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Daily), Colonel O'Malley They each have a little brother named Tyler who are collectively known as "The Tylers", and a little sister named Brittany who are collectively known as "The Brittanys". Two more movies/specials were released after this movie was released and after the show ended: This was the most successful movie based on a. assistant animation checker: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. assistant animator: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. layout artist: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. model checker: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. additional timing director (as Jerilyn Mettlin), animation timing director (as Nicole Graham), character design cleanup (as Ginny Hawes). (voice) (as Nick Turturro), Mrs. Flo Spinelli They are often defending their freedom against perceived threats by adults and school administration or social norms. animation checker: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. animator: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (as Yong-sup Jung), animation checker: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (as Myung-hwa Kim), layout director: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (as Young-che Kim), additional timing director (as Andrea Klein), layout director: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (as Kwang-hee Lee), animation director: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (as Chang-geon Noh), animator: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (as Jin-suk Park), supervisor: key background color correction (as Ernest Pava), animation timing director / supervising timing director, animator: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (as Ki-hyun Ryu), lead key background designer (as Bob Schaefer) / lead key background stylist (as Bob Schaefer), additional timing director (as Patricia Shinagawa), key background color correction (as Dean T. Stanley), supervising editor / supervising film editor, additional editor / additional film editor (as Christopher Kee), first assistant editor / first assistant film editor, additional editor / additional film editor (as Art Noda), conductor / orchestrator / score consultant, supervising music copyist / supervisory copyist, continuity checker / continuity coordinator, principal software engineer (as David Adler), title designer / visual developer: title sequence, translator: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (as Mi-kyung Chang). They have a mutual despisement with Spinelli, due mainly to her first name being Ashley and her outright refusal to join their group as well as her frequent hostility towards them. voiced by Ashley Johnson and 3 others. For example, Miss Grotke's eccentric and activist attitudes (attributed to her belonging to the counterculture of the 1960s), is juxtaposed with the strict and conservative attitudes of her colleagues such as Miss Finster and Principal Prickly. He is the ringleader of his five best friends, and usually spends time planning pranksagainst the teachers. This interpretation is confirmed by the Cold War motifs[citation needed] found throughout the show. It is a compilation of the episodes "No More School", "Grade Five Club", and "A Recess Halloween", three stories that involve the main characters in fifth grade. The series ended on November 5, 2001, with 127 episodes and six seasons in total. "[15][16], Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street, geopolitical interests of the United States, "Cable Chief Tries to Bring Cool Into Disney Children's TV", "As Seen on TV: Making the World Safe for Vacations", "Disney Channel September Info Now Up | Toonzone Forums", "Toon Disney - Schedule - This Week's Schedule", "Recess Christmas - Miracle on Third Street", TV (The Book): Two Experts Pick the Greatest American Shows of All Time, "Why 'Deadwood' Is a Top-10 TV Show of All Time", Children's programming on the American Broadcasting Company, Saturday morning programming on Disney Channel, Children's programming on the American Broadcasting Company in the 1990s,, 1990s American animated television series, 2000s American animated television series, American Broadcasting Company original programming, American children's animated comedy television series, First-run syndicated television programs in the United States, Television series by Disney Television Animation, Animated television series about children, Television series created by Paul Germain, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2019, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Theodore Jasper "T.J." Detweiler (voiced by, Vincent Pierre "Vince" LaSalle (voiced by, The Ashleys, a group of four girls (Ashley Armbruster, Boulet, Quinlan, and Tomassian) who usually go by Ashley A, B, Q, and T respectively. Toon Disney aired the show from September 3, 2003[8] to February 12, 2009. The presence of government officials either confiscating objects for national security (Episode 37, "The Substitute") or removing persons for thwarting authority (Episode 71, "The Spy Who Came in from the Playground"), serve as subtle reminders on the authority of the US government. When Toon Disney was converted to Disney XD, the series was carried over and aired from April 14, 2009 to October 27, 2011. | Recess: School's Out is an animated film directed by Chuck Sheetz and is based on the television series where the characters must intercept a gang of anti-recess terrorists plotting to bring about a new ice age to eliminate the institution of summer vacation. Several references by the show's characters convey the fraught political realities of the Cold War period. Release Dates Recess first premiered on ABC on August 31, 1997, as a "sneak preview", and later transitioned to ABC's Disney's One Saturday Morning programming block on September 13, 1997. This was originally going to be the finale for the series, however, positive reception caused Disney to renew the show for one more season. (voice) (as Lee Ermey), Dr. Lazenby / in unison. The show is also available as part of Disney+. Scientist #2 [14] It is also available on Disney+ in several countries, including the US and UK . (voice), Cop #1 Rickey D'Shon Collins. His catchphrase is "Whomps", which he uses as a child-friendly substitute swear word for something unpleasant as well as "Tender" whenever something good happens. TJ Detweiller. Lilo & Stitch: The Series featured an episode titled "Lax" that featured the cast of Recess, when T.J. and the gang go on a school vacation to Hawaii. Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street is a second direct-to-video animated film released by Walt Disney Pictures and Paul & Joe Productions, produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, Plus One Animation (Korea) Co., Ltd. and Grimsaem Animation, Korea Co., Ltd., released to VHS on November 6, 2001. Mikey has a passion for arts, especially singing and poe… While investigating the peculiar happenings at the thought-to-be-vacated Third Street School, T.J. and his friends discover Benedict has a plan more sinister in store—he wants to destroy Summer Vacation by altering the weather and creating Permanent Win… | This movie mainly takes place during the summer when The Recess Gang is out of school, although the film began on their last day of school. Fillmore!, The Legend of Tarzan, and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command were all pre-empted in favor of a 90-minute showing of the series. voiced by Andrew Lawrence and 1 other. T.J. and the gang try to save summer vacation, from a rogue ex-teacher whose plans (though inaccurate) are to turn summer into winter so that students can be forced to stay inside and study, thus improve their grades. [6] The series ended on November 5, 2001; reruns continued to air on UPN until 2003 and ABC until 2004. In 2003, two more direct-to-video films were released: Recess: All Growed Down and Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade. When the diabolical Dr. Phillium Benedict and his Anti-Recess Army threaten to cancel recess forever in an effort to raise U.S. Test Scores, T.J. Detweiler and his pals spring into action. It was followed by a direct-to-video second film entitled Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street that same year. Wrestler Kid Melissa Joan Hart as Becky Detweiler, T.J.’s older sister who later becomes the assistant chef at Floppy Burger. production coordinator: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. technical director / visual developer: title sequence, production executive: Sunwoo Entertainment. [citation needed] In Episode 85, “Here Comes Mr. Perfect,” Randall suggests blackmailing a student for being a supposed Communist, while in Episode 37, “The Substitute,” Mr. E demands a student write an essay on why it's wrong to bully people, "unless it’s in the geopolitical interests of the United States.” Cold War themes are most seen in Episode 101, “The Secret Life of Grotke,” where Miss Grotke is suspected by the Recess gang as an anti-American spy due to her mysterious after-school life, as well as Episode 118, "The Army Navy Game," where T.J. masquerades as a Soviet spy to bring Gus and Theresa's military fathers to reconcile. executive producer: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. production manager: Sunwoo Animation Co., Ltd. storyboard artist (as David Knott) / storyboard supervisor (as David Knott), storyboard artist / storyboard supervisor, additional sound designer: Advantage Audio Inc, additional dialogue recordist (uncredited). (voice) (uncredited). Tech #2 Gretchen Grundler. ... Vince (voice) Jason Davis. Luckily, Gretchen saves the day, since she believes work is relaxing.


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