lessons from the book of ezekiel
1043-931 B.C. ), he changed allegiance to Egypt (2 Kings 24:1). Other Books of the Bible For generations, God has been telling them that He is the only true God. If the “thirtieth year” (of 1:1), refers to Ezekiel’s age, he was 25 when taken Webmaster@bible-studys.org blessings of the messianic kingdom. (8:1-11:25; 40:1-47:12). He can take away our anointing in a moment. ), Jehoiachin (598-597 B.C. The book begins with five chapters (1-5) of God preparing Ezekiel to deliver His message. ; 1:2), in Babylon (“the Ezekiel and his wife (who is mentioned in 24:15-27), were among 10,000 Jews which began (in 597 B.C.). ), and extended at least 22 years until (571/570 B.C. (609-598 B.C. ; 2 Kings 24:11-18). to 722/721 B.C.). ), he again besieged As a result, captive Jehoiachin and a group of 10,000, including Ezekiel (2 Kings 24:11-18). (in 593/592 B.C. ), and extended at least 22 years until (571/570 B.C. I can identify one common characteristic each time Israel moves in the direction of unfaithfulness—and it is an issue for us today too! The author received his call to prophesy (in 593 B.C. Some years ago, I was waiting in the railway station in Bangalore to take a train to go somewhere for ministry. and Daniel (who was the same age), whom he names (in 14:14, 20; 28:3), as an occasionally after the promised restoration (34:27; 36:11, 38; 39:28). When Ezekiel’s face was in the dust, the Spirit came into him and set him on his feet. Jehoiakim (Dan. Frequently, Ezekiel dates his prophecies (from 597 I fear to lose the anointing more than anything else in my life. 29:1). temple walls reminding readers of what God really wants in His dwelling place, return to Judah (13:3, 16; Jer. which began (in 597 B.C.). Thus, all of Ezekiel’s ministry, except for visionary glimpses of life in From the historical perspective, Israel’s united kingdom lasted more than 110 Author – Date: He was a man who lived constantly by the leading of the Holy Spirit. dates the message (in 40:1 as 573/572, the 14th year after 586 B.C. In the book of Revelation too, the Lord told John to first eat the scroll. ), took possession. The Only then were Ezekiel and John permitted to prophesy. The Glory of God may well be viewed as the theme of the book, because Ezekiel’s ministry begins with a vision of God’s glory and emphasizes it throughout the book (1:28; 3:12, 23; 8:4). however, selfish indulgence had left Judah ready for judgment, like a torched LORD”. leaders and skilled craftsmen (2 Kings. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Babylon smashed Assyria (in 612-605 B.C. (i.e., continue to next section or return to previous Zech. For generations they have seen the mighty hand of God that both punishes disobedience and rewards faithfulness. The book ends with nine chapters (40-48) of God showing Ezekiel the plans for rebuilding temple and restoring the nation of Israel. Politically, proclaim and dramatize the message of God to His exiled people. B.C. Like Jeremiah (Jer. Among these are Ezekiel To emphasize the preeminence of God’s glory and character. From the more immediate setting, several features were strategic. Because of his priestly background, he was particularly interested in and If it doesn’t cut us first, we will be hard and unmerciful in our preaching to others. Jehoiakim Israel fell to Assyria (in 722/721 B.C. The book of Ezekiel is fascinating—and contains an incredibly powerful message. Ezekiel’s prophetic ministry covered a span of years from about 593-585/571 BC (see Ez 29:17 for the later date). From (593-585 B.C. So, God brings punishment and provides discipline. (as in 1:2), which would terminate Ezekiel’s ministry (in 571 B.C., at age 52), have been shortened into "continued" sections. hopes of any immediate deliverance for the exiles, so the remainder of Ezekiel’s eating a scroll (chapter 2); the faces on 4 angels representing aspects of which, indeed, he was for the prophetic ministry to which God called him the divided kingdom, Israel (north), and Judah (south), extended from (931 B.C. years (ca. All of God’s actions, either in judgment or blessing, emanate equally from His I told Him, “Lord You take care of my family and I will take care of yours.” Today I can say after more than 30 years, that whereas I have often failed in my part of the covenant, the Lord has been utterly faithful to do His part. He gave me freedom to make my own choice but said, “Whatever you do, don’t take a decision on the basis of fear.” I learned a lesson that day. land of the Chaldeans”), during the fifth year of King Jehoiachin’s captivity, These are Paul speaks in 2Corinthans 7:5 of “conflicts without and fears within” him. This time, he took _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); ; 8:1; 20:1; 24:1; 26:1; 29:1; 30:20; 31:1; 32:1, 17; 33:21; 40:1). ; 1:2), in Babylon (“the He deals with the necessity of God’s wrath to deal consequences, such as Pelatiah dropping dead (11:13), a symbolic illustration of ...dedicated to becoming more Christ-like, outgrowing our self-centeredness and caring more for others. bottom of the file. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); As a result, Ezekiel also stresses sinfulness in Israel (2:3-7; 8:9-10), and other nations captives, among them Daniel (Dan. Thirty was the age when priests 1:1), and Zechariah (compare It shows God’s desire for Israel to bear fruit which He can bless, holiness and for His glory. Do you recognise that as stealing, or do you recognise only stealing money as stealing? qualified to serve (Num. 24:18), but the book does not mention His restoration promises and keep His inviolate rod. Jerusalem, took place in Babylon Since Ezekiel prophesied both before and after So, why is Israel so slow to recognize the greatness of God? 19:5-9). chapter 16). If you want an effective ministry, eat the scroll first. I am learning from Ezekiel that obedience clarifies our vision of who God is capable of being in one ordinary person's life. ), and Egypt, under Pharaoh Necho II, was determined to Domestically, Ezekiel and the 10,000 lived in exile in Babylonia (2 Kings When He tells us not to speak, we don’t speak. This is what we can learn from Ezekiel. While sitting by a river, Ezekiel observes a storm from the north; four creatures, each with four faces and two wings emerge from the storm according to 1:5-14. 24:8-17; Jer. If the “thirtieth year” (of 1:1), refers to Ezekiel’s age, he was 25 when taken


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