immense in a sentence

Immense phosphate beds were discovered near Tebessa in 1891. Yet he could not have been insensible to the immense superiority in rhythmical smoothness which the hexameter of Lucretius has over that of Ennius and Lucilius.

Charles's ambition aimed at wider fields, and when Margaret, countess of Flanders, asked help of the French court against the German king William of Holland, by whom she had been defeated, he gladly accepted her offer of the county of; Hainaut in exchange for his assistance (1253); this arrangement was, however, rescinded by Louis of France, who returned from captivity in 1254, and Charles gave up Hainaut for an immense sum of money. The plain contains, however, a few districts of the Utmost fertility, particularly the tracts on the central Elbe, and the marsh lands on the west coast of Holstein and the north coast of Hanover, Oldenburg and East Frisia, which, within the last two centuries, the inhabitants have reclaimed from the sea by means of immense dikes. To the south of the church lay the cloister-court (H), of immense size, placed much farther to the west than is usually the Offices.
"Flesh, bodies, cannon fodder!" All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], There is no doubt that Bohr's influence was, The political fallout of the revelations has been, The psychological effects on the United States were, English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "immense" The Beatles were, Use "immense" in a sentence. The record of the Crustacean familytree is, in fact, a fairly complete E .Ps one - the lower primitive members s: of the group are still represented c' by living forms in great abundance. Its work is primarily that of the investigation of the fisheries of northern Europe, but its general methods are oceanographical, and its published results have formed an immense contribution to the science. They carry an immense volume of water during the summer rains, but are very small streams in the winter, when several of their tributaries are completely dry. Short Example Sentence for Immense .

He had written a popular history of the late war, the first volume having an immense sale and bringing him unusually large profits.

ing immense influence within it, was in the end always prepared to weaken them by exciting dissension among their people.

Sonya, as she listened, thought of the immense difference there was between herself and her friend, and how impossible it was for her to be anything like as bewitching as her cousin. 2. They contain however many relics of dialectic. This is a prejudice of the same kind with the last, arising from our experience of bodies consisting of immense multitudes of atoms. This country is protected from inundation by immense embankments, so that almost the whole area is suitable for rice cultivation. Other important manufactories are flour mills, of which there were over 500 in 1904; iron and steel works, of which there are 7 large establishments, including the immense plant at Monterey; 90 smelters for the reduction of precious metals; tanneries, potteries, and factories for the manufacture of hats, paper, linen, hammocks, harness and saddles, matches, explosives, aerated waters, soap, furniture, chocolate and sweetmeats.

Our concern lies with the first kind of Crusade, and with the other three only so far as they bear on the first, and as they illustrate the immense widening which the term "Crusade" now underwent - a widening accompanied by its inevitable corollary of shallowness of motive and degradation of impulse.
Apart from the strategic concerns and government revenue at stake, Plants of a seemingly delicate nature are almost overpowered by, They can cause dust devils and whirlwinds, though these are nothing when compared to the, Kashmir's contribution to the Indian thought has been of, Around the doors, carved into the stone walls and the flagstones at his feet, are a series of, In 808-809 the Khan's soldiers defeated the Byzantine army in the Struma valley, seizing, Kas, a long-time resident of New Orleans, related her, The inversion of normal architectonic expectation is not just wilful, but has, The guns leapt backwards with a rolling crash and an, Souvenir's packed with ethereal-sounding tracks that show off the, Black people's struggle against apartheid in South Africa attracted, The four cottages each have a king-sized bed, fireplace, full kitchen, lounge, sofa bed, spa bath and deck surrounded by, Chlorine is a basic industrial chemical, prepared in, The great surprise is that out of this slim body, a sonorous, powerful voice emanates vibrating with a, When the revelations regarding his alleged misconduct broke, the paper clearly felt itself under, Images of lush green vegetation slowly give way to, Turquoise creeks braid through the landscape, feeding, The creation of the new government was greeted with, Our failure to recognise that unsaved sinners are spiritually dead has caused, The botanical specimens and artworks at the Museum are not only of great historical value but also of, Perth is something of a boom town, due to the, It took 12 wagons to transport one of the, This is a simply conceived space depending for drama on. First came the Imperial Cornet Band of Oz, dressed in emerald velvet uniforms with slashes of pea-green satin and buttons of immense cut emeralds. 2. The souls of his forefathers inhabited the obelisk, making it hum with immense power. The museum was so immense it took us two days to make our way through it. In autumn the withered weeds are torn up by the wind and driven immense distances. The meteoric iron of Arizona, some of which contains diamond, is actually found in and about a huge crater which is supposed by some to have been formed by an immense meteorite penetrating the earth's crust. Flesh-eating entailing necessarily an immense volume of pain upon the sentient animal creation should be abstained from by the "higher classes" in the evolutionary scale. 686. The number of cercariae produced by the pullulating rediae in a single water-snail is immense, and as they are emitted at a given period or a few successive periods, the snail at these times appears enclosed in a cloud of whitish flocculent matter. The surface-layers of this immense basin are heated in the summer up to temperatures of 55z° to 57° F., both close to the shores and at some distance from the mouth of the Selenga; but these warmer layers are not deep, and a uniform temperature of nearly 39° F. Cox, the Democratic nominee, also from Ohio; he carried, generally by immense majorities, all the northern states and all but one of the states on the border between North and South, and he cut down materially the Democratic majorities in the South. Numerous canals are cut from the rivers for the purpose of affording artificial irrigation, which has proved of immense benefit to the country.

The Topics is at least an investigation of dialectic, which has had an immense influence on the method of argument.

There is an immense variety of water-fowl, including the phalarope, fulmar petrel, kittiwake, Manx shearwater, black guillemot, whimbrel, puffin and white-tailed eagle.

Finding himself without support, he yielded without a struggle, dismissed his ministry and signed a constitution on the 7th of July 1887, revising that of 1864, and intended to put an end to personal government and to make the cabinet responsible only to the legislature; this was called the " bayonet constitution," because it was so largely the result of the show of force made by the Honolulu Rifles. Even the mere money value of the lost pieces must be immense, and among them is the central relic box, which would have told us in whose honour the monument was put up. The trade of Konigsberg was much hindered by the constant shifting and silting up of the channels leading to its harbour; and the great northern wars did it immense harm, but before the end of the 17th century it had almost recovered.

The Rhetoric is declared by him to be partly dialectic. They used to suppose that an immense range of mountains crossed Asia from west to east on the parallel of the island of Rhodes, extending through Asia Minor, the Kurdish highlands, the N. On the accession of Nicholas I., Arakcheev, thoroughly broken in health, gradually restricted his immense sphere of activity, and on the 26th of April 1826, resigned all his offices and retired to Carlsbad. Gerin Lajoie'S Cry Of " Back To The Land " Was Successfully Adapted To Moderns Developments In Le Saguenay (1896) And L'Outaouais Su Perieur (1889) By Arthur Buies, Who Showed What Immense Inland Breadths Of Country Lay Open To Suitable " Jean Rivards " From The Older Settlements Along The St Lawrence. The Tunguses (nearly 70,000) occupy as their hunting-grounds an immense region on the high plateau and its slopes to the Amur, but their limits are yearly becoming more and more circumscribed both by Russian gold-diggers and by Yakut settlers.


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