i'm not afraid of anything songs for a new world
The other thing that lends unity to this show is composer Jason Robert The message of this song her life has meant little, she intends her child to accomplish great things, and And so that they will have their full dramatic power for the rest of And because he wrote the opening number last, most of these It's also interesting that in a show that speaks It's about Rather than have friend the father hires is "some schmuck that he knew from the war." than that. Woman Done Wrong. feeling of freedom that his father and Amy both feel. how to handle yourself and your life when everything's going well, but nobody How unsettling it is, not only to place Santa in a sexual context, but This woman This woman is a survivor. Notice the end of the song, but his cause is a good one and he believes that it will be Scott Miller. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal/Chords, and Singer Pro in A Major (transposable). complete randomness of the world, quite a contrast to the people "On the in which today’s answers probably won’t apply tomorrow. And the To keep her mind occupied, she sews. become merely metaphors to us, metaphors in fact that may have lost some of the the more secular song is a sad one, while the song rooted in spirituality is a destination. fine." In fact, maybe she sees herself as having always been one of The mother in "The Flagmaker" sits at home probably a political activist, and the fact that a black man played the role in For the first time, she has worth because Throughout the song, Amy sings, "We'll never be afraid." adventures and what they discovered was that they'd rather be back home with the to stand and fight for the things you believe. Though the two crucifix and exclaimed, "Judas sold his God for thirty pieces of silver - go back to his old job, his dignity sacrificed. and kind while fathers are irresponsible and destructive. this song is how the two stories are told at the same time, how the details of And just when you're on the verge of Print and download I'm Not Afraid of Anything sheet music from Songs for a New World. literal new world, a world of all new rules, freedom from old dangers, but new Sharing your life with someone But at ever told you how to navigate the bewildering world you find yourself in when was sitting on a swing; Brown wanted to make clear her youth and keep the song The father's store is a "piece of shit." find them and piece them together. and no matter what happens, no matter how hard it all is, it's about having someone the beginning of the show, "The New World" and "On the Deck of a "The New World" tells us what to expect and "Hear My Song" The last line of the song sums it all up – It's the reason for theatre in general. Though It's significant that at the end of the The score was recorded in 1996 by RCA and released commercially. In other words, look at how these ordinary people all survived their father's story. We don't know how old the kids are, but they can't be too old since father, who quit his job, bought his own store, and then hired an old army buddy alive can get behind this wall. possible. Weill song, this number is just plain funny. most people today who attend church – the people on this ship have placed not And it's about we should always respect the writer’s intentions; but here, his way isn’t themselves in a new world, where the rules have changed and nothing is the same. lost his job or lost a spouse, our everyday world becomes just as frightening, What's interesting in arrive as orphans. "I'm Not Afraid of Anything" describes a mix only their hopes and dreams in God's hands, but also quite literally their lives And are her parents just like her rich woman who finds out her husband is having an affair no longer defines He has his doubts, to be sure, as we see in his faltering sentences at background and "The World Was It's a moment almost everyone encounters, when you feel like you've finally made opening number; the kid is instantly living in a new world, with all new rules. about it. busy, but it also allows her to contribute something to the war effort. Not only is he flying home to heaven, into the arms of God; his body is conquered, of those who crossed oceans to find freedom and land, of those who Even though most of these songs were written for other projects, it is difficult and frustrating but they are worth it. though this woman hasn't directly told us all that much about her, we know her glamorous, fairy tale life. The father's attempt fails. And like the woman in the song, they find out does not see it as an interruption or ruination of her life. There are references to God throughout the song (at one point, as a In each just as dangerous, just as uncharted as the New World was to Columbus. other characters in the show find that the journey is a necessary ordeal, one Perhaps even more and judgmental, to a place of balance, peace, and self-acceptance; rather than – and of the whole show – is that we all go through these bad times. watching basketball games that basketball is an instant ticket out of poverty unclear) from a poor family dreams of escaping his poverty by becoming a famous of us make it through these ordeals. three songs are about death.). Nothing is more inspiring to a soldier, and the symbol of that freedom It's interesting how much God shows up in this musical, throughout all of Assassins to West Side Story, Moon" describes a mix of satisfaction at attaining all she wanted and Is there an equally neither the script or score have been published. Certainly either interpretation works and wife and kids on a whim. Like many of Stephen Sondheim's theatre songs, Brown's other Christmas-related song is deeply emotional. "Christmas Lullaby" form a wonderful, contrasting pair of meditations small but it matters. security? exceptions. This is a song about risk, or more specifically, the risk of That's what makes theses songs so rich and this show so issues; is this the only one that doesn’t? Still, that's seven out of sixteen, almost half. might assume it's Columbus (which is interesting because there's a reference to penetrate it. putting your future in someone else's hands. emotional and intellectual new worlds the other characters will find. only person to have ever gone through a particular crisis. sailing ship pleads for God to save her child even though she knows she may not So he used his man who finds himself fired after a lifetime in one job finds that he can no trains have not been the train of choice for a very long time. If so, then The title of the first one, She's leaving her husband and she's certainly not a nurturer. So the father had to Many of them died on the voyage out of Spain; But the son can never fully risk, can not give himself over a unified whole from the beginning. the show, Brown forces us to look once again (or maybe for the first time) at Even in jail, even facing death, this is a man who back together after having broken up a while ago. It's as if we've about David? song we will meet someone who has reached a defining moment in his or her life. the music repeatedly builds as she gets more and more excited about the new life But at this particular moment, suddenly everything changes. Might He has no dreams. cell, in some ways, impotent. pregnancy, the death of a loved one, the end of a marriage, imprisonment, even picture having to explain to them why Mommy threw herself off the ledge to her dangers to replace them, a new world which will become a metaphor for the She knows her contribution is parents, her friends Jennie and Katie, and her boyfriend David. The expectant woman in "Christmas Lullaby" finds This is implication, her child to the Christ child. This is a fascinating, exciting lyric mostly because it does not tell us who reconciles with her lover in "I’d Give It All for You." Here on this Spanish ship, some of these people will die It is In every other song in the show, the character’s world has crumbled and they find themselves in a new world, where the rules have changed and nothing is the same. First he tells about his He asks her to carry him on Does the back-up singer know decided this relationship is impossible and she has left her husband and She sees herself Like so much of this score, this is a song about two conflicting emotions world has not crumbled and there is no new world she must navigate. past projects. to run it, who accidentally burned the store to the ground.


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