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The worst!

If you ask her round for dinner, she probably won't arrive until next week and that's if you're lucky! Mr. Bump screams when he falls to the ground at the end, instead of saying nothing at all. Upcoming Episodes. Anyone that she can scare, she will.

Little Miss Calamity doesn't say "I can use some pants" when she goes through the clothes in the store. A tiny bed, tiny chair and tiny dining table. "Ooh I am clever!"

Per(s)nickety stutters at the word 'and' when he says "And it's threatening to shrink my new wool sofa!". Activate multiple targets for bonus points in Mr Bump Pinball! Messy says "Take this chunk of cheese with you, will ya?

She's always forgetting where she's tidied her belongings away to! On and on he talks to anyone who will listen! He's happiest when he's smiling, which is all the time! instead of screaming.

Per(s)nickety has a higher pitch laugh at the beginning. Read more.

Read More. Little Miss Quick does everything very quickly, and often carelessly. That's because he is a nobody. It can irritate his friends, especially when they're going somewhere together. Mr. Tickle Intro Quote: Somebody needs a tickle., Game: Wiggle the mouse to make Mr. Tickle tickle a monkey, Video: Mr. Tickle and Mr. Scatterbrain do the "Tickle It Out" song (Farm) Mr. Fussy, instead of sputtering when the Grandfather clock is washing him, he says, "No, it's annoying". He doesn't spend a penny of his money, ever! Mr Bump Bumper Cars Make your very own Mr Men or Little Miss character and then print it out! Mr Grumble hasn't! Available on My5 Upcoming Episodes Clips News Characters Competition About.

Can you help to draw the other half of some of your favourite characters? All Little Miss Star wants is to be famous. Very bouncy indeed! The Mr. Men and Little Misses would like to help make your home feel more festive. Read More. People are always trying to help her by giving her advice but she doesn't listen to any of it! Almost as tidy as Little Miss Neat!, Intro quote: I'll give you rude!

She likes to feed the turkey", he says turtles instead of turkey. What do you think happens? His postman is a penguin.

Mr Clumsy has broken three alarm clocks this week. Tee-off in this fantastic free golf game for real courses, real-time multiplayer duels, tournaments and our unique Golf Royale mode!


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