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But in a must-see new... Ronnie Wood reveals he feeds his twin daughters, 4, CAVIAR for breakfast as he puts his London family home... or debate this issue live on our message boards. The Bridge viewers predict 'guilty' Maura will 'break down in tears' and confess that she and Luke secretly... You won't find them in the zoo!

The programme Lumley was filming is a two-part documentary called Joanna Lumley's Hidden Caribbean: Havana To Haiti, which airs on ITV Monday 9 March. It’s a whistlestop tour.

Craig starts telling her about the activities, before Miriam interrupts him: “Are you two lovers?” Erm… what? Most ­celebrity-fronted documentaries are delivered with a tone of plebeian playfulness, in which the desire for accessibility boils complexity dry. And angry. “I’m not really an afraid kind of person,” she said. Anyoldhoo, I should probably tell you something about the programme, seeing as that’s what I’m employed to do. “Here we’ve got a lovely light cream, and this dull raspberry sorbet.” Which is great if you’re talking about house colours, less good if it’s a restaurant review. [RADIO NEWS]Dan Walker: BBC host showcases Strictly audition tape in jungle [TV NEWS]Piers Morgan slammed amid Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'odd' claim [TV ROW], All the aid workers in Port-au-Prince don’t go to the parts we went to because they’re no-go areas.”. here. Joanna Lumley, 73, has opened up about the time she and a film crew were ambushed by bandits in the Haitian mountains. If she is a surrogate friend for a sofa traveller, bringing sunshine and curiosity to a cold spring night, she is ideal. But if, by some miracle, we don’t all end up sucked into a worm-hole-vortex of televisual fabulousness, viewers will have to plan ahead. Lively political interview programme hosted by Robert Peston. The second episode has a darker edge to it as Joanna crosses to Haiti, a country devastated by an earthquake in 2010 that claimed more than 100,000 lives, and which has been afflicted by civil unrest in recent years. Joanna Lumley’s Hidden Caribbean: Havana To Haiti is a two-part documentary that sees her visit both countries. I mean it literally.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the patron don a wedding dress and produce a girl called Estella. Lumley adds starlight to all manner of situations. Staying In › TV Joanna Lumley’s Hidden Caribbean: Star wafts wonderfully through a tale of two very different Cubas Lumley adds starlight to all manner of situations As her performance rumbles on, several members of the audience appear to nod off and there’s quite a bit of fidgeting going on. She doesn’t care, right? I think he might have frowned upon that.’. That depends on what the purpose of her journey is supposed to be. Anyway, the following day, he and his friends are all going gaming, followed by pizza. ‘Reading A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens in English to an audience of Spanish-speaking factory workers was possibly not the right choice. In the first episode she looks at Cuba old and new – the five-star holiday resorts as well as the crumbling architecture of the country’s capital Havana and traditional occupations such as cigar-making. “Oh look! And I was always the wallflower that was stuck longest to the side of the wall. ‘At the time we filmed, the Foreign Office was advising people not to go to Haiti unless the visit was absolutely essential,’ says Joanna. “Riots break out like wildfires across the country and if you’re in that place, you’re stuck. This two-part series follows Joanna Lumley making her way across Cuba and then on to Haiti, in an effort to show us that there is more to the Caribbean than all-inclusive hotels with white sandy beaches and azure waters. Elizabeth I and II: Britain's Golden Queens, 9pm, Channel 5: The broadcaster’s royal obsession continues unabated, this time with a documentary examining the similarities between the two Queen’s reigns. Which makes sense, I suppose, as it’s an old Spanish city that has fallen on hard times. What documentary do you think you’re making, exactly? “Just as I was the very last person at the school dance. Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, SE1 9GF.

The actress and her crew visited Cuba and Haiti for a fascinating new two-part travelogue, but the incident is not featured in the show. Are you sure you want to submit this vote? Lumley visits a grand old villa inhabited by a grand old lady. newspaper archive. Just as well I had some refreshment to keep me going.’. Question about your subscription?

Joanna Lumley’s Hidden Caribbean: Havana To Haiti is on ITV, tonight at 9pm. The day this story will be published is my son’s 12th birthday. And there is plenty to be sad about here. What's really going to happen in the next six months? order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Her text is A Tale of Two Cities, a story in which belief and incredulity coexist uneasily.

I include myself. At 4’11” and 14st10, she has a BMI of 41.6, and classifies as morbidly obese. I was dripping wet at times and felt like I was melting. They’ve won a remarkable 37 golds at the Olympics since 1972. When she does alight on an opinion, it will invariably be defused with a self-mocking shrug. DON'T MISS...Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host divulges bizarre wish ‘I want nits!' Perhaps feeling sorry for the workers who have to produce more than 100 cigars a day in return for a meagre wage, she even reads them a story. Her capacity for wonder remains quite something. “It’s difficult being fat.

“If you look timid, people and animals pick it up very fast. And the cars are all absolutely gorgeous vintage numbers – although in Cuba they’re not vintage cars, they’re just… cars. Sport Relief, 7pm, BBC One: Figures from the world of sports, comedy and entertainment gather for a night of fun, frolics and fundraising. No comments have so far been submitted.

Joanna Lumley meets a Voodoo Mambo or Priestess during her visit to Haiti Joanna took a flight from Cuba to Haiti (which takes just under two hours) to the Labadee, a tiny part of the country. My wife has convinced me this is still too young to take him out for a pub-crawl, so instead we’re doing presents and a steak dinner on Friday. Joanna Lumley recalls being ambushed in Haiti while filming new TV documentary, BAFTA awards 2019: Host Joanna Lumley BLASTED for Ku Klux Klan joke, Joanna Lumley leads calls to ban 'CRUEL' cages for farm animals, Joanna Lumley travelled to Haiti and Cuba as part of a new ITV documentary, Joanna Lumley and camera crew were ambushed while visiting Haiti, Rod Stewart’s brief fling with Joanna Lumley: ‘He was fabulous! ', Dan Walker: BBC host showcases Strictly audition tape in jungle, Piers Morgan slammed amid Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'odd' claim, Jennifer Lawrence begs Joanna Lumley to ‘PUNCH her’ after BAFTAs 2018, Jennifer Lawrence insists she won't joke after Joanna Lumley snub. Thanks to economic sanctions, and the collapse of the Soviet Union, this pariah state is very poor. She can also deliver a script in her own voice, which is oddly rare. Joanna Lumley travels across two of the most enigmatic countries in the Caribbean If you have the facility, remember to record one. Anyoldhoo, I should probably tell you something about the programme, seeing as that’s what I’m employed to do. ‘But we thought it absolutely essential for ITV viewers to see such a remarkable country.’. But mostly her ability to find wonder in everything is a plus. “Wow, it’s amazing,” she says, before guiding herself back to Earth.

Top British astrologer who predicted coronavirus... A bird in the hand is worth two on screen! The Royals: A Family in Crisis, 8pm, Channel 5: Oh lawks.

Documentary looking back at the real-life case of serial killer Dennis Nilsen. The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer, 8pm, Channel 4: Hurrah! On travelling to Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince, she described the situation as an “absolute catastrophe”.

Baftas 2017: Joanna Lumley, Cuba Gooding Jr, Sarah Lancashire and Ant and Dec scoop top honours Lumley spoke of being part of an industry that 'doesn't discriminate' as … I loathe it.” Oh. But Joanna, visiting a boxing gym in Cuba for a recent television programme, made a crucial point: ‘It’s the most natural thing in the world — you put your fists up.’ She was right. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Registered in England No. This doesn’t mean the journey isn’t worth taking. This is exceptional. Location, Location, Location, 8pm, Channel 4: Phil and Kirstie return for series two-kerjillion of the property-and-bantz extravaganza. ‘The heat and humidity were extraordinary. I'm feline fine! Could Lumley go deeper? ‘Although you do wonder what Fidel Castro would have made of it, especially the price tag for the presidential suite. Besides, sport was never her thing. Joanna Lumley, 73, was ambushed by a gun-wielding gang while driving through a mountain range in Haiti with her camera crew.

She reflects that she was always picked last at school.

I don’t mean geopolitically, economically or culturally.

She is almost royal in her ability to be just interested enough; skilful enough at actorly enthusiasm to find wonder in humble situations.

There are a few hints of an adherence to a script. That’s the only explanation for the largesse the TV gods have bestowed upon us – that we, too, are entitled to our own two days of bliss.

By James Peachey For The Weekend Magazine, Published: 22:31 BST, 6 March 2020 | Updated: 22:31 BST, 6 March 2020, Joanna Lumley (pictured) explores Cuba and Haiti in new two-part ITV documentary, Joanna Lumley’s Hidden Caribbean: Havana To Haiti.

A nasty bout of plantar fasciitis followed by a meniscal tear has meant I’ve not been able to exercise for the best part of a year, and I have not adjusted my calorific intake accordingly.

It’s basically two days of unadulterated bliss for him. First off, she’s in Havana, with its extraordinary sense of faded grandeur, like an old Spanish city that has fallen on hard times. Many of the rooms have their own private plunge pool, and the presidential suite is likely to set you back a staggering £3,800 a night. see our cookie policy. She also discovers why Cuba frequently lands a punch in Olympic boxing events (37 gold medals since 1972), finds a fridge that’s been working, without repair, since 1942, and checks out the tracts of land bought by American Milton S Hershey to grow sugar for his chocolate. to explore and uncover the hidden gems that these countries have to offer.

One of the things Cuba is famous for is boxing.

The viewer is left with the sense of a place that is full of spirit, perhaps a little frayed around the edges, and long on charm and beauty.


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