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It was particularly virulent. That’s why it is the one to fear. "Growing up, I was really interested in policing, but I had a love for animals and wildlife," Michael explains. The authors acknowledge the critical review and helpful manuscript suggestions of Dr. Adrian Smith (Centenary Institute, Australia) and Dr. Peter O'Toole (University of York, UK). But when its next host’s beak is just an inch away, the virus can evolve to kill quickly and still survive. When they are fully grown, one observer said, what you see in front of you is like a carpet of feathers. In Malaysia 20 years ago, the slash-and-burn destruction of forests to make way for cultivation forced out fruit bats, which took up residence in mango trees next to pig farms. ‘It and other new and deadly animal viruses like it are still out there, still mutating, with an eye on the eight-billion-strong buffet of human hosts.’. Michael Gregory, Robert Salomon, and Rachel Walker are ISAC Shared Resource Lab Emerging Leaders. The real show, the plague in which half of us may well die, is yet to come. As human contagious diseases go, only Ebola and untreated HIV infection are deadlier. Tips for Better Thinking: The Pull of the New, Dexamethasone - A Triumph of Chemistry and Biotechnology. Published: 17:07 EDT, 29 May 2020 | Updated: 05:56 EDT, 30 May 2020. Froth poured from their lungs and many turned blue before suffocating. We gulp down their cheap-as-chips meat and eggs by the ton, and turn a blind eye to the factory-farming conditions in which they are reared, force-fed with chemicals and slaughtered. The key to all this woe awaiting us is ‘zoonoses’ — the scientific term for infections that pass from animals to humans. It most famously turned deadly on a vast scale back in 1918-20, infecting at least 500 million people — a third of the world’s population at the time — and killing 10 per cent of them, possibly more. ’. [19], In his lectures, videos, and writings about nutrition, Greger tries to persuade people to change their eating habits from a Western pattern diet to a whole-food, plant-based diet, which he says can prevent and reverse many chronic diseases. Not until 2005 was it scientifically established that the Spanish Flu was avian influenza. The Big One, the typhoon to end all typhoons, will be 100 times worse when it comes, a Category Five producing a fatality rate of one in two — a coin flip between life and death — as it gouges its way through the earth’s population of nearly eight billion people. Hall, who is known as a skeptic in the medical community,[29][30][31] has written that, while it is well-accepted that it is more healthy to eat a plant-based diet than a typical Western diet, Greger often overstates the known benefits of such a diet as well as the harm caused by eating animal products (for example, in a talk, he claimed that a single meal rich in animal products can "cripple" one's arteries), and he sometimes does not discuss evidence that contradicts his strong claims. I think his videos are worth watching, but keep in mind that there is some cherry picking of data. What we are experiencing now may feel bad enough but is, apparently, small beer. One expert declared: ‘The only thing I can think of that could take a larger human death toll would be thermonuclear war.’. How do I become a President's Ambassador? Web. Web. Greger claims that in a subsequent investigation, the strongest risk factor to emerge was either direct or indirect contact with poultry. But when it was a few chickens and other animals free-ranging around the farmyard, the risk was limited. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Top infectious disease expert warns that the next six to 12 weeks will be the 'darkest of the entire pandemic' as he blasts Trump's medical adviser Scott Atlas for 'pixie dust' herd immunity claim, Another Republican distances himself from Trump: Texas Sen. John Cornyn, 68, slams president for reckless spending and China rhetoric - as he faces tough race with Air Force pilot, 44, whose shrapnel wounds are covered up with tattoos, Donald Trump Jr complains that Twitter and Instagram are 'throttling' his retweets and engagement in bid to cover up 'the truth about the Biden crime family', Top White House counterterrorism official traveled to Syria for secret talks to obtain release of two American hostages, report reveals, World's largest cinema chain AMC offers entire movie theater rentals for just $99 as it struggles to survive during the pandemic, Missing California mother, 38, is found ALIVE 12 days after she disappeared in Zion National Park when she lost her nanny job due to the pandemic, Body believed to be of missing Florida mom-of-three is found in her vehicle submerged in a pond 23 days after she 'vanished into thin air', Miami strip joint successfully sues Florida city and has 12am curfew lifted for all clubs, restaurants and bars, Donald Trump calls Joe Biden a 'criminal mastermind' and says Hunter is a 'human vacuum cleaner' sucking up foreign dollars, Bad vibrations: Brian Wilson and Al Jardine say they had 'nothing to do' with Beach Boys' California benefit for Donald Trump headed by Mike Love, Trump kicks off high dollar Newport Beach fundraiser at home of tech entrepreneur Palmer Luckey that includes performance by the Beach Boys, Rep. Ilhan Omar says she loves the US 'way more than the president' and that Trump's campaign trail attacks have led to threats against her life, Kirstie Alley sets Twitter alight and immediately comes under attack from liberal celebrities for declaring: 'I'm voting for Trump because he's NOT a politician', Jake Tapper accuses Lara Trump of 'mocking Joe Biden's stutter' and saying he's in 'cognitive decline', Theater star Doreen Montalvo dies of a stroke at age 56 after starring in Broadway production of Mrs. Doubtfire that was cancelled at the start of the pandemic, Archaeologists will excavate a cemetery in the search for victims of 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre in which an estimated 300 black people were killed, US judge mulls competency of Mexican man who shot American woman Kate Steinhle after two doctors diagnose him with schizophrenia and say he's unfit to stand trial, Head of the California National Guard is accused of deploying a spy plane to monitor a small protest in the affluent suburb where he lives - as he says he can't recall if he authorized it, Prominent Orthodox Jewish leader who urged others in Brooklyn to respect lockdown rules dies of COVID-19, 14-year-old boy charged with hate crime after 'punching a rabbi on the head, mentioning white power and yelling slurs near a synagogue in San Diego', Man hangs from 16th floor of Trump Tower in Chicago and threatens to CUT his rope unless he is allowed to speak to the president, Michael Cohen claims Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is '100% susceptible to being used by the Russians because he's drunk all the time and behaves crazy', 'You are not going to see the end of Trump': Steve Bannon says President plans to run again in 2024 if he loses upcoming election, 'The Joe meeting happened, the emails are correct and Joe took 10% of equity': Bannon says EVERYTHING reported in Hunter laptop scandal is true and reveals how lawyer for Biden's son tried to get hard drive back - proving 'it's no Russian intel op'. [2][4][5] In the same year, he was hired to work on mad cow issues for Farm Sanctuary, near Cornell, and became a vegan after touring a stockyard as part of his work with Farm Sanctuary. [17], In 2011, he founded the website NutritionFacts.org[18] with funding from the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation. They also taught children how to fish and shoot bows. That's why he has an immense appreciation for Dr. Ivana Mali, assistant professor of wildlife biology, and Dr. Jesse Filbrun, assistant professor of aquatic ecology. "As wildlife majors, we take a lot of notes, and it requires a lot of memorization," Michael says. [15], In 2005, he joined the farm animal welfare division of the Humane Society as director of public health and animal agriculture. "[32], American physician, author, and vegan health activist. ", "Joining the American Academy of Lifestyle Medicine (AALM)", "Meatpacker in Cow-Abuse Scandal May Shut as Congress Turns Up Heat – The Wall Street Journal", "Death as a Foodborne Illness Curable by Veganism", "Vegan, Plant-Based Diet or… What Label Works? What worried public health scientists, however, was that the new strain turned out to be only a few mutations away from being able to replicate itself rapidly in human tissue. ‘Spanish Flu’, as it misleadingly came to be known, began innocuously with a cough and aching muscles, followed by fever, before exploding into action, leaving many victims with blood squirting from their nose, ears, and eye sockets. Michael's hobbies include fishing, soccer, gaming, exploring and hiking. PR Newswire 5 Jan. 2004. The only way to be sure of preventing future pandemics is to kill all the chickens in the world. Apache Metron: Open source cybersecurity at scale. Michael volunteered for the Dragonfly Festival at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Roswell, New Mexico, where he and his fellow volunteers taught the general public about wildlife. He promotes veganism with religious fervour and has forged a career speaking on health issues, including guesting on the Dr. Oz Show. In many parts of the world, particularly China and the U.S., the vast majority of broiler chickens are reared in intensive sheds so overcrowded that each bird has an area no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper. The six-time Dean's List honoree, who expects to graduate in spring 2020, has a minor in criminal justice. H5N1 is continually taking shots at sustained human-to-human transmission, and by re-populating the global poultry flock, all we do is keep reloading the gun. Add to that poor ventilation, poor litter conditions, poor hygiene and the high ammonia level from their droppings and it’s no wonder that diseases flourish. Michael has 6 jobs listed on their profile. "Dr. Filbrun has given me many opportunities for getting some hands-on experience in the field via electrofishing, gill netting and the opportunity to volunteer at the Mora National Fish Hatchery," Michael says of his favorite class, "Fisheries Management," taught by Dr. Filbrun. This apocalyptic warning comes from Dr Michael Greger, a scientist, medical guru and campaigning nutritionist. Its source was birds. [26][27][28], Retired physician Harriet A. According to infectious disease expert Professor Michael Osterholm, it is a ‘kissing cousin of the 1918 virus’ and could lead to a repeat of 1918, but in an even more lethal way. Greger’s preferred wish is that, instead of restocking after every cull, the world as a whole should raise and eat one last global batch of chickens, and then break for ever the viral link between ducks, chickens and humans. Michael Herschel Greger (born 25 October 1972) is an American physician, author, and professional speaker on public health issues, best known for his advocacy of a whole-food , plant-based diet , and his opposition to animal-derived food products. Here was the potential for a nightmare scenario — extreme lethality combined with ease of transmission. It can go on to invade the bloodstream and ravage other internal organs until it is nothing short of a whole-body infection. It most famously turned deadly on a vast scale back in 1918-20, infecting at least 500 million people — a third of the world’s population at the time — and killing 10 per cent of them, possibly more. To express your appreciation for my work, please consider making a tax-deductible donation", "AWESOME! Those figures demonstrated its extreme lethality. He also volunteered for a plenary session at the 52nd Joint Annual Meeting of the Arizona/New Mexico Chapters of the Wildlife Society. Around the world, culling on a grand scale has been the accepted response to outbreaks of swine flu and bird flu. Greger’s preferred wish is that, instead of restocking after every cull, the world as a whole should raise and eat one last global batch of chickens, and then break for ever the viral link between ducks, chickens and humans.


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