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PARKER: Have Australians got anything to fear from this confrontation? GARETH PARKER: … the State Government have apparently sent an urgent plea for another 40 Australian Defence Force guards, or Defence Force personnel to guard Perth quarantine hotels. Subjects: ADF and WA borders, IR reform. That’s not how people get jobs, that’s not how they get higher wages. But things are still very sluggish on the ground. So, the question really is for your Premier and for their team; how are they going to get that money working for Western Australians? Okay. At the same time, domestically, the impact of floods and droughts has had a significant impact on our agricultural output. Cool heads engaging with everybody in a very calm way and ensuring that we’re working for the best strategic outcomes of everyone involved here, but also most importantly, the national interest of Australia which demands the approach we’re taking. As you know, we've got $158 billion worth of tax cuts that we want to legislate through the Parliament. What I outlined to people back in July shows that every single state and territory is better off. E&OE. Do we have things to worry about here? We put it up, I put it up on the agenda earlier in the year for this meeting and Josh has been there to bring it home. PARKER: Okay. In terms of the general way that people feel about their wealth, the way they might spend, as a result of some of the fallout from the Banking Royal Commission?

Well, this certainly challenges to our economic growth. Last time the states and territories said no, this time they’ve said yes. Josh Frydenberg, thank you for your time. Why do you take the risk with this Parliament? I want it passed now because I mean, Western Australians have waited long enough. Now, there are 375,000 Western Australian businesses which will see the benefit of that instant asset write off. PRIME MINISTER: Yeah that’s great, she’s the number one ticket holder of the West Coast Eagles so good for her and - should I say this? We've played a little bit earlier some words from Shayne Elliot from the ANZ, basically, he's unapologetic for failing to pass on the full interest rate cut saying he's running a commercial enterprise, he's got to worry about shareholders, is that good enough? Home » Interview with Gareth Parker, 6PR.

We’ve had a soft landing under our policies in the housing market in the eastern states –. Can we avoid those trade tensions that sort of the zero sum game the Prime Minister talked about overnight between the US and China. Ok, I'll come back to trade in a moment. GARETH PARKER: Prime Minister Scott Morrison, welcome. Well it doesn't in this case because we've seen their funding costs come down and that was directly from the Reserve Bank Governor and it's very unusual for the Reserve Bank Governor to come out publically, one, to signal the rate cut is going to take place which he did publically just, you know, days ago, but also to say that it's important that the rate cut is passed on in full. PARKER: But they seem to be saying that, well, there might be a scenario in which the changes leave us $1 billion worse off on the GST, or more than $1 billion. These are nation building projects that will boost the productivity capacity of the economy, boost employment, but also be overall, I think, a very positive for the economy and then we've got the 80,000 new apprentices which we've announced through the Budget process. If the Queenslanders or the Victorians or the South Australians come up with a point, is Josh prepared to negotiate on those? Interview with Gareth Parker, Mornings, 6PR The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP. Certainly the Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, thinks that Andrew Hastie has done damage to the economic relationship. So, what we will see is that the Australian economy maintain its strong fundamentals, our net debt to GDP, Gareth, is a quarter of what it is in the United States or the UK. So we understand that. Structural policies not only help with job creation, but they also help drive the productivity growth that's the main source of improvement in our living standards. Now, that…. I mean in some cases the Labor Party wants to take us back to 19th Century rules. What I am, though, saying to them is that they need to explain themselves. So we’ve had a soft landing there which has supported Australia’s credit-worthiness as a country, which saves people on their mortgages ultimately. This is where your listeners need to make their point to the Western Australian government because we have the same issue in Victoria with the East West Link, where we've got $4 billion sitting there as a contingent liability but the state government for illogical reasons is not wanting to build that project. I mean I worked closely with Julie on this GST arrangement as I did with Mathias Cormann. Gareth Parker Presenter, 6PR Morning Program at Macquarie Media Limited Bayswater, Western Australia, Australia 369 connections E&OE. I mean the Treasurer can just issue an instruction to the Commonwealth Grants Commission but what this will do is give it greater certainty. Prime Minister of Australia "If you think there is election politics involved, then I would agree with you," he said. So let’s just get it done. Transcript. PRIME MINISTER: No I mean the unions now, have continued to reduce their representation as a share of the workforce, year on year on year. If you unlocked it and allowed it to go to other projects that you do agree on, something that could be done quickly, then wouldn't that provide some of that stimulus to the economy, get construction jobs going, put it into productive infrastructure and we actually get the benefit of it now instead of having a political argument. Are you worried about the chances that house prices across the country might crash and might blow a hole in your Budget? That’s what she’s working on and you know, we can’t run a 21st Century economy with 20th Century rules. But the big tax cuts come in 2022 and 2024, same with infrastructure spending, it's sort of two, three, four years over the horizon. 92211882, I'd like to keep that debate going listeners, with you. PRIME MINISTER: Well, the Reserve Bank has supported the view that the Government has expressed about this and this has been a soft landing. But Julie is a great part of our team and she’s actually heading over east very shortly to support us in the Wentworth by-election over there. Interview with Gareth Parker, Mornings, 6PR. What did you make of the Member for Canning's comments in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday?

So look, I’m pleased to see that’s happened. Now the Commonwealth Bank, the largest bank, and the National Australia Bank have both passed on the rate cut in full. An ugly dispute that's been, I guess, simmering away in the background has come to the fore. PRIME MINISTER: I don’t believe I’ll have to, because I think Bill Shorten will understand, ultimately, that having said he’s on a unity ticket with me and Mark McGowan on this, he’ll have to stump up and actually do it. Well clearly the Royal Commission identified significant cultural problems within our banks and the Royal Commissioner made clear that he saw in some cases the banks putting profits before people and the decision yesterday by the ANZ and by Westpac does not give the public any comfort that this type of behaviour has changed. Now, the states and territories have never had it better. Create a 6PR account today! I mean Joe Hockey put it up last time and they said no. Just turn up and vote for it, Bill. Prime Minister. 9 August 2019 Interview with Gareth Parker, Mornings, 6PR. PRIME MINISTER: Well, look, we’ll listen to them, but I mean the legislation sets out what I outlined to people back in July. PRIME MINISTER: And vote for my bill, then until that happens Western Australians won’t have the certainty that they deserve. But we do have a plan, the plan has helped create jobs, but we do face, as you indicated earlier and I talked about, we do face those trade tensions between China and the US as well as the impacts domestically of flood and drought. He’s not his own person when it comes to these issues. E&OE. We’ve been talking to them, but at the end of the day this is a decision for our Government and that’s why I’m putting my legislation into the Parliament.

Did, did, did, I mean everyone's been telegraphing that this rate cut's been coming, did they give you any indication when you met with them last week that they were, were not going to pass on the full whack? You’re already seeing it on the east coast, of course we’ve had it here for some years. Would you consider making that $1.2 billion available for different projects that you and the state government do agree on? Report this profile; Activity. There has been some challenges in the Western Australian economy and I think one of the issues that both Ben and I discussed yesterday was population growth because the population growth in Western Australia is about half of where it's been in terms of your long-term average.


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