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I’m sure nobody would have been bored seeing more glass moves and life. When Deborah won with little more than hanging meat and a tube of toothpaste as her claim to fame on the show, I thought something must be going on behind the scenes. I didn’t agree with the judges. [7] Industry experts from the Craft and Design Glass Studio at Sheridan College, Pilchuck Glass School, and the Corning Museum of Glass consulted the producers during the construction of the facility and provide advice and evaluation to the contestants each round. Away has meant to them. But I suppose it makes a story… like Marcel Vigneron on Top Chef, only he didn’t win. I have been fascinated by glass blowing since I saw my first Chihully exhibit and have doing lampworking for about 2 years and taking glass blowing classes for about the same length. Thanks for this wonderful show. Basically, you’re blowing glass every three days and there’s all the (expletive) to deal with in between that, making the piece, the piece cooling down overnight, then you’ve got to cold work it and glue it and present it in a gallery, and then be judged and eliminated. AT BEST Deborah came in 3rd!

I have been fascinated with glass since I was a child and have been to CMOG several times. It represented a chance to promote my work to a wider, less niched, public.” Patrick Primeau – Montreal, Quebec, Canada, “My decision to compete on Blown Away was driven by desperation but resulted in a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Deborah is a wonderful artist, but it was clear to me that the “feminist card” was played throughout much of the judging. While Deborah created some wonderful pieces not all were in the same caliber as Janusz’s, especially the gallery that won her the show. I don’t know any of them but from what I saw, Janusz doesn’t need to be “studying” at The Corning Museum! (I was about to write the name but didn’t want to spoil the ending.). Loving this unique show! My profession just seems less appealing to most women and I accept that without holding it against men.

Home » TV & Movies » Janusz Pozniak: Who is the glass-blower on Netflix’s Blown Away? My personal favorite artist was Janusz and do feel he should have won. Creativity comes from the soul and is very personal to each artist; the mere act of displaying for the world is an acccomplishment in itself. I was amazed when hanging meat, something she has done before in a chandelier, gave her the win when I KNEW from the beginning that the winner was going to be Janusz Poźniak! I’m pleased that my approach to glass as an artistic medium was represented on the series.” Alexander Rosenberg – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, “I was scouted by the casting director, and I carefully weighed the possible pros and cons of a never-before-seen reality show. HE NEEDS TO BE TEACHING PEOPLE THERE! We all have struggles in life. CONVERSATION: Deborah Czeresko, who won the Netflix glassblowing competition Blown Away, tells all. Nick Uhas, a former Big Brother U.S contestant and science YouTuber, hosts the show,[6] while Katherine Gray, an artist and professor at California State University, San Bernardino is the chief judge. Thanks.
Blown Away is a Canadian reality glassblowing competition television series that premiered on the Canadian channel Makeful[1] before a subsequent release on the streaming platform Netflix. Do not think this person “Deborah “ should have won. Hey, I am just calling it as the Editor’s of the show made me see it. So it all added up.”. So sure, he is the best glassblower in a technical sense. The amount of fossil fuels and energy needed to keep the heat at those levels could probably heat multiple homes for a year or more. Here's your guide to all 10 contestants on Blown Away. The challenges were an interesting way to show how different one artist’s interpretation is from the next.

Very disappointed in the ending. He moved from the UK to Seattle in his teens to study under the arm of Dale Chihuly–who is also a world-famous glass sculptor. [7] The first season was filmed in a facility that was "custom-built to accommodate 10 glass blowers working simultaneously".
I agree — Janusz and Alexander were more interesting artists to me. Lots of folks voicing who they thought should win. She deserved to win and for people to try and take it away is mean. Regardless of the outcome, the future is undeniably bright for this extremely talented glassblower.

I’ve done the make-and-take workshops, and started lampworking on a hothead myself. Deborah was by far more creative than Janusz, who is a superb technician but seems to lack the abundant imagination and creativity that Deborah has. I felt that Catherine had an agenda and a narrowness of judgment. I enjoyed this show and watching these artists, though I’ve been curious about how they are chosen. Congratulations Deborah! Being female IS NOT a disability. Blown Away is a Canadian reality glassblowing competition television series that premiered on the Canadian channel Makeful before a subsequent release on the streaming platform Netflix.The 10-episode first season was released on July 12, 2019. Would recommend a judging team that truly understands glass blowing, technique and the creative process. I hope that Blown Away will illuminate the realities and complexities of glassmaking and show its unlimited potential for creative expression to a mass audience.” Deborah Czeresko, “Blown Away can serve as a way to educate more people about the process of glass art on a larger scale. @marblemedia is casting glassblowers from around the world for season 2 of Blown Away! Janusz seemed to embrace the more is better approach, but I don’t think that worked for him. Casting for a second season was announced in November 2019. Surprisingly, it ended up on a short list of professional endeavors I have participated in that I feel exceptionally well qualified for and I think that feeling comes through on screen. I was absolutely thrilled to see this show. Janusz should have won. She always had some little remark to put the others down .


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