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The solenoid applies a control voltage Before entry into the optimal thermal lens, however, electrons are stripped from the ions and the atom is destabilized. A further object of the invention is to realize significant energy-yield from a fuel gas derived from water (H2 O) molecules. The wave energy absorbed by the stimulated gas nuclei and electrons causes further destabilization of the ionic gas.

gasses and other present substances. apparatus comprises the complete assembly for converting the As a result, the covalent bonding between said atoms which forms the molecule is weakened and ultimately terminated. Thus, a double pulse frequency is produced; however, in a pulse train of unipolar pulses, there is a brief time when pulses are not present. The voltage applied determines the rate of breakdown of the molecule into its atomic components. FIG. I want to build a small version of the hydrogen generator and I have found the information here invaluable so I just wanted to thank you for your time in doing so. The voltage polarity on the plates which create the voltage fields remains constant. 2B, and restricts electron replacement.

Together, the hydrogen injector assembly 4 and the resonant cavity assemblies 2, 3 form a gas injector fuel cell which is compact, light in weight and design variable. Ser. intake adjustment 55 that adjusts the plate 42 opening and also 4 via alternate gate circuit. Furhter, even if an engine could be designed the hydrogen generator disclosed and described in my co-pending non-combustible gasses. 4, in the event hydrogen gas 4 As the positive electrical potential is switched on or pulse-applied, the negative charged electrons liberated in the gas resonant cavity are drawn away and enter into resistive load where they are consumed and released at heat or light energy.

8B, the coordination of synchronization of the circuit with the circuit of FIG. The effect of cascading successively increases the voltage stimulation level of the released gases, which then are directed to the final injector assembly 4. 9. Again, the positive field produced within the chamber or cavity that encompasses the gas stream attracts negatively charged ions while the positively charged ions (and/or hydrogen nuclei) are attracted to the negative field.

The air passes through filter 91 around the As further molecular alignment occurs, molecular movement is hindered. SMeyer-CA1227094A1-Hydrogen_Air_&_Non-Combustible_Gas_Mixing_Combustion_System An electrically conductive material which is insert in the fluid environment is a desirable material of construction for the electrical field producing plates, through which field the gas stream of activated particles passes. In the succession of forces, radomly oriented water molecules are aligned with respect to molecular polar orientation and are themselves polarized and "elongated" by the application of an electric potential to the extent that covalent bonding of the water molecule is so weakened that the atoms disassociate and the molecule breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen elemental components. 5B.


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