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. With his newspaper about to be sold, crusading editor Ed Hutcheson tries to complete an exposé on gangster Rienzi. | Five patriotic convicts are helped to escape imprisonment in Devil's Island so they can fight for occupied Free French forces against the Nazis.

the producers of this movies decided they could not call this movie MASH they thought people would think of mashed potatoes. the producers of this movies decided they could not call this movie MASH they thought people would think of mashed potatoes. The black and white photography, camera angles and editing of Battle Circus are top rate adding verisimilitude to an unusual story about medics during the Korean War. Unfortunately, the two leads were hopelessly miscast. It's not the best war movie you'll ever see; it's not the most exciting movie you'll ever see and it's not one of Humphrey Bogart's best movies by a long shot.

Fearing life in prison for a fourth offense, convict Duke Berne pulls out of an armored car robbery, planned by his crooked lawyer, but he is framed for the robbery anyway. Why is a US fighter jet firing on their own soldiers? But it's still very interesting in its own way. Directed by Richard Brooks.

Little is required of Miss Allyson, but she displays moments of her unique charm."[13]. Use the HTML below. . The title of the film actually refers to the speed and ease with which a MASH unit, with its assemblage of tents, and portable equipment, can, like a circus, pick up stakes and move to where the action is. His films are usually more preachy than this. Metacritic Reviews.

Way more adult than most war movies. But despite the fact that plenty of screen romances have survived a greater age difference between couples than the 18 years that separates Bogart and Allyson, Bogart just comes off as uncomfortably old to be pulling the kind of shenanigans he tries with Allyson here. .

Robert Keith, who played the colonel, also played an army colonel in the film Men at War. If you liked MASH TV series you will be shocked to watch this.

However, that in itself is no great recommendation. Jed engages in a helicopter rescue of army casualties while under fire. Seems to me like someone should have caught that. This is indeed a strange movie. But when love gives way to the war at hand, and with Mr. Bogart and Miss Allyson on the go like everybody else, 'Battle Circus' is all it should be. Responsible for the dismantling and re-pitching of the tent hospital is Sergeant Orvil Statt (Keenan Wynn), a former circus roustabout. To be honest, I really hadn't been aware that a story that focused specifically on a MASH unit had been done before that.

"Battle Circus" is interesting to compare to the TV series M*A*S*H. On TV, the camp of the medicos was a little too clean, and the doctors, especially Hawkeye, were always a little too ready with a joke. It's different, though, in that it portrays a much more positive picture of the military. Unfortunately for the general pace and impact, considerable time is allotted to a dawdling and familiar personal drama, the romance of an Army surgeon and a rookie nurse. Certificate: Passed .

[8] Bogart told Brooks, a close friend, "let's not make any more movies together. studiously traces a routine wartime romance against an absorbing, often tingling background of a mobile Army surgical hospital at the Korean front.

It's hard to believe that Richard Brooks (he of "In Cold Blood" and "The Professionals") directed this. Nonetheless the performances are good and occasionally overcome a difficult script (difficult not in complexity but in mediocrity). Mostly because Bogey frankly looked too old to be playing a young horn-dog and the dialog they gave him was unbelievably corny and filled with sleazy double-entendres! Youthful tough Johnnie Stone has fallen under the influence of petty crook Frank Wilson, who involves him and robbery and murder using his sister's boyfriend's stolen gun. I had to look away at times because it was so awkward.

It's actually kind of painful to watch the love scenes. The purpose of the film is noble enough: to show the operations of the mobile hospital units in Korea. I'm trying to convert all my VHS to DVD. I have to say that I enjoyed this much more than I enjoyed "MASH" the movie.

Set in Korea and made during the war, this is the love story of a hard-bitten Army surgeon, and a new nurse ready to save the world.

. | It does for a MASH unit what Air Force did for a bomber -- shows how everybody cooperates to make the thing work. .

This seemed to take a far more serious approach to the subject, and it seemed to stay on topic far better. "The Robber," "13 Assassins," "Thor" and More. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? When the U.S. forces withdraw from Java, ahead of the Japanese invasion, U.S. Navy doctor Corydon M. Wassell coordinates the remaining wounded servicemen and leads them to safety towards the last Allied evacuation points. What nobody has mentioned is that this movie shows how a mobile surgical unit actually functions, in loving detail, which MASH never did. The movie stars Humphrey Bogart and June Allyson, and costars Keenan Wynn and Robert Keith.

like a bland episode of MASH without the laughs and it gets worse each time I see it.
[6], Brooks also noted that Bogart agreed to do the film because the script's humor, set in a story showing the tragedy of war, would make the film seem more realistic to an audience. "[12], Bob Thomas of the Associated Press wrote: "'Battle Circus' is a war story that has everything but a plot. I couldn't get through it. For, in depicting the hairbreadth, makeshift operations of one of these heroic units, channeling its precious cargo to safety under constant exposure to the enemy.

Traveling cross-country, he sets out on a perilous journey, attempting to meet up with the nurses who have gone on ahead by rail to a preset rendezvous. Jed is a relentless taskmaster, demanding Captain John Rustford (William Campbell) to fly desperately needed blood supplies at night, even in the teeth of a fierce storm. He's a bit of a lonely figure with a past that doesn't really get explored much, but he's obviously a superb doctor.

Many small moments of candor and skill don't patch up this mediocre mash-up, Excellent first look at a MASH unit filmed during wartime, Interesting take on MASH with annoying romantic plot, "They haven't invented a medal yet for those people. The focus is on the mobile army surgical hospitals that provided nearly front-line emergency medical attention to wounded soldiers.

But it's still very interesting in its own way.

I was intrigued by it at first because it's the story of a MASH unit in the Korean War - long before MASH the TV series or MASH the movie or MASH the book. A group of nurses returning from the war in the Phillippines recall their experiences in combat and in love.

Unfortunately, the only semblance of a plot is a rather whimsical romance between Humphrey Bogart and June Allyson. It makes many of the same points that author Richard Hooker would make in his 1968 book (and that would be the inspiration for the later movie and TV series of the same name) - the pointlessness of war, the heroics of the medical teams and the need for those involved to just find a way - any way - through, whether that meant alcohol or sex (or, I suppose, anything else.) And June playing cock teaser again when she is way too old, isn't believable. Action, Certificate: Passed Then you get actors like Keenan Wynn and Robert Keith giving solid support.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. (1953).

The scene with the Korean threatening to blow up the hospital with a hand grenade and the one where they save the little boy's life were worth seeing the movie... once. The early going in the film really left me disoriented when the unit's encampment undergoes strafing fire, while more than once and clearly visible, a warplane bearing USAF markings is shown flying by. While certainly NOT Maltese Falcon or To Have and Have Not, Battle Circus surprised me.


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