bobby seale speech

[applause] Number eight: we want all black men and women to be released from county jails, prisons, federal, state, what-have-you because they have not had fair trial, they have been tried by all white juries. Even before the Black Panther Party was formed we got Bobby Hutton a job at the local poverty program that I was working in that I got fired at because I wouldn't go for the crap that they were putting down. Bolder tactics quickly earned them national attention. What is politics? This program is not outlined for the white community, it's outlined for the black community. (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2006), 176. At his trial in Chicago in the fall of 1969, Seale refused to use the lawyer appointed to him by Judge Julius Hoffman. Bobby Seale (* 22. The hog has got to be removed from the spring. Im Gegensatz zur gewaltfreien Bürgerrechtsbewegung unter Martin Luther King und der religiösen schwarzen nationalistischen Nation of Islam sah Seale die Black Panther Party (BPP) als eine explizit linke Organisation der Afroamerikaner und als Schutztruppe ihrer Gemeinden gegen rassistische Übergriffe der Polizei. Wow! It's time for you to move. He was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. "5, Many of the Panthers' demands were similar to those of mainstream civil rights leaders, including full employment, decent housing and better schools. Now the spring has been running dirty for a long long time for peoples in Vietnam, for peoples in Africa, our black brothers, for our black brothers and colored brothers and sisters in South America and Asia and the Caribbeans etc., throughout this world. Now if you can't get up off your butts to come up there to demonstrate against the war against black people, well you're jiving and you're shucking me. Sol Stern, "The Call of the Black Panthers," The New York Times Magazine, August 6, 1967. Speech at the "Free John Sinclair" concert in Ann Arbor, Michigan (December 1971) Footage from his funeral and speeches afterwards (by Seale and Marlon Brando) may be seen in news film report KTVU 16, shot on April 17th 1968. Black Panther Rally (Alameda County Courthouse), Bobby Seale calls for Huey P. Newton's Release, Black Panther Party: Free Huey Rally At Alameda County Courthouse, Bobby Seale describes police conduct at Alameda Courthouse, Bobby Seale on Huey P. Newton Demonstration, Black Panthers Support Huey P. Newton at the Alameda Courthouse, Interview with Huey P. Newton from his jail cell, Huey P. Newton appeals Alameda County to tax payers, Cleaver and Garry on Newton Trial & Jury Selection, Bobby Seale & Kathleen Cleaver Press Conference.

A combination of FBI sabotage, troubled finances and internecine battles sapped their energy. Now we want Huey free, we want to see where your money – where your mouth is at.


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