sinbad shazam
There is even scene in the 1941 movie 'Sergeant York' in which the character Gracie walks past an old man in a rocking chair reciting the Bible verse using the lion. Apparently that’s how things were done back then. (That might not be the *only* way or reason that a quantum reality shift occurs.). This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator.

That Sinbad Genie movie always gave me a confusing feeling of being lost. Radhi, SUNY Stony Brook3. I REMEMBER THIS CLEARLY! Only, this movie focused on Sinbad being a part of the secret service.

Sex, mantras, orgasms? He was born in 1976…so he would have been 14 in 1990…which is around the age i remember him to be in the VHS cover…so what the hell…NO mention in imdb…and have tried searching for Sinbad’s movie since reading this thread….after Mandela’s memories. My mind could easily swap him out with Robin Williams from Aladdin. When you are in the process of this acention it’s common to feel a little lost and alone. I mean cmon, Shaquille is 7ft 1 ,dark complexion, Sinbad is around 6ft4 and lighter complexion, and Robin Williams (seriously ??) The same thing happened to me with this.

I remember him saying”I’m not that kind of genie”and also complaining about his genie pants riding up if you know what I mean. My IQ is slightly above average and have scored high specifically on memory tests.

Just asked my husband if he remembers it and he did! One of the people that answered to the post shared a link to Yahoo Answers with the question and the “Best Answer” from 6 YEARS AGO! Also, DbD had asked whether or not this Sinbad/Genie movie appeared (and then vanished) around the same time as the Looney Tunes/Toons change. He’s said no.

I’ve not found any commercial or any image that matches your description. We shower them with praise, with criticism, with fanfare, yet at the end of the day, we're not a shoulder for them to lean on when they need it most. Also, current the year numbering system could not have been changed in the first century because it did not yet exist.

If he thought it would hurt or help his career.

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It’s strange, I feel like it happened on a parallel earth the more and more I mediate on it. If you skim the over 10,000 comments at this site, particularly those left since August 2015, you’ll see what I mean. Then, “What’s going on?

It’s just not there. I swear that the title was “Sinbad” there may have been an epitaph.

I know that cover art so well after all those years browsing the aisles of Blockbuster and Hollywood video. Obviously, this still leaves lots of unanswered questions, like how is it determined who gets shifted to another reality and who stays behind? When the theory was presented that the public was simply mistaking the movie 'Shazaam' for 'Kazaam' and other media, those who claimed to remember 'Shazaam' pushed back, vehemently claiming that they were well aware of Shaq's movie 'Kazaam' but were certain that 'Shazaam' was a separate movie that preceded it. I wanted to comment on other aspects of this, particularly Geographical changes, but that thread is closed. Oh wow, I remember seeing the Sinbad/Genie movie previews on HBO in the early 90s! (Here\\\’s the part that really resonated for me) The cover of the box is a photo of Sinbad with his arms crossed, eyebrows raised, giving the kid a sarcastic look with his eyes. He doesn’t really believe in the Mandela effect but I didn’t tell him that’s why I asked him lol, Brittany, sometimes it’s better if we don’t explain too much. As we fade through these layers we can be in both for a short time. Its programed on my tv and my phone. I thought maybe it was just editing for the F/X channel version, but it was on HBO and it was still changed.

this is why the genie has earrings (can’t remember how many) this little factoid was on One Saturday Morning (Saturday morning cartoons on ABC, I think. I also agree that a simple guest appearance wouldn’t be enough to “mis-remember” as a full-length movie.

If anyone ever asked me if Sinbad played a genie in a movie , I would have said yes.

As far as i know,Sri lanka alternate location is the most striking ME,it resonates with islanders themselves which is not the case with Australia or NZ. Scientific phenomenon or massive conspiracy? Guess I’m gonna weigh in on this. I can’t exspain it fully. I remember that movie! (Note to others: I delete all comments that insist we’re “just confused” and reference either Shaq or Robin Williams.).

Shazaam is definitely the name I remember.

I have noticed a ringing in my ears a lot more than normal lately as well… Could be nothing, but just a bit coincidental at least!

It was a scene at night, with the whole screen black only showing the alarm clock numbers and I think a window or some other small non moving light – point being it was this still screen with only dialogue, and right at the end it sounded like it skipped, it was strange. No pun intended. This is also not a new idea, it’s the basis of the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, and even more to the point, it’s the basis of the related Many Minds interpretation.

Fake Fruit Loops commercial plays for 2 seconds halfway through the video, with a fake box spelled with Fruit instead of Froot. The title — with an N — is odd, since the word has always been “shazam.” (The expression “shazam!” was invented by Captain Marvel comics in the 1940s. Somewhere in a parallel universe, Sinbad's long forgotten genie movie is uncovered at long last. I watched a lot of stand up comedy, and can still remember at least one special that I believe he filmed at least a few years prior to the genie movie.

Anyways. There is so much that I’m sure has changed and it has all hit me in the last 48 hours. Hey there, I’ve found something rather interesting in regards to your memory of the poster for this Sinbad genie movie, that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. There were no DVD extras..heck there were no DVDs. Because the whole Gregorian Calendar was altered seripticiously in the 1st Century and for instance Jesus real birth was 4 B.C., so our Calendar is 4 years behind Astronomical references. I remember this because my husband had a dream I left him for Shack. If you are at all dismayed by this fact, you are not the only one. There was even a sketch in the wildly popular Nickelodeon show “All That" about a foreign exchange student who was dressed in genie-like garb.

I don\’t think I saw it but I remember seeing him with his arms crossed and the kid standing with him and his arms crossed and they were back to back. That he made a bad descion excepting the role. Well, the movie 'Shazaam' does not exist—and it never has. Looked at me strange. Fiona, I have a theory that what we all are experiencing is could be a government psy ops experiment implanting memories through the media we grew up watching. Another Nancy’s simple idea that we shift at the moment of learning that someone else’s facts disagree with ours is brilliant, an epiphany that opened floodgates for me, a crucial missing piece of a puzzle.

I found it so sweet being jealous over a dream.


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