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ぬこさんの紹介ビルドはすごく助かってます Oberon creates a sanctified area on the ground, on an angle in front of him, causing damage to enemies that enter it. Oberon releases healing energy that heals nearby allies and regenerates health over time. And while I can see how that is the case for the Eidolon Gantulyst and the Eidolon Hydrolyst, I still think that Rhino is the undisputed king when it comes to the Eidolon Teralyst. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Oberon still does a better job on this hunt because it'll keep the party alive constantly not to mention that damage buff to whoever is the main damage dealer. Oberon causes the ground in to burn with righteous fire, dealing damage to enemies with a chance to proc the radiation status effect. It is a Renewal build after all so it’s fantastic for high-level missions as well because it’s super beefy thanks to Renewal and Iron Renewal. Enemies that survive the impact will emit a flash of light, blinding nearby enemies for a short duration. OBERONのバランスビルドさっそく作らせてもらいました Smite Infusion: Recommended! Oberon smites a target, inflicting Radiation and Impact damage and knocking them down. Allied pets get extra health, shields and armor and one instant revive per mission. Especially if you’re just starting to get into the fight and you’re learning it because you have Iron Skin. With this Augment, only one patch of Hallowed Ground can be active at time. If the targets are already affected by a radiation status effect they will take extra damage. This mod also passively increases Hallowed Ground's duration. このブログでエナジャイ、Riven、UmbralMODを前提としたビルドを紹介することは基本ありませんが、ガーディアンとエレベートは普段からつけっぱなしにしているので、アルケイン不要と書いていない限りはこれらがないと厳しいこともあるかもしれません。 Flying enemies that are too high above the ground may, Armor reduction is applied to the enemy's. Next up I’m running Hunter Adrenaline for some extra energy generation because it converts 45% of all the damage that’s done to your health into energy. Allies that enter the field after the ability is cast will also get the regeneration buff. Upon casting Hallowed Ground again with a previous instance still active, the first one will immediately expire, dealing all remaining damage in a single instance with a chance to deal Radiation proc. Javascript Not loaded. It may just require a little bit of forma on the regular Oberon. Narrow pathways such as doorways and halls are effective at forcing groups of enemies to cluster into Hallowed Ground. While active, Renewal will also slowdown the bleedout timer of any incapacitated allies. Strength is useful but not mandatory for this build. Hey guys and today we’re gonna take a look at the Limbo Rift Torrent Build. These projectiles deal Radiation damage plus a percentage of the original target’s maximum health and shields, divided among the number of projectiles. Upon casting Hallowed Ground again with a previous instance still active, the first one will immediately expire, dealing all remaining damage in a single instance with a chance to deal Radiation proc. It’s also the ability to keep up lures very easily because you just pop Renewal and the lures will continuously get healed so they are probably not going to die. WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This mod also passively increases Hallowed Ground's duration. Detonating Hallowed Ground has no cast animation or Energy cost. Oberon creates a field of grass, while Oberon Prime creates a field of ferns. Hallowed Ground spawns foliage inside its area of effect as visual representation. +25% Companion Damage on enemies affected by . Hallowed Eruption is a Warframe Augment Mod for Oberon. Now, of course, this build will work on Oberon Prime as well as the standard version. Upon casting Hallowed Ground again with a previous instance still active, the first one will immediately expire, dealing all remaining damage in a single instance with a chance to deal Radiation proc. The syndicate mods available for Oberon are some of the more useful ones you will find and can be purchased from New This ability creates a permanent field in the area where it is cast. Input table not loaded. If cast in midair, Oberon will instantly drop to the ground to perform this ability. Hallowed Ground is most efficiently used in areas where constant enemy and ally activity is expected over an extended period of time. Oberon’s second ability is Hallowed Ground. Having all players and lures in range drains a considerable amount of energy. Magnetic Sensor Bars and Corpus Laser Barriers. Protect the balance with this regal forest guardian. Summoning multiple, overlapping layers of Hallowed Ground will deal the full combined damage over time to enemies. :)Warframe tips and beginner's guide here. But this kind of minmaxing would only be necessary if you're aiming towards tridolon speedruns, in which case you'd probably not use Oberon anyways. by Taurael — last updated 5 months ago (Patch 27.5). PC版ではFORTUNAが来て盛り上がってると思いますが 1 Forma | 207 Platinum | 106020 Endo - Work in progress Semi-casual Eidolon build tl;dr: Beginner friendly, just hit 2 and make grass around the boss. 2番:Hallowed Ground OBERONの足元から視点方向に向かって円弧状に広がるフィールドを展開する 範囲内の敵には0.5秒毎に放射線ダメージと確率で放射線の状態異常を与える 範囲内の味方の状態異常を解除し、耐性を付与する Try replacing Stretch with this mod. ターゲットした敵に初期ダメージ分のダメージ(衝撃50%、放射線50%)と、確定で放射線の状態異常とノックダウンを与える, さらに、ターゲットからオーブ範囲内の敵に向かってオーブが放たれ、放射線と最大ヘルスに応じたオーブダメージを与える, オーブダメージは、オーブダメージをオーブ数で割って敵の最大ヘルスをもとにしたダメージ, フィールドの範囲内で3番Hallowed Eruptionのバフを受けた自分と味方に対し、装甲値加算のバフ「Iron Renewal」を付与する(3番が有効な間ずっと付与される), 範囲内に入った味方は、まず初期回復量分のヘルスを回復し、秒間ヘルス回復のバフ「Renewal」が付与される, Rnewalの効果中はダウンタイマーの進行が遅くなり、ヘルスが最大まで回復していれば状態異常を解除する(2番とは別), 一度バフが付与されたらアビリティを解除するまでバフは付与され続け、範囲外に出たりしても解除されない, 範囲内の敵を持ち上げた後、地面に叩きつけてダメージ(衝撃50%、放射線50%)を与え、確定で放射線の状態異常と転倒を与える, 既に放射線の状態異常にかかっている敵に対し使用した場合、放出ダメージ分の追加ダメージを与える, 2番Hallowed Ground上の敵に対して使用すると装甲値を減少させる(腐食と違い減算), Augur Secrets、Trasient Fortitude、Blind Rage. Hallowed Eruption is a Warframe Augment Mod for Oberon. WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hallowed_Eruption?oldid=2156425, This mod can be acquired by attaining the rank of, The increase of duration can not be modified, and is additive to the, The detonation damage is dealt within the area of Hallowed Ground, which is affected by. If you want to play the healer role, I'd recommend Trinity. Oberon’s fourth ability is Reckoning. Number one, if you have too much negative duration Renewal, is gonna drain a ton more energy. Use what you prefer/own. 詳しいプロフィールや当ブログについて知りたい方は名前の「Nuko」か家マークのアイコンをクリックしてください。. If you get knocked down a lot, try Handspring. Renewal will constantly drain Oberon’s energy for each ally affected and will last until it is deactivated or Oberon runs out of energy. Trinity is rather weak without her Link skill on and I have been hit by a ton of homing projectiles from the boss that it … So, you can very easily use it as a tanky support in high-level missions or even sorties. And that’s pretty much it for the Oberon Eidolon Hunter Build. Ability Duration mods affect the lifespan of Smite’s projectiles, the duration of Hallowed Ground, the energy drain per second of Renewal and the duration of its armor buff when it is deactivated. I can attest to the effectiveness of the builds. The targets of this ability take Radiation and Impact damage, are knocked down and are afflicted by a Radiation status effect. Scales with your Warframe's modded strength, range and duration. (FEとStreamlineを-1レベルの-75止めで) PS4版のほうもFORTUNAへの期待と疫病の星の最後の稼ぎで結構にぎわってます tl;dr: Beginner friendly, just hit 2 and make grass around the boss. Several hallowed grounds can be active at the same time, each with its own duration, up to a set maximum amount. In case of doubt, put an Arcane Nullifier and Momentum on any frame/build you'd like to use for Eidolon hunts. Enemies will take Radiation damage over time and have a chance to be afflicted by a Radiation status effect. Enemies and allies must be grounded and standing on the area to be affected by Hallowed Ground. Hallowed Ground Heal Build. But this aura obviously only applies if you are running a sniper rifle. But don’t worry if you don’t have the Primed version the standard version will be just fine. Convert +45% of Damage on Health to Energy. This can certainly pump up your squad's damage output, especially in a beginner or random team. If the surviving enemies were standing in Hallowed Ground they will also have their armor permanently reduced. PC版でも大蜘蛛はまだ倒せなさそうなのとRailjackも控えているのでまだまだ盛り上がりそうな感じがします。コンシューマでいつ実装されるのかわかりませんが、Fortunaがきたらかなり忙しくなると思うのでやりたい事は今のうちにやっておくのがおすすめです。, このサイトはスパムを低減するために Akismet を使っています。コメントデータの処理方法の詳細はこちらをご覧ください。, Steamゲーを中心に遊んでいる初心者ゲーマー。


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