international kung fu federation
The purpose of organizing an international body for Kung Fu sports is to promote Morden and traditional Kung fu with unique rules and seeks to join the Olympic Games as a medal sports.ISKFF observes the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code (“OMADC”) as prescribed by the IOC and other anti-doping codes relevant in preserving the intrinsic value of the spirit of sport. We are Training Based Martial Arts School, Resident in Rupnarayanpur, West Bengal.   - Best combinations - Number of minus points and knock downs Shaolin International Federation. 4. 4)      When the person doing a throw falls on top of the opponent When neither fighter dominates the other and the rounds are even the 3rd round should be conducted. Developed and Managed by. For punches and blows the technique must be delivered with the striking zone of the glove. For punches and blows the technique must be delivered with the striking zone of the glove. Copyright 2003 International Kung Fu Federation, World Kung Fu & Tai Chi Championships 2007. - Best combinations Tai Chi. There is a break of 1 minute duration between rounds. The selection of referees and judges shall take place by the Match Inspector prior to each match under supervision of the head referee in duty. Chinese Kung Fu Ithithanam P.O.   5)      When using a sacrifice technique (sweep, scissors, flying kick, etc) an athlete falls to the ground without touching the opponent, the opponent gets 1 point Each judge is responsible for him/herself, that he/she is in duty as neutral referee. Kung Fu Tao Lu. He/she must implement the rules fairly and without any bias and he/she must have valid referee license. 1)      Individually fitted head protector (helmet), open helmets are forbidden, 2)      Individually fitted tooth protector (gum shield), 3)      T-shirt (sleeveless undershirts or bear-chest is prohibited – penalty disqualification), 4)      Individually fitted chest protector, 6)      Gloves 10 OZ in all weight categories, 7)      Shorts (long trouser is prohibited – penalty disqualification), 8)      Individually fitted groin-protector, 9)      Individually fitted foot protectors (shin guard). ISKFF is looking forward to conduct more championships in the  future. A head referee at the continental and world championships will be dominated only by the IKF Referee Committee. Sangai International University officially registered at Manipur state, We ISKFF is also a part of this university provides the education and certifications on Sports. Men weight categories - 55, -60, -65, -70, -75, -80, -85, -90, +90. Especially no watches, chains and rings, also pens in the chest-pocket of the shirt. 2 points 1 point Affiliations are open by continental and country wise, After the observation of activities your federation shall be displayed in this website. - Effective parries and counterattacks He/she shall use the command "Stop" when ordering the contestants to stop the match. Men weight categories - 55, -60, -65, -70, -75, -80, -85, -90, +90 - Effective parries and counterattacks Note: All legal kicks or punches must be directly without being blocked or parried on any legal area. All licensed international IKF judges and referees shall be registered in the central archives of the IKF Referees Committee. 3)      When the contestants do not fight for 8 seconds, the referee chooses, which of the two athletes is to attack. In the tournaments of the International Kung Fu Federation the judges are classified into 5 groupings: 1. Referees and judges (men and women) must wear black trousers, blue shirts with IKF logo on the chest (small), black bow-tie and black sport-shoes. - Number of points scored 6)      Any legal foot sweep if the balance is broken or the opponent is downed Certified Dan Rank Issued by International Kun Gek Do Federation 2nd Dan Black Belt Kuk Ki Won/ World Taekwondo Federation 4th Dan Black Belt International Korean Kong Soo Do … We (ISKFF) are also part of IMGC “International Martial Art Games Committee” since 5 years and have conducted one Championship under their banner. Every other year this committee shall verify the suitability and continued qualifications of its international judges and referees. not from the same club/country). In case of a serious violation of the rules, the referee stops the fight with the command “Stop” and issues minus point. The International Sports Kung fu Federation (ISKF) is a international organization for the promotion of traditional and Morden sports kung fu worldwide.


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