meyer water powered car
By spark ignition, combustion energy is released. This patent also let everyone know just what is considered to be the explosive mixture and that mixture is, “water mist and ionized air” coming from the Gas Processor. He would see Meyer power his tractor for 15 minutes on well water, he said. “He turned to me and said, ‘They just offered me $800 million. Re: Electric Fields and Moving Media, Stanley Meyer Explained. Now looking at this drawing we have to break down all of Stanley Meyer’s words as to what they more than likely mean in his mind: Re: Electric Fields and Moving Media, Stanley Meyer Explained Depending on the use one layer, the second, is made of copper, and the first layer is going to be copper for space gaps larger than .06 inches and 430 SS wire for space gaps between .01-.06 inches. I agree, stripping electrons makes it positive. However, the HHO hybrid engine is so much cleaner than a typical gasoline engine you could breath the exhaust gas (not recommended!). Because of the uncertainty principle, every physical system (even at absolute zero temperature) (emphasis mine) has a zero-point energy that is greater than the minimum of its potential well. It means that the current scientific paradigm is flawed, inaccurate or ignorant of the other input types of energy and their source. Two years later, a Fayette County judge found “gross and egregious fraud” in Meyer’s contract negotiation with two businessmen. Figure 6 shows some sort of a pump control system or fuel distributer of sorts. Positive and negative high-voltage currents to the emitter points are alternately turned on and off in pulsed systems, creating clouds of positive and negative ions that mix together in the work area. What other ways were there to heat a house? Construction is unremarkable. His brother even mentioned that the two Belgian investors who were with Stanley on the day of his murder knew something; “I told them that Stand had died and they never said a word”. Then environmentalists began to study the emissions the gasoline was making into the air and saw that it was really adding to pollution. Upon which he replied, “They poisoned me…”. It was considered the cheaper alternate. He told his brother that he had been poisoned. To date, Stanley Mayer applied more than 200,000 patents. Another proven design you should consider is using a dry plate generator design that uses an electrolyte. In this patent: Stanley Meyer: Water Electrolysis — Canadian Patent # 2067735 — Water Fule Injection System Stanley Meyer shows how the injector system he used is set up. Also all coils are wrapped in the same direction so the magenetic fields add to each other. Then you have to get the capacitance of the injector you just built so you can match up a VIC transformer to it at what ever frequency you plan to use on it. The electric car, such as the Tesla sports car, runs solely on electric energy and there is nearly a one year waiting list for the car even at a price tag of over $100k. Worse yet, ethanol increases your fuel consumption. These people have discovered some of the numerous ways to tap into the infinite energy sea of The Zero Point Field. So basically you constructed your vic exactly as in that patent except you used copper wire? Take the time to familiarize yourself with this fuel system as it is the same as the one Meyer employed. 6th Choice of Vehicle Once we stop our foreign wars and intrusive military presence worldwide hundreds of billions of dollars will be freed up to deal with the country’s pathetic education system, our roads, bridges and other infrastructure and to support research. From the current waveform, there are two peaks present. So Meyer developed the hydrogen fuel cell car. The gas processor is the one striping the electrons from the oxygen atom flowing through it coming from the outside air supply. And it shows that 764 nm wavelengths where used and they show a flow rate of 500 CFM. The government (again) prevents their purchase from the open market. If you obey the rules of mixing primed air gases, recirculated exhaust gases and water mist carrying a very high voltage image charge into the combustion chamber you will get the same results. As early as 1898 Nikola Tesla theorized that virtually everything perceivable to mankind is surrounded and permeated by an invisible “ether”. [1] This gaseous mixture is used for torches for the processing of refractory materials and was the first [2] gaseous mixture used for welding. See or But as long as it remains inside of the pulsating voltage zone it will be recharged and the process repeats until a minimum volume is reached at that point if charged to the limit of cohesion the water droplet simply breaks down into two parts hydrogen one part oxygen. When Stanley Meyer’s patent office clerk realized it was a cold process they asked the infamous question: He briefly attended Ohio State University and joined the military. Distributed Capacitance is the summation of the turn-to-turn shunt capacitance of the same winding on a core. If you need more info on that subject read my post “The Dangers of Dogmatic Thinking”. :thanks: :thanks: My friend tried to give the technology to Detroit, but none of the auto makers were interested. For example, former President George Bush announced his $1.2 billion plan for the Freedom car in his January 2003 State of the Union address. I never, ever had a trust of those two men ever again. The Steam Resonator’s job is to heat the water up to around 90 degrees C or more so that when the water is injected into the engine in vacuum conditions it immediately turns into vapor ; (not steam), thus aiding the water to evaporate faster, allowing voltage to perform work on the water molecules more readily. Chemical is the easy one for that is just 4H + O2 => 2H2O, Stored Mechanical comes from the engines flywheel, and the new one, Nuclear, comes from the atoms now being in an unstable state. And using these different energies in this way opens up a whole new field of science. Sorry. :rainbow: Determine the length of wire on the core for each winding Remember what Sherlock Holmes said: “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”. That’s insane! You cite a wikipedia article that, within the introductory paragraph, notes that it was found to be a perpetual motion machine (read:impossible) and fraudulent. Core OD = 0.115 in. As you can see a wall of air surrounds the atomized water droplets and push the water through the voltage zone. Why aren’t water operated cars already being used? All of Stanley Meyer’s work on this is about electric fields and moving media. A sequence of photographs was taken showing gas production at milliamp levels. This REPORT has been reprinted courtesy of Powergate Technologies L.L.C. Quote: I noticed that with the water injector set up also as the engines firing rate would put only one injector to the figure 6-1 VIC transformer at a time. Construction is unremarkable. illustrated in Figure (1-19). NASA: There is life on Mars – and humanity isn’t prepared for it. Meyer’s twin brother Stephen Meyer quoted “We were always building something, We went out and created our toys”. Research into hydrogen, HHO and high voltage electronics can be extremely hazardous. “Meyer’s death was laced with all sorts of stories of conspiracy, cloak-and-dagger stories,” said Grove City Police Lt. Steve Robinette, lead detective on the case. That is the main principle between today’s hydrogen, or water powered cars such as the Toyota Mirai or Honda Clarity, as hydrogen is usually combined with oxygen, which after a process of covalent bonding, produces water. ?” For you still have more electrons that can be stripped off. The first thing that is being done to the water in the water injection system is it is being heated up by the Steam Resonator to around 90 degrees Celsius or more. One thing I am not sure people ever noticed about the VIC coil is that Stanley Meyer made two different types that did different jobs. Thus, the hydrogen car would also be environment-friendly as opposed to a fuel car that has harmful emissions.


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