rendezvous with rama ending
Somebody made it. Didn't mean shit to them. [15], By late 2008, David Fincher stated the movie was unlikely to be made. Rama exists. speculating wildly. It often has fairly detailed plot summaries. (1st is better than 2nd.). The main point seemed to me that first contact could possibly be with a civilization that had never noticed us nor had any intention of contacting us, and we were lucky enough to be technologically advanced enough to observe them go by on their way for purposes well beyond our understanding. After an asteroid falls in Northeast Italy in 2077, creating a major disaster, the government of Earth sets up the Spaceguard system as an early warning of arrivals from deep space. So the sequels didn't do anything for me. Clarke paired up with Gentry Lee for the remainder of the series. Clarke denied that this sentence was a hint that the story might be continued. One hologram appears to be a uniform with bandoliers, straps and pockets that suggests the size and shape of the Ramans. Now I know there are sequels that likely ruin a good thing with over-explanation but I think that was an afterthought that honestly worsens the original work. And I had that feeling since the last pages, hoping it didn't go that way. What do you hope to learn from first contact? The book was meant to stand alone, although its final sentence suggests otherwise: And on far-off Earth, Dr. Carlisle Perera had as yet told no one how he had wakened from a restless sleep with the message from his subconscious still echoing in his brain: The Ramans do everything in threes. The astronomers' interest is further piqued when they realise the asteroid has an extremely rapid rotation period of four minutes and is exceptionally large. Four. It might not be true, but it feels like he has a goal in mind from the start, and often the story isn't as important as the ending. Star Trek, Battlestar, Star Wars, etc. Laser guns, space ships, and time travel. No interesting or important explanation is given to trilateral symmetry. John Leonard of The New York Times, while finding Clarke "benignly indifferent to the niceties of characterization," praised the novel for conveying "that chilling touch of the alien, the not-quite-knowable, that distinguishes sci-fi at its most technically imaginative. I've just finished this book and I really liked it... until the end. In his foreword to the book's sequel, he stated that it was just a good way to end the first book, and that he added it during a final revision. There aren't 2 other Ramas that make mysterious trips through the solar system as possibly implied by the end of the first book. As Pak waits, Norton sends a rescue party across the cylindrical sea, using a small, improvised craft, constructed earlier for exploration of the sea's central island. The solar survey vessel Endeavour is sent to study Rama, as it is the only ship close enough to do so in the brief period Rama will spend in the solar system. In Rendezvous With Rama a far more advanced civilization stops in our system for a fuel top-up and leaves. It's just a thing. I agree with this 100%. When one is found damaged and apparently lifeless, the team's doctor/biologist Surgeon-Commander Laura Ernst inspects it, and discovers it to be a hybrid biological entity and robot—eventually termed a "biot". etc. The North Pole is effectively the bow and the South Pole the stern, as Rama accelerates in the direction of the north pole and its drive system is at the South Pole. It, and by assumption the others, are powered by internal batteries (much like those of terrestrial electric eels) and possess some intelligence. If humans just wanted to study alien lifeforms, they have enough different animals to keep them occupied on earth for a billion years. In Spain there was an official adaptation for the 2nd generation MSX computers called Cita con Rama that took advantage of the MSX's ability to produce (at the time) high-quality graphics. I couldn't even finish Rama 2. Another great, and similar ending is The Story of our Lives by Ted Chiang which was used as source material for Arrival (though they kind of ruined it by changing the ending imo), I thought it was a trilogy, just three books, "Because the Ramans do everything in threes...". I HIGHLY recommend stopping at the first book. Its purpose remains entirely unknown. See, Rama is what sci-fi nerds call a "Big Dumb Object." "It looks like it's not going to happen. I find that his books' big selling point is the very original premise that he sets up and his meticulous discriptions of objects/events. It's not even known that they do do everything in threes; three-way symmetry is observed, but it's not like it's absolutely everywhere. That is what Rendezvous with Rama accomplishes so spectacularly - at the end of all of the build up, we are left with nothing but ourselves. A real project named Spaceguard was initiated in 1992, named after Clarke's fictional project and "with the permission and encouragement of Clarke". What the? They are written by a different author. [17] In January 2011, Fincher stated in an interview with MTV that he was still planning to make the film after he had completed work on his planned remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (which was scheduled to begin production in 2012 but has since been scrapped[18]). It made as much sense to us as a satellite flying over New Guinea would make to the stone-age tribes living there. Lt. Boris Rodrigo takes advantage of the five minute transmission delay and uses a pair of wire cutters to defuse the bomb and its control. I'm not very interested in readings Gentry Lee's sequels, so spoil them if you must. His stories rarely ever go anywhere and his characters are rarely ever developed and don't evolve throughout the novel because that's not what he's aiming for. seems like one too many if you stick with the Ramans doing everything in threes. What was the purpose of the ship? Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Dick, Heinlein and other SF books. In 2009, BBC Radio 4 produced a two-part radio adaptation of the book as part of a science-fiction season. And all the conflict in the story (modulo some interplanetary silliness) is man-versus-his-environment. Who are those aliens? He just thought it was an amusing way to end the book. You took the words right out of my mouth, the other books sounded awful based on reviews so I decided I'd rather end the story on a compelling mystery than get bogged down by overexposition . I loved Rendezvous, but wow is there a huge decline in tech, style, and quality of writing going into #2. I didn't enjoy the way the story was told, but more than that I didn't like the diminishment of Rama. Or the entire point of the book was leading up to how it ends. I had feared as much, stories without answers are everywhere it seems! [10] It was adapted from the Clarke novel in 1983 by Ron Martinez, who went on to design the massively multiplayer online game 10Six, also known as Project Visitor.[11]. The interior of Rama is essentially a large cylindrical landscape, dubbed "The Central Plain" by the crew, 16 kilometres in diameter and nearly 50 long, with artificial gravity provided by its 0.25 rpm spin. 8. [21] After interest in the dangers of asteroid strikes was heightened by a series of Hollywood disaster films, the United States Congress gave NASA authorisation and funding to support Spaceguard. it's like Clarke (in my opinion) didn't know how to end it. 1st is just Clarke, 2-4 are Clarke and Gentry Lee, and 5-6 are just Lee. The solo Lee ones aren’t on the same caliber imho. I really don't get it. I actually like the mystery and the frustration that comes from not being able to know everything. The sequels weren't - because they weren't Clarke. In the center of the Cylindrical Sea is an island of unknown purpose covered in tall, skyscraper-like structures, which the astronauts name "New York" due to an imagined similarity to Manhattan. Science Fiction, or Speculative Fiction if you prefer. Somebody who couldn't care less about the human race. This game featured characters from the sequel book Rama II. There are three other books in the series...which seems like one too many if you stick with the Ramans doing everything in threes. It is split into the "northern" and "southern" plains, divided in the middle by a 10-km wide expanse of water the astronauts dub the "Cylindrical Sea". The airlocks open into the hub of the massive bowl shaped cap at the North Pole, with three 8-kilometre long stair systems, called Alpha, Beta, and Gamma by the crew, leading to the plain. These later books did not receive the same critical acclaim and awards as the original. Press J to jump to the feed. It doesn't make sense, it's like Clarke (in my opinion) didn't know how to end it, so decided to make it fly away and bring the characters back to their life like nothing's happened. Perhaps extra-terrestrials are unknowable, the differences between species too vast for comprehension by either party. to which Freeman reaffirmed, "We ARE going to make that movie." ", "David Fincher's Rendezvous with Rama Officially Dead", "Morgan Freeman, David Fincher Still Planning A 'Rendezvous With Rama, "20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA Is Dead; Fincher Like to Pass on THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE", "David Fincher Confirms '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' In 3-D, Talks 'Dragon Tattoo' & 'Rendezvous With Rama, "The first discovered interstellar asteroid is a quarter-mile long red beast", "The first visitor from another solar system has just been spotted: Rendezvous with Rama? Why they sent that ship? It's an artifact. Maybe (and for sure) I just didn't get the meaning of the book, so I'm asking you to explain me what the hell I've read. Amongst the strange geometric structures, he sees an alien flower growing through a cracked tile in the otherwise sterile environment, and decides to take it as both a curiosity and for scientific research. The North Pole contains Rama's airlocks, and is where the Endeavour lands. There's no answer. I never read the follow up books, because the first one left me in awe and feeling small and alone in a way that few books do and I wanted to hold onto that. The novel won both the Hugo and Nebulaawards upon its release, and is regarded as one of the cornerstones in Clarke's bibliography. Rama was a vast artifact flung out between the stars spending thousands (or more likely millions) of years in the cold, dark, interstellar void only coming close to stars to tap them for energy to make course adjustments. They discover transparent pedestals containing holograms of various artefacts, which they theorise are used by the Ramans as templates for creating tools and other objects. Thank you for the reply. Like Rama, the object had an unusually elongated shape. I honestly felt like it was the opposite, that Clarke started with an idea for an ending and worked backward. He wanted to convey the idea that, realistically, if we have a first encounter with an alien species, we may well mean nothing to them, or at the very least that the importance they put on the event will likely have no connection to the importance we put on the event. Full agree. Somebody who couldn't care less about the human race. It's similar to Star Trek 4 plot.


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