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Chrysogonum virginianum, or green and gold, is a gorgeous choice due to its dainty, star-shaped yellow flowers with spooned leaves. Planters Paper is degradable. An evergreen ground cover plant is beneficial to your garden in two ways, each of which has significant value even when found separately on plants!. Native Violet is a great little ground cover for shadier spots and makes a super filler for in between pavers. Bird attracting. Outstanding small ornamental grass featuring steel-blue foliage all year round. Olive Plastic Mulch - offering a hybrid between clear and black mulches. White, pink mauve and yellow flowering variety available too. Ideal for seaside gardens as the nam... Gorgeous and popular ground cover, very low maintenance, will spread to 1.5m if unclipped, but only 50cm high. Will grow in a range of soil conditions  but thrives in sunny, well drained spots. Compact richly-coloured popular ground cover - smaller, lower-growing, less vigorous than Alternanthera dentata with a more purple tone. Good erosion control plant. Without further ado, let’s learn how to care for this incredible lawn alternative! $5.20. ; Ground covers offer a number of ways to lower yard maintenance.They fight erosion and suppress weeds. It has season-long integrity and is easily removed from the field after harvest. The slits and perforations provide daytime ventilation, eliminating the need for manual venting. A fast growing Grevillea providing excellent coverage, making it ideal for erosion control, and for planting on sloped sites. SRM-Red is a high quality, durable plastic that is 1.0 Mil thick and lies well over flat or raised beds. Speedy groundcover for sunny places and frost-free gardens. To prevent wind damage, the cover is pulled taut over the hoops (but not stretched), and the edges are secured with soil. Prices subject to change without notice. Each roll has a green plant line every 12" to aid in plant placement. It contains no harmful ingredients and leaves no harmful residues in the soil. It offers more soil warming than black mulch, while controlling weed growth better than clear mulch. It makes for a sense and beautiful ground cover. Blooms will be more sparse when Green and Gold is grown in the shade. Fine slender leaves, neat shape, compact and rounded. Information and description about green & gold. Copyright © 2020 Plantmark. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. A widely available evergreen groundcover that is fast growing in a wide range of growing conditions. All rights reserved. Overview Frost and drought hardy once established. Fro... Not vibrant gold like Cuphea aurea, not all-over green like Cuphea mauve, Golden Ruby sits happily between the two, to give your garden beds... A lovely white-striped compact form of the native dianella. Takes clipping well -great for hedgin... Neat spreading groundcover with tiny oval leaves, showy pink-cream flowers in winter-spring. Over many years of experimentation and use since the late 1950's black plastic has proved to be a boost to agricultural productivity. The variegation is gentle and subtle, enough col... For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Height: 30cm   Width: 3m Form: Prostrate ground cover  Foliage: Thin bright green leaves arranged densely around the stem arranged along the stemFlowers:  Spider-like red flowers in winter and spring, Common Everlasting Daisy >> Chrysocephalum apiculatum. If you have any difficulty finding them. To view detailed plant information and images click on. We have chosen ones with different features that are suited to different growing conditions. Since it is a woven product, water and nutrients will seep through, eliminating unsightly and hazardous water puddles. Its foliage forms a thick mat which makes it great for erosion control and weed suppressing. Our Ground Cover is a tightly woven, black polypropylene fabric that helps control weed growth and retains moisture in the soil. Grow as a twining low ground cover, or as a climber up a tr... A new take on star jasmine, with golden-yellow splashed green leaves for year-round colour. A roadside operator can often benefit all season from being the first to offer local fresh products. Also consider Broad Leaved Myoporum, Purple Leaved Myoporum and Pink Flowering Myoporum. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Unique groundcover plant with nearly jet-black strappy leaves. Sedum Blue Feather - stonecrop - succulent, Trachelospermum Valley Lights - variegated star jasmine. Native Ground Covers   Download Printable PDF here. Red mulch reflects intensified red light to the developing plants, which increases their photosynthetic capacity. Fast growing, it’s great for planting around pavers. Maximum grower benefits from the use of crop covers and tunnels are obtained when there exists an early market-price-window for high value crops. They are very lightly scented. Then the paper is subject to lifting by wind. When it comes to sprawling ground cover plants, the choices are endless. Looking f... Low-growing mounded native shrub, grey-blue colour an attractive backdrop to seasonal flowers. A prolific flowering native with pink and white star-like flowers. Dislikes humidity. A little dappled shade and a little e... Gunmetal grey, elegant and sophisticated, subtle yet dramatic. Chrysogonum requires afternoon shade in the Southern zones. More light is reflected early in the season when plant foliage covers less of the mulch, allowing plants to grow more quickly and yield earlier. It can go dormant in severe conditions such as frost or drought but it will grow back. This pretty perennialalso comes in pink/ deep blue and yellow flowering forms and will attract butterflies to your garden. Due to expansion when wet and shrinkage when dry, the paper tends to tear along the edges at the soil line. Bird attracting. Height: 30-50cm   Width: 1.5m Form: Prostrate with shooting stems  Foliage: Small dark green rounded leaves densely covering stemFlowers:  Spider-like flowers, pink and cream in colour, appearing March to December, Cascade of Stars >> Philotheca buxifolia 'Cascade of Stars'. Shipping starts at $15.95. Blue Plastic Mulch is made of high quality, durable plastic that is 1.0 mil thick and lays well over flat or raised beds. A little dappled... More butterscotch than hopscotch, this lovely foliage plant glows in toasty-warm sunset shades throughout the cooler months. Always popular fast-growing spreading groundcover and landscape plant, much loved for its bold dark burgundy foliage like a fine wine. Prefers average to moist well drained soil. Generally, the cover is left over the plants for 3-4 weeks. Planters Paper provides season extension in spring and fall. Shade loving ground cover with burnished purple-bronze leaves and perky pale blue flowers. Tomato yields have increased as much as 20% higher with SRM-Red as compared with black plastic. Always a favourite with our customers for its versatility and year round colour. Frost and drought resistant once established. They are constructed by installing 6-foot wide sheets of either slitted or perforated plastic over wire hoops that are spaced about 4 feet apart. Generally, the thickness is 1.0 to 1.1 mil (1 mil = 1/1000 inch) although thinner materials are available in high density polyethylene. Height: 20cm   Width: 2m Form: Prostrate groundcover  Foliage: Fleshy succulent spike-like leavesFlowers:  Magenta Pigface flowers with a yellow centre. Running Postman is an eye catching ground cover that provides the garden with a bit of colour in winter. It has season-long integrity and is easily removed from the field after harvest. Foliage: Very fine leaves.Flowers:  Small white star-shaped flowers in spring and summer. Plastic Mulch Information With today’s demand for increased food production and heightened awareness for the responsible use of our limited resources, ‘Plastic Mulch” is proving to be a justifiable addition to the cost of commercial vegetable production around the world. Therefore, additional soil should be added periodically to the edges to secure the paper. Each roll has a green plant line every 12" to aid in plant placement. Grevillea Royal Mantle >> Grevillea poorinda 'Royal Mantle'. Ground Covers are also excellent for hiding flaws and suppressing weeds as their thick growth stops seeds emerging. © 2013 - document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Gothic Arch Greenhouses. The ideal plant for Australian climate extremes. Black Plastic mulch is extruded from clear polyethylene resin into sheets of film of varying widths and lengths. Height: 15cm   Width: 1m Form: Matt forming prostrate ground cover Foliage: small soft green leavesFlowers:  Masses of tiny blue star-shaped flowers in late spring to autumn, Cut-leafed Daisy  >> Brachyscome multifida. Fine Leaf Myoporum >> Myoporum parvifolium. Height: 30-60cm   Width: 30-60cm Form: Low growing shrub/cascading ground cover  Foliage: Small dark green leaves that are densely arranged along the stem  Flowers:  Pink buds open to white star shaped flowers in spring. Greenhouse Manufacturer, Project Consulting, Design, Products Sale Service. Needs ample water when grown in full sun. A colourful perennial succulent that is coast tolerant and extremely hardly. A favourite of many gardeners due to its versatility in many garden styles. Dislikes humidity. Height: 20cm   Width: 1m Form: Spreading ground cover Foliage:  Small green with serrated marginsFlowers:  Pretty fan-shaped purple flowers decorate the plant in spring to summer and may appear throughout the year. Attractive foliage plant featuring fine silver-grey leaves, yellow flowers and an aroma similar to curry when crushed or in warm sunshine... Captain Jack would love this black-hearted heuchera, all swagger and moodiness with a flash of colour. Suitable for a wide range of gardens, keep moisture up in warmer months. A hardy evergreen ground cover that will form a dense matt of foliage and provide colour to the garden in winter. They are also edible. Find ground cover at Lowe's today. In its natural state, plastic is clear, so carbon black is added to make it black. Useful for ground cover, borders, edging, woodland gardens and naturalizing. Mature height 4"-6", spread 18"-24" Since it is a woven product, water and nutrients will seep through, eliminating unsightly and hazardous water puddles. It’s really tough so it is great for landscaping projects such as erosion control  and under trees. Evergreen foliage provides visual interest all year round. Product Shipping Dates: For shipment of ground covers on the following Monday, all orders must be placed by no later than Thursday at 5:00 PM.Orders placed after Thursday 5:00 PM EST will NOT ship until the following 2nd Monday. Below is a list of native ground covers. Transmits 75% light and does not block rain. Unmistakable, it makes a striking garden element for edging and borders, dram... Lush indoor plant with small oval pointed leaves, suited to low light levels, ideal for green feature walls and patio planting. Speedy groundcover for sunny places and frost-free gardens. This ground covers thrives as a perennial in USDA hardiness zones between 6 and 9. Ground Cover plants are an essential part of the garden structure, filling in gaps and creating soft edges. A ground hugging perennial cover that thrives in damp soil. Select this link for more information & prices. Excellent cover for over wintering crops such as strawberries. Bird attracting. Add to Cart.


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