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Word Spud (2-8 players). All users, regardless of whether they use Android or iOS, can download the app and quickly get it connected with Chromecast. Well, it’s finally you! A drawing game Drawful (3-8 players). They have released party packs, each containing five amazing party games. Create a room, and everyone can join and play from a web browser - on a phone, tablet, computer, etc. Download on Google Play Download on App Store. It's awesome to be able to use our smartphones or tablets as controllers instead of relying on third-party physical controllers. Spice things up with an array of Whacky arenas. “Stressful” doesn’t begin to describe how frantic Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is. Step into an online Game Show! Although the format is the same, you'll still love to play The Impossible Quiz 2. Use Your Words, The Jackbox Party Pack, and Treadnauts are our top selection to play today. All names, brands and imagery used are trademarks and/or copyrighted materials of their respective owners. The gameplay consists of multiple levels, and each level is as enjoyable as it is challenging.

The sketchers get a maximum of one minute to develop their art. Although VR games can make the gaming experience a bit isolated, this game is not your typical VR game. Both Traitors and Detectives can purchase weapons and other equipment from an exclusive buy menu, which Innocents don't have access to. Players have to unlock new levels by answering questions correctly. It's possible to update the information on The Jackbox … If you find your device is incompatible or need a refund for other reasons, please feel free to contact us at feedback@octodadgame. However, it quickly becomes complex as your team struggles to move around increasingly dangerous kitchens with increasingly complex orders. Overcooked is a game about the journey, not the destination. 7 comments. You can ask various questions to your players and collect points if they can't answer correctly. Use Your Words is the new party game for funny people and their unfunny friends! Among Us, the exceedingly popular deception-based party game that's netted several millions of downloads in the last few months alone, might be one of the most-played games of the year. The best thing about games like Jackbox is that there are no controllers required. Your objective is to guess the answer to every question. - Ashley Oh (Senior Social Media Producer). Your family needs to reach three hundred points to progress to the next stage. Points are given for getting the right answer or if other people pick your answer. The meanest? The Jackbox Party Pack is one of the most challenging games ever. Not everyone has the same conditions to win the game, and some people might try to sabotage your progress.

As you move into later levels, keeping up with the orders can become nearly impossible. Be seen and heard for who you truly are, and build closer relationships. Guess a Sketch comes with innovative gameplay options. It’s like sumo wrestling with explosive! Welcome to the paranoia of Project Winter. However, if you have a PlayStation 4, you can try the original party pack without any cost and even get a 70% discount with PlayStation plus. Jackbox Party Pack has multiple rounds offering different challenges. The object should be drawn, such as to hit the ball and help it reach the star. It’s a breathless experience, but once the dust has settled, your playgroup will quickly realize how much fun they’ve been having. The thing is, some of those players might have, surprise, hidden agendas. save. Drop us a line. Now there is enough time to react and try to dodge the deadly projectiles. Inspired by countless couch-gaming gatherings over the decades, we wanted to bring something competitive, creative, and immediately fun to the table. Apart from showing off your drawing skills, you can also test your friend's expertise in answering questions. However, even without purchase, the game has enough variety to keep friends entertained for many an evening.

Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy ( & This also unlocks the multiplayer mode where you can win more points.

After that, the guess word is given to the next drawer, and the game continues similarly until everyone has had a go. But if you don't mind answering thousands of questions correctly to progress through more difficult levels, you'll have tons of fun with this game. And even then, the game will still manage to surprise you. This time around, though, you’re positioned in a game show arena with questions handed to you. Ever since 2013, Jackbox Games is creating intuitive games, super fun to play, and accessible across platforms. A number of their games have been repackaged, allowing you to play them on a TV or a computer.

So grab your friends and get ready for the craziest fights in our fast-paced asymmetrical multiplayer game. Jackbox Party Pack isn't for those who love the action and adventure genre. All the games like Jackbox can be played with people at parties, which brings a lot of fun to the gathering.

It aims to be one of the most exciting and hilarious party game while also retain great fun in solo mode. From that came the phenomenon that is STARWHAL. Like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, Hidden Agenda is a narrative-driven crime thriller where you’ll need to make some critical decisions. These include spell checkers, typing the answers, surveys, power-ups, and many more. Games like Jackbox have changed the way social party games are played. You need to answer correctly before your opponent to draw your mark on the board. Like Among Us, Jackbox Party Pack 6's Push the Button is a social deception game that supports 4-10 players. No matter your strategy, Use Your Words brings comedy home! Both you and other players can grow together if you can guess sketches accurately. It is similar to Heads Up, which we would have included here had it not become unstable after the latest update. This collection includes five same-room multiplayer party games. Choose from an adorable cast of food characters and slice up your friends with boomerangs and a ridiculous range of stackable powerups. Your player profile grows as you keep answering more questions correctly. For 1-100 players! 1. You can even nudge the ball left or right. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce reluctant friends or family to video games.

Following the mixed reception of Mario Party 10, Nintendo went back to basics with Super. Hopefully, through this list, you now have multiple games like Jackbox at your disposal to play. These games really get the good times rolling as people begin to talk and socialize.
Featuring our devious AI game host Salli, take on It’s Quiz Time’s catalogue of over 25,000 questions. Here's a list of games like Jackbox Party Pack that should keep you and your friends busy for a long time. You’re gonna need more than one party for this. I guarantee it. With questions based on real-life situations, Family Feud will test your outlook towards your life and your guessing power on what others think about the questions' answers. The excellent game mechanics, together with the stunning visual details and addictive gameplay, make Fibbage one of the most highly-rated alternatives for Jackbox Party Pack. It’s a quiz game where you and up to five other players duke it out over themed trivia questions. There’s a lot of that. You can check whether you know the names of most brands by playing single player first. It is the sequel of the very popular The Impossible Quiz. Drawful 2 is undoubtedly one of the closest competitors of Jackbox Party Pack. The fourth pack in this storied party game franchise features Fibbage 3 and its new game mode, Fibbage: Enough About You; the twisted web game Survive the Internet; the dating contest Monster Seeking Monster; the deranged debate match Bracketeering; and the one-up art game Civic Doodle.

- Four playable zones, each with unique mechanics and physics objects - Explosive couch competitive mode for 2-4 artillery rocket scientists - Computer AI tanks with three difficulty levels - Single-player Target Test mode with medals to earn - Laser guns, grappling hooks, homing shells, and tons of other power-ups to collect - A dynamic soundtrack by King Felix that changes every time you play - Player progression with levels, maps and characters to unlock - Modifiers to shake things up: zero gravity, slow motion, chaos mode and many more! You and your family members must answer questions about anything under the sun. Go head to head with a brand new massive quiz game on PC! One of the best games like Jackbox includes this amazing title. You can make a Power Play to keep your opponents from answering questions, or even team up to take down a rival.


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