nefta football club review
Escribe tu opinión para que el resto de los usuarios la pueda leer. This is one of my favorite short movies of 2019. We decided to take all this on our motorcycle and dump it in the water without really thinking about what we were doing. Two Brothers and a Donkey rasn1995 31 January 2020. And for the lovely image of the little boy moving the bags . There would be no need to argue with one's brother if he respected the clear and obvious fact that Mahrez is a better footballer than Messi. | Nefta Football Club is a live-action short film by Yves Piat and produced by Damien Megherbi and Justin Pechberty that was nominated at the 2020 Academy Award in Live Action Short Film category. When he sees his little brother wandering back down the slope towing a mule which is wearing headphones, we can see his heart sink. It's easier to feel secure when there are clear rules. But when he realises what the mule is carrying on its back, everything changes. Certainly worth seeing and no hesitation for me in giving this film a thumbs-up. Well, they were still right. When I was 14, my friend and I would systematically sneak out to forbidden places with torchlights. Millions of movies. Greetings again from the darkness. And the story of the donkey and the headphones is a real story too. Oddly, the animal wears headphones over its ears. The Independent Critic will achieve gender parity in its reviews of both shorts and feature films. It was made in 2018 and not long after debuting picked up an audience award at the FAQ For the confusion between Hadel and Adele. I think maybe the Oscar win would have been slightly too much, but I also would not have been too sad had it really taken home the prize. Nefta Football Club (2018) User Reviews Review this title 6 Reviews. It's a film full of vigour and optimism with a simple message at heart: even when you're not sure where the edge is, you can always find a solution. Starring: Eltayef Dhaoui, Mohamed Ali Ayari, Lyes Salem, Hichem Mesbah. It’s set in the south of Tunisia, on the border with Algeria, about two brothers (Eltayef Dhaoui and Mohamed Ali Ayari) who are football fans fall on a donkey lost in the middle of the desert that is carrying drugs and the brothers end up stealing the drugs from the donkey’s pouch. For the clash of the interest of older brother and the pragmatic use of the younger for the next need. Innocence vs. greed. El giro final es bastante bueno, incluso de aplaudir. Los derechos de propiedad intelectual de las críticas corresponden a los correspondientes críticos y/o medios de comunicación de los que han sido extraídos. Maybe one reason why some people did not like it too much is because it was too light for them and not relevant enough.


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