garry winogrand: all things are photographable
So they were getting something out of it, and he was getting something out of it. Thank you. -♪ 'Cause I was born lonely down by the riverside ♪ ♪ Learned to spin fortune wheels and throw dice ♪ ♪ I was just 13 when I had to leave home ♪ ♪ Knew I couldn't stick around, I had to roam ♪ ♪ Ain't good-looking, but you know I ain't shy ♪ ♪ Ain't afraid to look it, girl, hear me out ♪ ♪ So if you need some lovin', and you need it right away ♪ ♪ Take a little time out, and maybe I'll stay ♪ ♪ But I got to ramble -♪ Ramblin' man -♪ Gamble, gamblin' man ♪ Got to, got to ramble -♪ Ramblin' man -♪ I was born a ramblin' gamblin' man ♪ -Did anybody encourage you to be a photographer? He is the real deal. And you have to fail a lot in order to push yourself and to learn and to grow. Absolutely no civic interests, white flights, bussing. ♪♪ -I don't think Garry wanted to get divorced in either case, either from Adrienne or Judy. -But you know, what I started doing is, I had just -- I had gone about six months of being extremely busy. Winogrand undergoes thyroid surgery and his knee and leg are broken while photographing a football game. I don't think he would admit to any of these feelings, but that's the way that I saw him. ♪♪ -Garry Winogrand was one of the principal American photographers of his generation. -There is no such thing as a definitive retrospective, but I think he's a rich enough, complex enough artist that once a generation, might merit going back into the work. It was the 'Mad Men' era when I met him in the middle '60s. -The other photographer would be Walker Evans. The interest in the warts is -- Right now we're in a very anti-wart era. 1959 -Garry's book and the body of work 'Women are Beautiful' I know was controversial at the time. The Family of Man tours the world and is estimated to have been seen by nine million people. Of course, in those days, being a feminist meant fewer bras. Decades before digital technology transformed how we make and see pictures, Garry Winogrand made over 1 million of them with his 35mm Leica camera, creating an encyclopedic portrait of America from the late 1950s to the early 1980s in the process. Winogrand’s first solo exhibition at MoMA, The Animals. He hadn't seen it. I could be mistaken, but I think Winogrand was one of the first people to observe and document this idea of the event that existed in order to be filmed. You know, one thing I got to hand to her, even in the worst, she never used the kids as a weapon. -At some point, I realize now, he hasn't paid his taxes in five years. After he died, I decided to move here because one of the reasons was is, you know, I wanted to go to the place where Garry had made the work that had influenced me so much. A documentary about an important American still photographer who captured New York City in the 1960s (his work there is said to have influenced the TV show Mad Men) and later the West in Texas and Los Angeles. Looking for some great streaming picks? And they are torn because they are also suffering a level of discrimination that people have completely forgotten about. He was a man of living in the moment he was in. Winogrand meets and befriends Dan Weiner, freelance magazine photographer and creative influence. You've seen enough corruption of language, I think. It was maddening looking through, posthumously contacting. And that's what Garry says in this conversation with Jay, because he turned his back on it at that point. The rolls of film, the bags. -This is Garry Winogrand. -Your mother was very strong, next to your father. Or perhaps it is possible that he finally used all of his time and energy 'burning film,' as he put it, because he could not face the prospect of looking at what he had shot yesterday. It's not lightning striking. Matter of fact, what happened was, he ran into me at a party. 1951 His work was a world made up of energy, ambition, desperate moments, and unfamiliar beauty. At the same time, it's being expressed as a poetic reality. Do you think he was joking when he said, 'It's the closest I get to not existing'? Let's talk about one of your projects, 'The Animals.'. Because you do need what the pictures give back to you. -By the time you're in the '80s, Winogrand land is a pretty beaten-up and depressed place. It was much more that it was such an incredibly protected world. People felt very comfortable commenting about every single thing you did, every single thing you were wearing. -Because he had a Bronx accent and he was very physical and there are stories about him getting into fistfights and stuff like that. So when I finally got to MoMA, and I saw what Szarkowski was up to, I thought, 'What is going on here?'. When it becomes as easy as black-and-white, that's my problem. ♪♪ -I thought about it. And the great majority of photographers either went to work or hoped to go to work for those magazines, Winogrand among them. -I don't even know the chronology when he decided to become an artist and not -- I think it's after I left, he was able to do that. Jan 24th – May 8th, 1955 Winogrand receives his third Guggenheim Fellowship. MAJOR SUPPORT FOR AMERICAN MASTERS PROVIDED BY, Garry Winogrand retrospective, including previously unseen posthumous works, opens at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. -He hadn't looked at a quarter of a million pictures. -That's the point. I love how there are a couple of pictures that include his kids, but that's so subtle that you would miss it if you didn't know.


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