node debug log

Place the following into the index.js file: We are using console.log('%O', req) here to log the entire object. With the console module, you can put messages on both the stdout and stderr: This approach has a lot of flaws like you cannot turn it off or add log levels to it. When you write the following code in Node.js in a file called index.js: And execute it in the terminal using node index.js you'll see the output of the two directly under each other: However, while those two might look the same, they are actually treated by the system differently. For that, you can use one of the most popular package called winston. These will be useful for your local development. Level of logging to be recorded. The aim of this article is to provide help with Node.js logging. Let's take a look at how this looks like. It is not the responsibility of the application to route logs. For me, util.debuglog will be a good alternative for debug in smaller projects and scripts. If you search on how to debug JavaScript you'll find hundreds of blog posts and StackOverflow articles pointing you to "simply" console.log it. My philosophy here is to keep the logic-logs separate from your CLI output "logs". For example button presses or a redirected output (we'll get to that in a second). Thanks for reaching out to us! You can find me on Twitter, GitHub & YouTube. We can get all of that through accessing various parts of process and writing a bunch of JavaScript but the best thing about Node.js is that we got the npm ecosystem and there are a variety of libraries already out there for us to use. Your library should be silent by default and leave writing output to the user. Meaning the content written to a terminal.

This means that you can learn how to use the built-in console module of Node.js, the debug module, the winston library and Trace. find out if your services are running properly. Install both pino and express-pino-logger: Afterwards update your index.js file to use the logger and middleware: In this snippet we created a logger instance of pino and passed it into the express-pino-logger to create a new logger middleware to call app.use with. A few of those are: I personally like pino because it's fast and has a nice ecosystem.

The problem is that your library might want to log things for debugging purposes but really shouldn't clutter the application of the consumer. Download, test drive, and tweak them yourself. This is done through a package fittingly called debug. Running the script with an app-* environment variable leads to the following: The NODE_DEBUG environment variable can also be used to get debug messages from Node.js internals. Find the newsletter feed and others on my feeds page. This includes making it human readable or uploading it to a cloud host. It's good to know about util.debuglog but as David points out, it doesn't cover all the functionality of debug. When you run this code in your terminal, you won't see anything.


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