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This was a classic “let’s hope we catch lightening in a bottle” move, a la Pat Burrell. Are people who care about the Giants all jerks? If they were pinched for cash then by all means act like a small market team but they have money and just prefer not to spend it.

You can not deny that. Pitching has been — and remains — the priority but this is the one area on the position player side that is guaranteed to see some change as well. There is no room for sentiment in sports.

If not them than someone else who can hit like them.

Milwaukee Brewers released 1B Justin Smoak. Milwaukee signed Smoak, a three-time 20-home run hitter, to a $5MM guarantee last offseason off a so-so campaign with the Blue Jays. “They would have been better off taking a bat from their alt site…”. Think about what you said man “speed means nothing”. Cosmodeus, first yes I like Pablo for what he did during the times when he was working hard during his first stint in SF. He was in on Harper and Stanton, and I expect the Giants to start doling out some 3+ year contracts to stars beginning with this offseason. The Blue Jays will have a different look at first base next year. Lots of trash to sort through and no plan but to spin round and round.

And the numbers supporting Sandoval starting to hit is a minuscule sample. They literally replaced panda with smoak. I’m not one to bash his weight, but he basically was ineffective because of the weight, especially defensively. Over that span they paid $150M in CB taxes.

On Wednesday, the Giants announced they have signed first baseman/DH Justin Smoak to a minor league contract.

I seriously doubt Sandoval would have accepted, or been happy with being stashed in Sacramento. Yeah, I don’t get paid like Zaidi, but I can still say that move was the wrong one. Giants are mediocre.

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Sticking him in Sacramento would have been the right thing to do and replacing him with Smoak was a slap in the face; Jake Lamb would have been a much better replacement. The native of South Carolina went on to form a surprisingly effective platoon with Chris Colabello before taking over as the starter in 2016. The Giants were under the threshold in Zaidi’s first year, and previously paid only $8.8M. His small sample over the last week was not enough to convince the team.

I mean neither Sandoval or Smoak was doing well, we’re talking about guys barely hanging on here…hard to really pick them apart here. Somebody got into the heads of belt, Crawford, Longoria, etc.

11 overall in the 2008 MLB Draft. If the coaching staff had felt Sandoval was starting to produce, I doubt he would have been released.

Mediocrity isn’t success and when draft picks are tied to it you could argue its worse than a losing season.

Position: First Baseman Bats: Both • Throws: Left 6-4, 220lb (193cm, 99kg) . Bio.

ill take basabe and his speed and glove over smoak/ panda. They took a chance on guys like Yaz and Dickerson and Ruf, who were written off as garbage and who have all been tremendous cogs.

Toronto remains intrigued by the power — he hit 21 homers over 370 at-bats this season — but the lack of patience at the plate has been a problem. For a team that is rebuilding and that has some holes, you have to be open to cycling some guys in and out and trying new things. Card is as pictured. You talk about Basabe not getting on base, but his .333 OBP was better than Sandoval’s .278 OBP. Sept. 21: The Giants have designated first baseman Justin Smoak for assignment, Kerry Crowley of the Bay Area News Group was among those to report. Other than that, he was stellar. In 90 PAs he had 1 HR and 1 2B. This is the second time this month a team has cut Smoak, whom the Brewers designated Sept. 3 and then released on the 8th. They reinstated outfielder Alex Dickerson from the paternity list in a corresponding move. In 2-3 years when the Giants fire him they will be able to blame the rebuild on Farhan. Sandoval is nowhere close to being a capable 3B. Please login to leave a reply.

How about Donnie Barrels and Wilmer and Ruf and Longo? Or to thank? You would be better off rooting for the Yankees. They’re both practically free and under team control for the foreseeable future.

Sandoval was lucky the Giants welcomed him back in the fold after his unfortunate comments after signing with the Red Sox. Keep defending the move, but your argument has no leg to stand on.

what color was he – did we get a new pope? No playoffs, no development (please don’t say Dubon is developing), and no top pick! Sandoval had been hitting better for the team the last 15 games he had played, he was capable of playing multiple positions which gave guys like Longoria a break, he also had chemistry in the clubhouse which is an underrated asset on winning teams. Their hitting as well as ever.

Well, they both have, in a very short time, contributed more than Pablo.

He's a switch, hitter, was having a rough year with Brewers. Something that wasn’t going to happen in Sacramento. The first day on the team Basabe chased down a gapper as a defensive replacement.

Sandoval has overweight and out of shape and very bad for years. Another dolt with an opinion who can’t write in English. Suggesting that the Giants were “in” on Harper is laughable and you are just the kind of fan Larry Baer is hoping for. 4ever, quit assuming we’re bashing panda. There’s another scenario where Toronto could add one first baseman and use Tellez and a rotation of others at DH.

It’s ok to be a fan of a player because of what they used to be, but don’t get mad at others for judging him by what he is now. The Giants surprisingly have been a great offense this season, and Smoak at the very least adds a power bench bat down the stretch run. Smoak’s five-year stint in Toronto came to an end Thursday morning when he reportedly signed with the Milwaukee Brewers. I agree, except that saying Dickerson was DFA’d implies he was released. I don’t know where your “this is a conspiracy to keep the Giants rebuilding in perpetuity” hangup comes from except from an irrational dislike of FZ. Every other post on this article is, “You’re an idiot.”.

You can argue all day that the Covid season is different, but the Giants are 100% competitive because theyre competing for a playoff spot.

He’s not a capable third baseman and the fact that he “started hitting” is a non argument.

Didn’t zaidi do the same thing in LA dumpster dived until he found the Justin turners or max muncys?

The Blue Jays remained in touch with Smoak’s representatives throughout the free agency process, but his departure isn’t exactly surprising. Basabe could have pinch run for Pablo but he couldn’t get on base. Giants sign Smoak to minor league deal for rest of 2020, Giants have two players with shot at NL batting title. No playoffs, no development (please don’t say Dubon is developing), and no top pick! Shipping cost cannot be calculated. You obviously no nothing about the Giants, or baseball. Any of these guys going to be around in 3 years? Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. If we don’t, I’m OK with Rowdy playing.”. Oh I fully understand, you apparently don’t. This was why he was brought in, to be cheap and get payroll down and they hoped he would find a few diamonds in the rough. Former Brewers Eric Thames and Travis Shaw offer upside and arguably just as much power.

And the others (Dubon, Ruf, Dickerson Solano Flores) are hitting well. The roster will look entirely different next season but my guess is the record will still be just below .500 which will be good enough to miss the playoffs and a chance to draft an actual impact player. This isn’t a game of feel good stories, its a professional sport.

So what really was accomplished this season? Smoak’s five-year stint in Toronto came to an end Thursday morning when he reportedly signed with the Milwaukee Brewers.

So he had PLENTY of opportunity to hit. The Jays likely missed out on the three best years of that initial offer, but they remain open to the fourth. The ownership was loathe to use the word “Rebuild” with a capital R in the transition from the Sabean/Evans/Bochy era into the Zaidi/Kapler one (apparently there’s a GM named Scott Harris, but I’ve yet to see hide or hair of him so far).

.303/.384/.579, yeah I was hoping for bigger things from him early the way he played in spring but it has taken him a while to get comfortable – better late than never, 30mil in career earnings isn’t all that bad for a guy like this. They’re really not objectively worse than the ’14 team that snuck into the WC and floored MLB by winning it all. Somehow he was supposed to know that a change of scenery would not be enough. We could use his bat on a regular basis and his arm in the outfield—especially with Yaz down. Are you sure others “no nothing” or are you just a blind Giants fanboy who knows very little?

No trades for any prospects or trades to improve the team when it is on the verge of making the playoffs?”. “Basically what you are left with is a lost season and no development for maybe Jaylin Davis and a few others?


The writing had been on the wall ever since Toronto cut Smoak’s playing time during the final month to create at-bats for Rowdy Tellez. Man, do you just come here to rag?

“Is Dickerson going to be our #4 hitter for the next 3-4 years?

You’re such a Debbie Downer that you are complaining they might make the playoffs this season and might not get the top pick. Justin Smoak 2020 Topps Complete Set Series 2 Foilboard 173/264.

According to ESPN, the former all-star will earn $4 million (U.S.) next season with a club option for 2021 valued at $5.5 million, which includes a $1-million buyout. There’s definitely a plan here, and the future looks a heck of a lot brighter going forward, even if the Giants ultimately fail to make the playoffs. So far he has not shown the ability to hit major league pitching. Pablo had a -0.6 bWAR when released. Who are these guys? Claude, Basabe’s speed means nothing if he can’t get on base.

And panda came up short. Please stop. That is completely false. To order copies of


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