psycho 2 shower scene

But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Leigh wore moleskin patches to hide sensitive areas, as did her body double, pin-up model and future Playboy cover star Marli Renfro, who took over for more exposed moments. Marion rises into the frame.
"There was one time when I'm about to put my hand up to grab the shower curtain, and (Hitchcock) attaches a measuring tape to the lens of the camera, comes over and puts the point of it on my left nipple," she says. I told him what I had heard, and asked if he would confirm the secret of "Psycho": that during the filming of the horrific moment where Norman Bates, in drag, dispatches Miss Crane, Anthony Perkins himself was nowhere near the movie set. Marion has grabbed the knife arm but is unable to stop Mother bringing the knife down again. References to the film pop up everywhere, from “Saturday Night Live” to “The Simpsons.” Likewise Herrmann’s threatening music, which has been recorded by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and emulated by John Williams for Jaws. Once inside the shower, Marion pulls the shower curtain across. The figure moves slowly and purposely towards the shower. His follow-up was a black-and-white horror film in which he kills off the apparent lead character—Janet Leigh’s Marion Crane—not long into the film.

MOTEL ROOM, LOOKING THROUGH TO THE BATHROOM. The intruder moves to the side to grasp the edge of the curtain.


Always looking for more females reenacting this iconic scene. INTERIOR SHOWER, STATIC MEDIUM SHOT, LOOKING TOWARDS BACK WALL. Psycho became Hitchcock’s most successful film at the time—its box-office take, $32 million, was the second best of 1960, after Spartacus. Alfred Hitchcock, the fabled “master of suspense,” called Psycho a prank.. Water runs from her top lip and teeth.

Audiences have had six decades to adjust to such visual frenzy, but in 1960, the same year when wholesome, traditional films like Swiss Family Robinson and Please Don’t Eat the Daisies also dominated the box office, watching it might have induced panic. Still grasping the knife arm and with her right arm across her body, Marion struggles against Mother. Still screaming, Marion continues her struggle against Mother.

Silhoutted by the lights of the bathroom, she appears to be wearing an old-fashioned dress. It retains its ties to the original Psycho, of course, but it is its own movie, and the filmmakers acknowledge this and own it. ", "Janet Leigh could've been wearing a red-sequined ball gown for her part in the shower scene," Renfro says. The camera, still angled down, follows her bare legs. "This was a filmmaker who was all about providing emotion on a grand scale and the shower scene is the ultimate trick. You don’t see blood—it’s obviously chocolate syrup.”  As to how the director ultimately got the scene past the censors, Philippe ventures this theory: “He’s funny, he’s very chummy. INTERIOR SHOWER, STATIC MEDIUM SHOT CLOSER THAN PREVIOUS, LOOKING TOWARDS SIDE WALL. The shower sprays down onto Marion (who is out of shot). The scene is also used as archive footage to open Psycho II and flashes of it are used in Psycho III. The famous shower scene from the classic Hitchcock film Psycho.

The secrets of "Psycho's" shower scene How I uncovered the shocking truth about Hitchcock's best-known moment -- and why it still matters, 50 years on. He expounded on Hitch, saying, "His pictures were very fastidious in their use of violence.

Facts The scene was shot from December 17-December 23, 1959., The scene includes 70-77 camera angles (depending on how you count them)., There are 50 film cuts., Saul Bass heavily …
Debuting on the cusp of the turbulent 1960s it helped to usher in a definitive cultural shift from the Eisenhower era. With her back towards the shower curtain, Marion is unaware. After the obligatory discussion of the film (1988’s "Edge of Sanity"), I eased into questions about Hitchcock and "Psycho," hoping he would solve the mystery for me.

The music really gives effect as it’s making the audience expect a death. This movement forwards towards the curtain seems to mimic/mirror that of the intruder. I don’t have a better explanation. Leigh donned a cream-colored one-piece bathing suit while filming, and "the camera goes to maybe 2 inches below her breast bone and that's it. Hitchcock thought that filming in black and white would soften the shocking, gory nature of the images (he used chocolate syrup for blood), but despite that, newspapers in 1960 reported moviegoers fainting, vomiting and staggering out of theaters screaming after viewing the sequence, which occurs just 30 minutes into the film. Still grappling with Morther, Marion stuggles to stop the knife. Hitchcock responded, "Send her to the dry cleaners.". "I don’t think so," he replied. Rihanna Bates Motel 'Psycho' Shower Scene Twist Ending. Blurred behind the shower curtain, Marion moves forwards the front of the shower.

Hitchcock was coming off of North by Northwest, a romantic thriller with marquee idols Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint, shot in the widescreen VistaVision format and marked by its astonishing action sequences. Hollywood Life.


The cause of this sudden downturn in personal hygiene was not a shortage of soap or water but, rather, an overabundance of fear and dread after viewing what all film buffs know simply as "the shower scene" in Alfred Hitchcock’s just-then-released "Psycho.

INTERIOR SHOWER, LOOKING TOWARDS SIDE WALL, IN FOCUS CLOSE-UP OF MARION'S MOUTH. Leigh's scream queen stand-in, Marli Renfro, 82, a former Las Vegas showgirl and Playboy Bunny, shares what it was really like on the set of one of the most famous horror movies ever made. They thought it was an extended TV show. She continues to scrub her arms, shoulders and neck. With the lamp on the wall behind her, Mother's face is in dark shadow -- only her eyes and her toothy grin are dicernable.


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