i'm so fly they call me aviator
I’m So Fly Lyrics: I'm so fly, I got money / So that's a good enough reason to buy the things I buy / I'm so high, I'm on point / And I could tell that you're jealous just by the look in your eye Yeah, well motherfucker, this the pilot Catshot - A carrier takeoff assisted by a steam-powered catapult. FAG - Fighter Attack Guy; derogatory term for F/A-18 Hornet drivers. We pack shows and attract bosses This may cause the launching aircraft to depart the deck below minimum controllable speed and may result in loss of control. [Verse 1] I'll follow all the signs New album "Ellipsis" OUT NOW ! It's either cause they boyfriend's a scrub like Brillo Step to the mic and they gon' dread it like Weezy Where the block I'm from "knife-fight". Then maybe this wouldn't feel so wrong But all I see is a handkerchief I just want to tell you both good luck. Lineup – lining up the aircraft with the runway or Fight Deck, Martin-Baker Fan Club - If you eject, you're a member (a reference to the Martin-Baker, Merge, Merged Plot - The point at which aircraft come into contact, after having been. I'll give him 20 more minutes. Or get a little red splatter on ya' cream Coogi Jink – A quick maneuver to avoid a threat.Jock, Driver - Pilot, as in "helo driver", or "fighter jock"JP-4, JP-5 - Types of jet fuel: the aroma of which makes former aviators nostalgic for flight operations.Judy - Radio call signaling that your quarry is in sight and you are taking control of the intercept. Gigahertz and Nanoseconds - Highly technical, detailed, and hard to understand.Gizmo - A piece of technical gear (also doodad, thingamabob, or hoo-ha). To lead you to this place to find me waiting A transparent screen mounted in front of the windscreen on which pertinent data from flight instruments and weapons systems are projected. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. On the Mouse - Talking on the flight-deck radio circuit that uses a headset resembling  Mickey Mouse ears. Merge, Merged Plot - The point at which aircraft come into contact, after having been vectored toward each other by radar control. Grew up on section 8, you probably can't relate FOD - Foreign Object Damage. So that's a good enough reason to buy the things I buy. The most common is called tenancy in common. Got a show in LA Sunday, then New York Monday All rights reserved. Yeah, yeah Three-Nine Line - Imaginary line across your airplane's wingspan. When I travel I know I'm gon' get stuck Also known as "paddles". “Call the Ball”. Million-dollar deals on the table Formally known as the FRS (Fleet Replacement Squadron). Of leaving you helpless in the flames And when I ride by Groove – Perfect position on approach in relation to glide slope, AOA and the Meatball. G-Unit's going straight to the top this year, The Sig will melt a brother like two scoops of butter, Before I leave the crib I tell my mother I love her, We fight, wake up and fuck like Ike and Tina Turner, Paranoia is on ya', that's why ya' llama's in ya' bed, Niggas be damn near forty and still tucking, It's either cause they boyfriend's a scrub like Brillo, Nigga, there's no one out the click that freezes, Difference is, I'm eating in Rome and you eating Roman Noodles, I'm in the hood with more straps than a Jan sport, I got the patience of a high school teacher, I'm So Fly (Remix) by Lloyd Banks (Ft. G-Unit).


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