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"It is like a lake early in the morning, so calm, and then you throw some rocks in," says Kenneth White, a local attorney hired by the Kolstad family. ", "I don't know how I am going to feel," Molly says. The former Minnesota forensic pathologist, now working in Oregon, said it’s a common fracture resulting from hard blows to the back of the head, Fleming said. Photo by Pat Christman, Judge Bradley Walker speaks during a sentencing hearing for Trevor Shelley Friday at the Blue Earth County Justice Center. His speech is also slow and deliberate. We reserve the right to remove any comment we deem to be defamatory, rude, insulting to others, hateful, off-topic or reckless to the community. It is true the fight likely wouldn't have happened if Isaac hadn't hit Philip, but it also would not have happened if Philip hadn't been drinking underage, hadn't gotten his hair up over a kiss on a hand, hadn't mistaken Isaac for someone else and if he hadn't pushed Isaac. Police showed images of the man in the red shirt today and are trying to find out who he is and to locate him. “We feel he sustained some brain damage — a blow to the head but also as a result of inadequate oxygen levels,” Cannella said. Nelson mistook Kolstad for the bouncer, according to … By continuing to use the site, you accept our. After Philip avoided jail time, he wanted that story told again, because having it written might help get the attention of other schools. Trevor Shelley's case is still pending—he has pleaded not guilty to two felonies. Nelson told police that he and his girlfriend had been drinking at a bar called Blue Bricks in Mankato and at one point the bouncer tried to kiss his girlfriend, prosecutors said. He initially agreed to make his son available for an interview but then backed out days before the scheduled interview. Photo by Pat Christman, Trevor Shelley listens as his attorney Richard Hillesheim speaks during Shelley's sentencing hearing Friday. I'm sorry to my friends and family for letting them down.". MANKATO — The family of Isaac Kolstad has reached tentative settlements against two of the parties it is suing for damages in the assault on the … MANKATO — The St. Peter man who admitted to punching a former football player during a downtown assault two years ago, leaving him clinging to life, was sentenced to five months in jail in what prosecutors described as a failure of the justice system. His sister Jeanie and brother Phil rounded out the family and made Mankato their home. He was treated for a severe concussion.". According a post on Isaac Kolstad's Caring Bridge website, his condition appears to have improved. He graduated in 1975 from Mankato High School. Kolstad is a mixed-race man in a mixed-raced marriage from East. At a very young age, Bill would serve mass…. But Nelson's life was altered that night, too, one of the stones that sunk to the bottom. X-ray photographs taken of Kolstad’s skull were entered into evidence during the hearing before Thompson testified. That is how teammates and coaches described Nelson long before the events of May 11, 2014. "When the call came in, none of the responding officers would have thought this would be any different from other incidents in the area we have experienced," says Amy Vokal, the deputy director of the Mankato Department of Public Safety. Shelley also received credit for five days already served in jail. Thompson was downtown with Kolstad, 24. Witnesses would later tell of the horrifying thud they heard.

During one procedure less than a week after the fight, a significant portion of dead brain tissue was removed to help with swelling. “This was not a friendly punch. Born on September 20, 1956, in Mankato, he was the son of Eugene and May Olinger of Mankato. The couple, who began dating when they were both seniors at Mankato East High, were rounding out their life together. Kolstad is being treated at the Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato. Low near 30F. He said only that all the injuries were caused by a combination of the punch, fall and kick. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Isaac Kolstad delivered a brief statement, speaking in a clear, slow voice.

Periods of snow. "I get frustrated. She was harshly critical of Shelley's actions following the assault on May 11, 2014, in Mankato's downtown entertainment district, repeating several times, "You ran away.".

He also has physical therapy four days a week at a facility near Minneapolis and occupational and speech therapy at home. According to … "I was 24 and just starting my career," he said. Photo by Pat Christman, Trevor Shelley and his attorney Richard Hillesheim sit in court during Shelley's sentencing hearing Friday. "The stuff they were saying in court, it was just—we don't want to be associated with something that includes these people who are just so focused on the negative. "You were not man enough to step up and face your consequences," she said. It was a difficult birth. Isaac Kolstad was allegedly attacked after an argument in a parking lot with Rutgers QB Philip Nelson. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph. Prosecutors announced details about the fight for the first time today, drawing on statements from witnesses at the scene, including Nelson's girlfriend and Kolstad's friend. A single long fracture can be seen on the left side of Kolstad’s face, running from the back of his head to his left cheek. I just think that a sentence of 150 days in jail diminishes the seriousness of the offense and of the case. A series of fractures on the back of Kolstad’s head clearly show where it hit the ground. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. He teaches journalism at Southern Oregon University. Fleming is using the same evidence to argue probable cause is insufficient to charge Nelson with felony assault. Unexpected contenders who could crash the 2020 playoff party ➡️o, Clemson, Bama hold at top They had purchased their first home less than a year earlier. It’s hard to see exactly where the punch lands, but Thompson and Nelson both fall to the ground from the force of the blow. The fight—caught on video by a mounted police camera—featured one final savage act: Nelson walked to where Kolstad lay motionless near a stopped car and kicked him in the head. On a recent Saturday afternoon, Molly sat on a sofa in the living room of the Kolstads' home in a working-class neighborhood near downtown. "I got up and was like, 'OK, I'll go to the hospital and bring him home,'" she said. You have permission to edit this article.

That was my moment to say, 'We can't focus on that.' Hillesheim acknowledged the Kolstad family's anguish and praised his recovery as "noble" and "truly heroic.". "Those are not things people around here are going to willingly talk about," said White, the Kolstads' attorney. Isaac vacuums, does laundry and makes the occasional grilled cheese. Shelley waived his right to speak during the sentencing and did not talk to reporters as he left the courthouse with his family afterward. He did not remember kicking Kolstad and did not know the man in the red shirt. Isaac Kolstad (34) Linebacker - 2008 SEASON (REDSHIRT): Sat out the season as a redshirt in the Bison program ... HIGH SCHOOL: First-team all-conference and 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. Minnesota Linebacker Isaac Kolstad Knocked Out by Unknown Man, Trump forced to play defense against Biden as campaign heads into final stretch, DOJ charges 6 Russian military officers allegedly involved in hacking, Missing hiker found alive after 12 days in Zion National Park. "Your remorse means little," she said. He encountered 24-year-old Isaac Kolstad, a former football player at Minnesota State, who, like Nelson, grew up in the area. Shelley and Nelson attended the same high school but Shelley did not know Kolstad. Today, Nelson is still trying to restart his college football career; Kolstad is battling the aftereffects of his devastating injuries; two well-liked local families remain at odds, each demanding their own version of justice. "If you are going to be talking to the Kolstads, I don't think we can be a part of that.

Son of Blaine and Teresa Kolstad ... Father played football at USD, mother ran track at UM-Waseca ... Has one brother, Abraham, and one sister, Rebekah.


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