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Issa decides to meet up with a guy she met on Tinder at the party, only to get publicly rejected because she “looks different in real life.” She also runs into Daniel for the first time since she told him he was “an itch [she] needed to scratch” last season, awkward reunion. This is also the episode that features Issa and Molly’s worst fight. The scene then cuts to Lawrence, in Tasha’s bedroom, where he’s — excuse my French, there’s no other way to put this — fucking the shit out of her. It’s the first time the two have seen each other since they had ex-sex in the Season 2 premiere, and all the built-up hurt and resentment reach a boiling point, leading to their biggest fight to date: “Was it worth all that time I spent supporting your depressed ass?”, “Probably not as much time as you spent being a fucking hoe.”, In the words of Nene Leakes, “Whew, chile. His laptop password is absolutely not your name, sis! On the other side of the party’s huge indoor/outdoor venue, Molly finds out her childhood friend Dro is in an open marriage after things get a little steamy between them while dancing to “Slow Motion” by Juvenile (relatable). Along with help from executive producer Larry Wilmore and co-creator Prentice Penny, Rae gave us the show we’d been waiting for, one that documents the humor, frustrations, joy, and heartbreak of being young and black right now. (I don’t care if their marriage is open — you came with your wife! Dro is trippin’ by having sex with Molly in the restaurant bathroom to get her to stop trippin’ about Candice being there. Neither Insecure nor its fanbase were ever the same after this episode. 'Insecure' Star Tristen Winger Reveals What He And Thug Yoda Would Have A Convo About In Real Life This convo would be mad 'bute.' Issa and friends head to Beychella for Tiffany’s pre-baby blowout. For example, highlighting the creativity of the series, take a look at this montage of Issa flashbacking on her relationship with Lawrence, as seen from the perspective of their sofa. But fate is fate, and by the end of the episode, Issa finally has to come clean to Lawrence. It’s when Issa cheated on Lawrence by having sex with Daniel in the music studio. In Molly’s mind, that meant he was gay, and because she couldn’t get past that, she gave up a good man. The episodes below represent the best moments Insecure has given us over the past three seasons: the ones that are so real we feel triggered and argue with one another all week on Twitter about; the ones that make us laugh every time we even think about them; and even the few that made us shed a thug (Yoda) tear. But pick I must, so let me introduce Thug Yoda (Tristen J. Winger). And just when you think your heart can’t take any more stimulation, the closing scene is a quickie between Lawrence and Issa! The entire ordeal goes to show that sometimes sex fantasies should remain just that. Check out episode one, ‘The Stop Sign’ here or catch the whole series on You Tube. By signing up, you agree to our terms & conditions and privacy policy. From Malibu to Coachella to everywhere in between, we got y’all. Sign up for Red's virtual Xmas shopping weekend now. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. It’s the plot point whose repercussions the characters are all still affected by in one way or another. Kelli’s ex Quantrel (whom we’d never met before because Kelli switches men like underwear) pops up! It’s actually the last time the two have sex, but in the moment, you don’t know what’s in store in a season whose premiere packs that much punch. Insecure is an imaginative, witty and downright addictive blend of smart sit-com and soap that’s evolved creatively over its four seasons, all available to stream now on Neon. Her relationship with long-time lover Lawrence (actor Jay Ellis), is on the rocks. But when they run into each other again while leaving the screening, it’s revealed that the man is actually Jared’s brother, and they’re both there on a double date with their beautiful black girlfriends. We had no idea how we’d find the two at the start of this episode; the writers even decided to do a trick fantasy date start to make it seem like they had reconciled. Issa apologizes for not knowing how to be there for him during his depression. (See Due North, the parody show-in-a-show that depicts a love story between a slave, played by Regina Hall, and her owner, played by Scott Foley). Related Let’s Get to Know Insecure ’s Asian Bae, Alexander Hodge Amazing bars aside, this episode also contains a hilarious “wine down” party at Issa’s apartment where we meet her shady brother and get the return of Thug Yoda, who shows up with his fellow Bloods (that Blood walk!) Lawrence apologizes for shutting down when his professional plans didn’t shape up and he couldn’t provide for them the way he wanted to.


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