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His father was a cooper, and he received only a rudimentary education. Napoleon, aware of Ney's plans, sent him a letter which said, in part, "I shall receive you as after the Battle of the Moskowa".

Between 1822 and 1828, Ney would hold semi-permanent teaching positions in several Carolina communities, including Hillsborough, Salisbury and Third Creek. On 6 December 1815 he was condemned, and executed by firing squad in Paris near the Luxembourg Garden on 7 December 1815 – an event that deeply divided the French public.

Horricks, Raymond, Marshal Ney, the romance and the real, London: Archway, 1988.

A wise commander with a cuirassier force uses it as a battering ram to hit the enemy at a critical point. He pledged his allegiance to the restored Bourbon monarchy when Napoleon abdicated in 1814. | commands =

Commanding the cavalry in Switzerland and along the Danube, Ney was wounded in the wrist and thigh at Winterthur. ", Copyright © EmperorNapoleon.com 2014-2015. Ney at the battle of Kaunas in 1812 (painting by Denis-August-Marie Raffet), On 19 May 1804, Ney received his Marshal's baton, emblematic of his status as a Marshal of the Empire, the Napoleonic era's equivalent of Marshal of France.

| awards = Legion d'Honneur First Duc d'Elchingen First Prince de La Moskowa Name inscribed under the Arc de Triomphe In recognition of his services Napoleon bestowed upon him the title Prince of the Moskowa.

The following year he served at the Battle of Neerwinden and was wounded at the siege of Mainz. [8] At Ligny, Napoleon ordered General d'Erlon to move his corps (currently on Napoleon's left and Ney's right) to the Prussians' rear in order to cut off their line of retreat.

After the capitulation of Paris, he yielded to the entreaties of his family to retire to Switzerland; but a costly Egyptian saber, the gift of Napoleon, led to his being suspected by an official, and arrested.

No sooner had Ney taken up his command at Besançon than he deserted the Bourbon cause. Ney was placed on trial before a court-martial composed chiefly of his former brothers-in-arms, whose participation in the tragedy, slight as it was, was probably never forgiven them by their countrymen. Swearing allegiance to the king, he began assembling forces to counter Napoleon and pledged to bring the former emperor back to Paris in an iron cage.

On August 5 of that year, Ney returned to France to marry Aglaé Louise Auguié. 1739, d. 1791)Wife: Hortense de Beauharnais, French Ambassador Switzerland    Taken Prisoner of War Battle of Neuwied (Apr-1797)    Shot: Battle Winterthur (27-May-1799), knee and left hand    Horse Shot from Under several    Shot: Battle Winterthur (17-Aug-1812), neck    Taken Prisoner of War 3-Aug-1815    Treason 1815 (convicted)    Shot: Firing Squad 7-Dec-1815, Do you know something we don't?
Marshal Michel Ney was one of Napoleon's most trusted commanders and saw service throughout the Wars of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. In the retreat he was a tower of strength, animating the rearguard with his own sublime courage, keeping the harassed and famished soldiers together under the colors and personally standing in the ranks with musket and bayonet. Surging forward, they were unable to break the squares formed by the British infantry and were forced to retreat. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. In the singleplayer versions of the Battle of Waterloo, as well as the 1v2 version in multiplayer, Michel Ney has 60 men in his regiment, making him essentially a cuirassier regiment. He also fought in the short but decisive campaign of 1814 and was at Fontainebleau when Napoleon signed his abdication. They carry heavy straight swords. Curiassiers are heavy cavalry who still wear armour, who rely on the shock of impact to defeat enemies. [3] Following the capture of Mannheim, Ney was promoted to géneral de division in March 1799. When all was lost, he returned to Paris in a state of complete despair. In the fighting that ensued, Ney was unhorsed and taken prisoner. He refused to wear a blindfold and was allowed the right to give the order to fire, reportedly saying: Ney's execution was an example intended for Napoleon's other marshals and generals, many of whom were eventually exonerated by the Bourbon monarchy. The French soldier Michel Ney (1769-1815) rose from humble origins to become one of the principal military figures of the Napoleonic era. Almost immediately, however, he was re-employed with the Grande Armée in central Europe under Napoleon himself.

Ney's description panel indicates that he costs 980 gold to recruit; however, as he is only available for the Battle of Waterloo, where he is made available for free, it is impossible to recruit him without modding.

He then commanded the right wing of Hoche's army up to the peace of Campo Formio. Eugène Michel (Paris, 12 July 1806-Paris, 25 October 1845), who died unmarried and without issue. The couple would be married for the remainder of Ney's life and would have four sons. As winter set in, the fighting continued and Ney played a key role in rescuing the French army at the Battle of Eylau on February 8, 1807. At Waterloo he was of course subordinated to the personal command of Napoleon, but his advice as to the conduct of the battle was often offered and sometimes accepted, and he personally led several charges of the French up to the British squares.

In August of that year, he was wounded in the neck leading his men at the Battle of Smolensk. The lancers were beaten back, but Ney’s cavalry were counter-attacked by heavy cavalry. Ney was educated at the Collège des Augustins, and subsequently became a notary in Saarlouis, and then overseer of mines and forges. Three months later, Ney was made the commander of the left wing of the new Army of the North. He enlisted in the French Army in 1787 and rose rapidly through the ranks, fighting on the side of the Republic during the French Revolution and eventually casting his lot in with Napoleon Bonaparte. Afterwards, De Rochechouart, who had witnessed the execution commented: "This is a great lesson to teach one to die well. Michel Ney (10 January 1769 – 7 December 1815), a celebrated marshal of the first French empire, was the son of a cooper, and was born at Saarlouis, Jan. 10, 1769. [6] Despite Ney’s promise to the King he joined Napoleon at Auxerre on 18 March 1815. The marshal gladly obeyed and took up the command of the left wing on June 13.
In 1799 [sic], ex-civil servant Michel Ney began his career as a hussar and by 1799 his talents had already made him a general de division. Less satisfactory than his conduct at this crisis was his loud protestation of devotion to the Bourbons, when the Restoration was a fait accompli. Ney attacked Wellington at Quatre Bras (and received criticism for attacking slowly,[7]) while Napoleon attacked Blücher's Prussians at Ligny.

[2] His hometown at the time of his birth comprised a French-speaking enclave in a predominantly German-speaking portion of Lorraine, and Ney grew up bilingual.

He himself was the last to recross the frontier, and threw the remaining muskets into the Niemen. Ney also pledged to bring Napoleon back alive in an iron cage. He put aside his republicanism and became a staunch Bonapartist. Michel Ney (10 January 1769 � 7 December 1815), a celebrated marshal of the first French empire, was the son of a cooper, and was born at Saarlouis, Jan. 10, 1769. [4] In the 1805 campaign Ney took command of VI Corps of La Grande Armée, and was praised for his conduct at Elchingen. | rank = Marshal of France

| image=Marechal Ney.jpg Napoleon received him kindly, but did not give him a command at first. But instead of doing so, he deserted with his troops, and Napoleon's march became a triumphal progress. Michel Ney - Wars of the French Revolution: With the beginning of the French Revolution, Ney's regiment was assigned to the Army of the North. For his exemplary service, Napoleon created him Duke of Elchingen on June 6, 1808. Soon a fresh order was issued denouncing him by name, and after a half-hearted attempt to conceal himself he was arrested on the 5th of August. His most famous order during the decisive battle was to send forward the French cavalry against the allied lines.

As the War of the Sixth Coalition raged, Ney took part in the victories at Lützen and Bautzen. When he heard of Napoleon's return to France, Ney, determined to keep France at peace and to show his loyalty to Louis XVIII, organized a force to stop Napoleon's march on Paris.

[15], The grave was exhumed in 1887 and a plaster cast made of the skull by a local doctor, though it was subsequently lost. On Dec. 7, 1815, he was shot in the gardens of the Luxembourg in Paris. By continuing, you agree to our In 1809 he routed an Anglo-Portuguese force under Sir Robert Wilson at Baños. He was named Duke of Elchingen, Prince of the Moskowa, and Marshal of the Empire. Two days later, Ney played a key role at the Battle of Waterloo. Finding that Louis XVIII and his allies ignored his advances, he resolved to escape from France, but afterwards, believing himself protected by the terms of the convention concluded on the 3rd of June, he gave up the idea. The advent of Napoleon Bonaparte at the turn of the century led to a change in Ney's political views. [4] Ney fought at Beresina and helped hold the vital bridge at Kovno (modern-day Kaunas), where legend portrays Ney as the last of the invaders to cross the bridge and exit Russia. Copyright 2010 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Two years later he was promoted to géneral de division in March 1799.

Returning to Paris after Napoleon had reinstated himself, he sought employment in the army that was preparing once more to

Ney was interim commander of the army of the Rhine for a short time, during which he frustrated by a bold diversion an important movement of the archduke Charles against Massena and the army of Switzerland. At around 3:30 p.m., Ney ordered a mass cavalry-charge against the Anglo-Allied line. [citation needed], Several theories exist that propose that Marshal Ney had managed to escape to the United States. He has appeared on The History Channel as a featured expert.

Military politics from Bonaparte to the Bourbons: the life and death of Michel Ney, 1769-1815.

Michel Ney and his regiment are statistically identical to French Cuirassiers.

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