is yasuo a bruiser

No votes so far! There are two ways to play mid game. As League’s champion roster grew, the number of archetypes left to explore shrank.

This combo is Keyblade.

It is always best to auto-attack before using Q, rather than instantly E + Q. will likely be focused on giving opponents more clear opportunities to play aggressively while maintaining the fantasy of playing the agile wind samurai Yasuo was designed to be. Some champions cannot trade Yasuo back at level 3, such as Ekko and Ahri. Answers go live every other Thursday at 1:30 pm (PT). Triumph helps Yasuo consistently fight during team fights because of the healing. We put together a Yasuo overview infographic that has the best builds, runes, strengths, weaknesses, combos, skill orders, counters, synergies and anything else that you need to quickly learn the basics of Yasuo. Having a Q that builds up also means that Yasuo’s damage ramps up throughout a fight. The timing of this is precise, it should be after the E but before the Q is casted. With this kind of team, it is very easy to engage and dive, as you have multiple ways to knock up enemies and use your kit. Last Breath known as Yasuo's R. 1. The same cannot be said for Lament however, as Yasuo can build . Death’s Dance helps with sustain and provides some defensive stats.

“We ended up going in a different direction,” says QA Lead Joe “ManWolfAxeBoss” Lansford, “because we didn’t think this ending would be as understandable and appealing to players all over the world.” This story mirrored seppuku stories of Japan, but it wasn’t a particularly common or relatable tale for all audiences. Phantom Dancer is another item power spike because his crit chance is raised to 50%, and he gains 30% attack speed, movement speed, and a shield. Yasuo’s side-laning is very good because of how fast he can wave clear for 0 costs. Be the first to rate this post. But Yasuo has something a little different: a wind wall. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This matchup can be played safely if Yasuo is given a lead and if Renekton is properly kited. In a teamfight, utilize your ultimate if you know it would win the fight. This can be very harmful if it happens because in the case that you would ult a few enemies, there is a chance that the rest of their team will instantly kill you. The most common representation of samurai in video games and films features a swordsman who devotes his life to his master.

Yasuo is great at moving around teamfights with his E (Sweeping Blade). He also has decent early game pressure, being able to E (Body Slam) and Flash on the enemy laner at level 3+. This could be what you need to get that extra boost to gain serious elo. Both builds will be using +10% attack speed, +9 adaptive force, and +6 armor/+8 magic resist depending on the current matchup.

If an enemy is walking past the Wind Wall, match their movement so the Wind Wall is always in between you two to block incoming damage. Use Mercury’s Treads if they have multiple AP and/or CC that you cannot W (Wind Wall), such as Lissandra or Fiddlesticks. This can help you reduce their damage and trade better with them. To stay true to the yasuo-etiquette you have to ignore your team, if you are not fed as well. Phantom Dancer is a good power spike and you can make use of all of the stats the item provides.

In the past, this was accomplished with some kind of invulnerability: Tryndamere’s Undying Rage, (old) Fiora’s ultimate, Fizz’s troll pole. “We definitely didn’t see him as a split-pusher,” Brad says, “And for a while after his launch, he was one of the first melee characters we really saw teamfight, even in pro play.”, These days, Yasuo is the memelord of the Rift and one of the most banned champions in the game. Yasuo is very efficient at split-pushing, as his damage in the mid game is quite high and can easily destroy turrets. any more skimping on damage and you are just wasting his potential. The item makes Yasuo harder to kill and also gives him more damage. Yasuo is hard to make a bruiser since his base stats and kit revolve around him being a glasscannon. As you can see from the example, you're completely giving up his 2x crit passive for having a more versatile offense/defense to survive longer, but you will never have the mobility/sustain for fights like irelia or wukong etc. Try to hold on to your Q stacks as long as possible before fights happen, especially the tornado, as that ability has engagement potential. While Master Yi had been around for a while, his curious goggles and run-at-you playstyle didn’t really fulfill the fantasy of playing a blade-dancing warrior. This is a very good item, as it provides 40 armor, 45 AD, and a revive. He has an average KDA ratio of 3.40:1 with a 63% win rate. Yasuo’s designer Brad says, “I personally don’t like Yasuo as a top laner, and I don’t think it’s as healthy for League.”. If you feel very oppressed and have a fed teammate, Frozen Mallet is a very good purchase. Having 3 knock up abilities makes his presence on the map even more pressuring. His dash has cooldowns on targets after one use. You can build nearly anyone tank, but it just doesn't fit them. You usually end up building two defensive items, depending on the damage type the enemy has. The best scenario as a Yasuo main is to have a 5-man knock up. When you E + Q on an airborne target. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! They are a bruiser and harassing mages, in a similar fashion to Yasuo. And, believe it or not, Yasuo was originally designed to be a melee fighter who was also great at teamfighting. The only piece of advice for the other part of his passive is to continuously move as Yasuo to have the shield up as much as possible. In the case that Yasuo is very ahead and is vulnerable to dying, build Guardian Angel/Death’s Dance. Look for all-in angles with your tornado or teammate knock ups. Renekton is considered a counter because he can chunk a good amount of Yasuo’s health for every CS that the swordsman goes for, while also breaking his shield, Way of the Wanderer. © 2019 Riot Games, Inc. All rights reserved.

Yasuo’s recommended items change depending on the situation. You run this rune page when you are going to have a difficult matchup, especially in the late game. Yasuo's brother Yone is finally here in League of Legends. They are both oppressive when played properly, and have similar features in their kits, such as mobility, damage, and outplay potential. This gives you enough protection early on to avoid giving any unnecessary kills to your opponent in the lane. Upon returning, Yasuo finds his master has been slain…by a wind technique. This guide was written by our team of writers with the help of the challenger player Repobah, who is an expert in everything Yasuo. Her overall strengths and weaknesses are as follows: These champions give Yasuo a hard time in-game due to having a kit that can stop Yasuo from doing what he wants to do.

Yasuo’s E can be used to dash through walls. 1 offensive item, into a defensive item, into the rest of a build based around the enemy team comp.

The name “. They are a bruiser and harassing mages, in a similar fashion to Yasuo. I am wondering if it is actually a thing. It is a very offensive item, of which you effectively use the 80 AD, 20% lifesteal, and the Bloodthirster’s shield. Even though these changes probably made sense individually, they’ve collectively pushed Yasuo away from a wombo-combo-friendly mid laner towards a solo-splitting top. Enabling you to chase targets that you want to burst down with your critical damage. If you want to have a second life in every teamfight, you can build Guardian Angel. And League of Legends was ready for them.

Bonus: Yasuo’s name almost wasn’t Yasuo.


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