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This makes me wonder just what Oswald and Tippett were talking about before Oswalt fatally shot Tippett. Mar 17 Frank Orth, American actor (Boston Blackie, Brothers), dies at 82 Mar 17 Wilhelm Blaschke, Austrian integral geometer, dies at 76 Mar 18 Walter W. Bacon, Governor of Delaware (b. The elder statesman was Harvey's, which had opened in a converted blacksmith's shop at 11th and C streets as an oyster-and-beer shop in 1858. [2] The ninth of eleven children, he grew up in the farmhouse built by his father, a farmer, barber, carpenter, and bricklayer.

Brownstone Theatre. The contest was held at Tiberio Ristorante on K Street, then one of the city's most expensive restaurants.

The well-written back-and-forth bickering between Blackie and Inspector Farriday helps propel this series beyond more mundane "solve the crime" shows. Blackie and gal pal Mary, and their dog Whitey, solve lots of Los Angeles crimes before the cops can do it. Super-Concierge Doctors, High-Design Home Classrooms, and Catered Backyard Dinners: Lifestyles of the Rich and Quarantined, The Baby Panda Is Now Crawling and Barking and Packing on the Pounds, A Net 15,000 People Moved Out of DC During the First Part of 2020, A Reminder: Savannah Guthrie Is an Attorney, Recipe: Baked Blue Catfish from the District Fishwife, Recipe: Marinade for Blue Catfish from Vidalia, Recipe: Chicken Souvlaki from Kapnos Taverna, This Year’s White House Christmas Ornament Honors John F. Kennedy, DC’s List of High-Risk States Hits a Record Number, A WAMU Editor Is Suing Over a Report That He May Have Created a Hostile Work Environment, Crazy Car Chase Through Arlington Ends in DC, One Year Ago: DC Met the “Since Today” Guy.
Of course, Blackie's voice (as voiced by Dick Kollmar) is just wonderful also. Enjoy! In this day of inflated wine prices, Old Europe offers some of the great wines of the world–Schloss Vollrads, Hattenheimer Nussbrunnen, Erbacher Marcobrunn–for well under $40. Charles Wagenheim and Sid Tomack, respectively, substituted for Stone when he was not available. Since no witnesses were present at her death, that we know of, it may be that she was forced to take the overdose by the same people that took her JFK assassination notes. A beautician asks Blackie to talk to her ex. It is an excellent name for a bad guy turned good guy. Bulldog Drummond. They actually made half hour adventure series back then.) Calling All Detectives. Directed by: Arnold Wester, Sobey Martin, Will Jason, et al. There was a reason Ruby was there on Sunday morning to murder Oswald and it had nothing to do with him feeling sorry for Jackie Kennedy and her kids. At Bach’s home several hours after her funeral, the television producer asked the widower to discuss his wife’s interest in the assassination, and Kollmar replied, “Robert, I’m afraid that will have to go to the grave with me.”, November Marks 48th Anniversary of JFK Assassination. There is no better time machine than Tom Sarris' Orleans House. Dorothy was newspaper columnist & "What's My Line" TV panelist Dorothy Kilgallen.

Richard Lane played Inspector Faraday. In a city where authentic Italian restaurants dominate the fine-dining scene and its best pizzas are baked in wood-fired ovens, that the 62-year-old Luigi still draws full houses suggests that there is a legion of Washington diners with an enduring fondness for the Italian-American cooking they fell in love with when they were young. Encouraged by Washington's reputation as a beefeater's town, it opened on L Street in 1962. "Yes that's Boston Blackie, and he's quite a guy."

The top Chinatown restaurants were China Inn, the oldest in the neighborhood, and Tai Tung, a much newer addition to H Street's stir-fry corridor. You'll love it. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. 15 of 15 people found this review helpful. Meanwhile she was one of the panelists on What’s My Line a CBS television show hosted by John Daly which began in 1945. The writing is intelligent, the sound quality of these files is solid and I am certainly enjoying it! Since the Warren Commission seemed disinterested in his story and his mob links, it is likely that someone outside the Commission (ie mob or CIA asset) decided that she should not be allowed to use her considerable fame to get people thinking outside the Warren box. An undercurrent of comedy runs throughout the action/detective series. Venerable Italian-American restaurants like Luigi's owe their longevity in part to family tradition–that of the owners and that of their patrons.

I could not find a Chinese or Indian restaurant from the 1960s worthy of review. 2 2009 NR - Runtime: 2 hrs 10 mins Starring: Kent Taylor, Frank Orth, Lois Collier, et al. Today the First Lady usually hires and fires White House chefs; in 1961 the President selected René Verdon, a prominent Manhattan French chef, and announced his hiring at a press conference. The Boston Blackie series ran until 1949. Have been listening to an episode or two every night, will be disappointed when I'm all through. Will be interesting to find out what was in those records, that couldn’t be released until then. First were the parties that sat 6 to 12 at a table and feasted on antipasto salad and stuffed artichokes and pizza bianca, then tackled platters of tomato-sauced spaghetti or linguine garnished with assorted meats or a combination of seafoods.

Blackie's collection of framed celebrity photos almost rivaled the Occidental's.

Blackie tries to help a man who is so desperate to get money for his child's medical bills that he's hired a hitman to kill him so the child will get the life insurance money. Boston Blackie 2014 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 40 mins Starring: Kent Taylor Lost Crimes Shows, Vol. At Monday lunch, he would be on the floor of his front room, welcoming a senator, congratulating a businessman on a major deal, and sharing the gossip du jour with a columnist. I must confess to a weakness for all things detective. Sound quality is very good for the age of the recordings.
Otrr has yet again supplied. Broadway Is My Beat. Boswell Sisters. What would it have hurt if the Warren Commission would have let Ruby go to Washington. Ristorante Italiano in 1949 and introduced Washingtonians to the pleasures of pizza bianca–a thin disk of pizza dough baked with a topping of finely minced garlic, dried oregano, and dried hot-pepper flakes.

Because of its proximity to Capitol Hill, A.V. The exception is beef, whose grading standards were changed by the Department of Agriculture in 1976 to reduce the amount of marbling–interior fat–required for a USDA Prime grade. Vasaio's son, Augusto, and stepson, Johnny DiBari, have been running A.V. About a dozen restaurants that were open in 1965, when The Washingtonian first published, are open today. Was this review helpful to you? We gebruiken cookies voor JFK.men, onder andere om de website te analyseren en te verbeteren, voor social media en om ervoor te zorgen dat je voor jou relevante advertenties te zien krijgt. The antipasti sampled on recent visits to Luigi's were uninspired–marinated red peppers whose olive oil, capers, and garlic could not mask their tinny taste, and an old-fashioned Italian-American antipasto undone by its institutional coldcuts and cheese. Boston Blackie is the role for which Morris is best remembered.

It was one of the first local restaurants to serve pizza, which was little known outside of New York and did not begin to become popular until the end of World War II. One of two salads provides a good beginning to a meal here. Considering the cost of its ingredients, Crisfield's prices were–and still are–very reasonable. As the weather turns cooler, look for one of the treasures on A.V. I beleave this show should be in the top ten on the old time radio list. Calling All Cars . Crisfield's best-selling main course is its baked shrimp stuffed with crab. In order to clear himself, he investigates personally and brings the actual culprit to justice, sometimes using disguises. There are way too many coincidences to be explained away by some website that agrees with the Warren Commission. Blackie also has to solve his cases without the help (and often with direct opposition) from the police, which adds a nice twist. Which helps explain why Luigi's, located within blocks of such acclaimed Italian restaurants as i Ricchi, Teatro Goldoni, and Galileo, is the likeliest to be packed at both lunch and dinner. ( Log Out /  Ever the amiable innkeeper, Karl Herold would approach the table with a gentle smile and a twinkle in his eye that said, "I want to share with you the good things in my kitchen and the fine German vintages in my cellar."

He was also a Broadway actor and "Dick" of WOR, New York's "Dorothy and Dick" radio show. Houston was born in Panola, Sumter County, Alabama in the Black Belt. NOTE: Updated with Version 3.2 Files on 26-May-2012. Among the guest stars were veteran actors Roscoe Ates, Russ Conway, and John M. Pickard. Ristorante Italiano, near the corner of New York Avenue and Sixth Street, Marrocco's at 1911 Pennsylvania Avenue, Anna Maria's Italian Restaurant, which still operates at 1737 Connecticut Avenue, and the Trieste, near George Washington University, which had a picture of the patron saint of Italian restaurants, Frank Sinatra, on the wall. ( Log Out /  The looks of the place also gave rise to complaints about Crisfield's prices, deemed high for such plain surroundings. [3] At the time of his death his Boston Blackie Blues Band was regularly appearing at Mr. Tee's Lounge, the Delta Fish Market, and the Guess Who Lounge. The impeccably fried perch filets are excellent, as is another regional specialty, flounder stuffed with crab. I've just scrounged up the complete Midnight Cab collection and am readying it for upload. The sudden popularity of French restaurants in the capital gave rise to the saying that French cuisine was the regional cooking of Washington, and its best restaurant was the French ambassador's residence. Proprietor and host Camille Richaudeau was a caricature of the overbearing bistro proprietor. Chester Morris gave the Blackie character his own personal charm: he could be light and flippant or stern and dangerous, as the situation demanded. Operating in the same location since 1948, it is the oldest remaining link to the German influence on the capital's dining tastes. Its second-story premises at 1327 Connecticut Avenue are a bit threadbare, but at least today's waiters will entertain requests for spicy or extra-spicy curries. At a lunch in August, Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia emerged with members of his staff from the back of the restaurant, where the group had enjoyed an assortment of pizzas. A meal at A.V.

He served up steaks from Texas that were great in size and taste as well as his beloved Pedernales River Chili.


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