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Prosecutors said Sonny Franzese, a No. Cahn with doping several horses. He was also allied in the shylock racket with Franzese and Falvo. He later opened a mob social club which he operated his rackets from.Vizzari would become a well known and notorious Long Island hoodlum. Suspected of also handling large quantities of narcotics smuggled into South Florida, within a few short years, he quickly rose up to a capo status. In 1965, Vizzari’s activity as a mob shylock and extortionist figured into a major government probe of loan sharking by the underworld. In 1966, Franzese was able to avoid a conviction for murdering a rival and dumping the body into a bay.
His son compares him to a medieval kings-guard, he is completely loyal to the boss of the Colombo crime family, and lives to serve the boss 24/7, no who he is, even if hates him or had a rival with him previously, he will still be fiercely loyal to him and serve him no matter what. Franzese bore a close physical resemblance to boxer Rocky Marciano, one of his friends. Franzese was married to Cristina Capobianco-Franzese; she died in 2012. Born in 1927 in the East New York section of Brooklyn, his father was the notorious Murder Inc. executioner Frank (The Dasher) Abbandando, who later went to the electric chair for a contract murder. Red was also citied for his association with a loanshark ring while still behind bars. Red was well known as a tough guy, who had little compunction to commit murder for the regime. Persico had planned to place Franzese on this panel, but in August 1986, Franzese was sent back to prison again for another parole violation. His first arrest came in 1938, for assault. After Sonny’s imprisonment, Abbandando would realign with members of a Gambino Family crew and relocate down to South Florida by 1972. He lives by a code of brotherhood, loyalty, respect, secrecy, and honor for members of La Cosa Nostra. In 1986, after Carmine Persico was sentenced to 139 years in prison, he created a three-man Ruling Panel to oversee the Colombo family. Frankie Camp was a loyal follower who was active in various regime rackets which included; shylocking, shakedowns and extortion, strong-arm, and gas-tax bootlegging.

Mimi was considered a legitimate tough guy who became one of the top gunsels in their regime. Franzese also suggested wearing a hairnet during the murder so as to avoid leaving any hair strands at the crime scene that could be DNA analyzed. When Sonny was released from federal prison in late 1978 after serving almost 9 years, Campione joined the regime. Fearing that a murder contract had been issued on his life, Tony Gawk couldn’t take the pressure and shame of being blamed for getting the boss’s son in trouble, so one day he shot himself in the head…Gawk basically filled his own contract. because of this regulation we cannot provide access at this time. In November 2000, after resuming a top authority in the family, Franzese violated parole again and was sent back to prison in January 2001. It appears that you are trying to access our website from a location in the European Union, which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

At 6-feet 3-inches tall and rail-thin, he was a tall drink of water. He helped finance the $200,000 pornographic film Deep Throat, which generated over $80 million. Vizzari himself served repeated jail terms in his lifetime. The crew’s original territory and primary stomping grounds were in the Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Downtown-Brooklyn, Bushwick, and Ridgewood sections of Brooklyn.

He was once indicted in a $100,000 plus extortion scheme against Mobil Oil Corp. Tutti died young at 54 years old.

Copyright © 2020 The New York Mafia. Matera originally served as Sonny’s close driver-bodyguard in the 1960s.

Although Joey was a short, bland, and unremarkable looking little hoodlum, appearances can be very deceiving. The Gawk was said to have had hands as big as a catcher’s mitt. Within a few short years, Sonny and company started expanding their racket operations and activities into the nearby Northern Queens neighborhoods that included Astoria, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights, Corona, Elmhurst, and in Southern Queens near Ozone Park. For a second robbery conviction, he was sentenced to serve an additional 15-20 year prison term. Upon Franzese’s parole from federal prison in October of 1978, Falvo would take on a greater role in the regime, acting as a senior member and close aide. Franzese died of natural causes in a New York hospital, on February 24, 2020, aged 103. Vitacco died young, dropping dead at age 52 in 1981. He was 74 years old. In later trial testimony, Crabbe was said to have taken a knife and repeatedly stabbed Rupolo after it was discovered that although already beaten, repeatedly shot and stabbed, Rupolo was still alive in the truck of a car. Law enforcement had learned about the meeting from Franzese's son, John Franzese, Jr., who had become a government informant.

He lived down the block from Franzese in New Hyde Park and would soon become Sonny’s new driver-bodyguard. Finally, Franzese stressed the importance of properly dealing with the corpse. A convicted truck hijacker and thief, he was nabbed as part of a hijack ring with Jojo Vitacco in 1955. Augello later served several jail terms for truck hijacking and extortion. Franzese became a made member in 1933, he was inducted into the Profaci crime family (modern Colombo Crime Family) when he was only 16 years old, making him the youngest made member ever to be inducted in the American Mafia. Delucia was primarily active in gambling and truck-hijack rackets in partnership with his close friend Salvatore (Sally D) D’Ambrosio, who served in another crew. Also from Greenpoint, Brooklyn. In the early 1980s, Nicky fell hard after being indicted in a well-publicized investigation into the bribery and corruption of a Queens judge by the name of William Brennan. He later entered the WITSEC program for his safety and disappeared forever, so no dod was available because of it. He was born to Carmine "The Lion" Franzese and Maria Corvola, although his birth year is a source of confusion.

Franzese operated out of New York City and New Jersey and was involved in racketeering, fraud, and loansharking.

Privacy Policy. Among the more notable of these hoodlums were: …most of whom eventually lived and operated on the Island.

William (Red) Crabbe, who was born in 1924, hailed from the Queens area and during the 1960s era served as a key enforcer under Franzese. Two parole officers were among many indicted in the probe. Some were only loosely affiliated.

Soon, several old and new friends alike would join with Franzese to significantly increase the size, strength, and depth of his crew. On January 14, 2011, the 94-year-old Franzese was sentenced to eight years in prison for extorting Manhattan strip clubs and a pizzeria on New York's Long Island. Franzese even masterminded multiple incredibly lucrative organized criminal operations and legitimate enterprises which earned the Colombo Crime Family billions of dollars. He died at the age of 67 years old in 1995, down in North Miami Beach where he was living at the time. In later years, Franzese discussed techniques for mob murders with Gaetano "Guy" Fatato, a new Colombo associate. By 1968, Larry Baccala was also tied to the Times Square pornography rackets through the extortion of a porno distributor he and Sonny grabbed hold of. And in the crew’s later years Frank (Frankie Camp) Campione, a stocky, younger generation hood born in 1942, who also hailed from the Greenpoint section, also grew close to this crew. He lived down the block from Franzese in New Hyde Park and would soon become Sonny’s new driver-bodyguard.

We appreciate your understanding. Nastasa would die with his shoes on, after he was shot to death at a gambling club he ran in Brooklyn. He died young at 62 years old. In 1964, he was one of dozens arrested in a sweep of a major organized prostitution racket along the Old Country Road entertainment district.

As a young hoodlum, he was very active in armed robberies, operating a truck-hijacking crew, strong-arm enforcement work, and extortion. He died shortly after being released from jail at the age of 70 in 2012 from a myriad of ailments. Fellow mobsters have said that he lives to serve La Cosa Nostra (The American Mafia), and lives to loyally serve any boss of the Colombo Crime Family no matter who is boss. Franzese also helped finance the The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a classic horror film which earned over $65 million from a $1 million investment. Franzese observed: "Today, you can’t have a body no more...It’s better to take that half-an-hour, an hour, to get rid of the body than it is to leave the body on the street.". Sam was a bookmaker and shylock, who also dabbled in stolen credit cards, and fencing of stolen goods. But Falvo operated as a major shylock, bookmaker, and controlled floating crap games as well. He would also later serve as Sonny’s “acting capo” and after Joe Colombo got shot in 1971. In 1970, Franzese was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Papageorge would go on to later become the secretary-treasurer of a major New Jersey Bartenders Union Local, and a vice president of its International in later years. During Franzese’s multiple criminal cases in the late 1960s, Scialo was even appointed “acting capo” for a time. At 5-foot 3-inches tall, JoJo was hardly an imposing sight. He was 78 years old. Red Crabbe died of natural causes in 1998. The probe uncovered that Botta, Dominick Cataldo, and other Colombo mob figures had paid the judge off to either outright dismiss or reduce the severity of criminal cases brought before him. Copyright © Over the years he strong-armed his way into becoming part-owner of a pizzeria and nightclub. In 1972, Dom Santoro suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack at the age of 52. For over six decades, Franzese was one of the most powerful, notorious and feared gangsters in America. Not exactly a very original or unique name, but then again being creative or a brain surgeon Jojo was not… Back in 1956, he became the prime suspect in a double-homicide, where the victims were found in an abandoned automobile in Lower Manhattan, hacked to death by an axe! Primarily engaged in shylock and gambling rackets, in their early years together, Little Joey was entrusted by Franzese to maintain the books and handle their joint shylock money loaned out. Georgie was also active as a labor extortionist and part-time shylock over the years. He was never believed to have served a jail term. In fact, Jojo had the well-earned reputation as that of a stone killer.


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